Avon Ultra Color Rich ‘Patina’ Lipstick – Review, Photos and My First Lip Swatch

I’m a lip colour freak. If I had to trade all the makeup I have, I would get every possible lipstick on the earth. Satin, amplified, creamy, rich, opaque are some words which can instantly turn me on! Here I’m am with one of the oldies in my collection. It was originally mom’s but I stole it from her!

It Says: Instantly releases rich color that lasts for hours.

Creamy color that shapes n defines lips. Wider coverage for easier application. Non-feathering.

No, I didnt fight with it. While clicking the pictures, I accidently dropped it and it got a bit scalded. You get rich rich colour in a single swipe, its named so right.

Packaging: The packaging is not that good, considering they are travel sized lipsticks. It comes in a black plastic tube which is kinda okay considering the price. I basically bought to try out the shade. You can see how much it has been used.
Colour: The colour is cool toned pinkish mauve. The finish is creamy and not glossy. Its super pigmented and gives opaque coverage in a single swipe. It covers my pigmented lips really well. Even though it has cool understones, it doesn’t clashes with my warm tones and suits me a lot.

The good: It stays on for 3-4 hours and after that leaves a nice stain behind, so it never makes my lips look like they have nothing on. Even though its not super moisturising, it doesn’t dry my lips either, may be because it has vitamin e and jojoba oil. The colour is a very rich mauve with a hint of pink.
I sometimes wear it as a tint since the colour is quite strong for everyday wear. Even as a tint, it stays on for a good no. of hours and make my lips naturally tinted with a deep shade of pink.

I don’t remember the price, but it was below Rs.200 ($4). I could not find it in their brochure but they have the full-size available with a different packaging, so may be you can find this one in it. It costs Rs.299 ($6).

Okay, so I got brave and did a lip swatch. You will now see a lot of these here on the blog, I still have to master the right angle, light and all that stuff. But for now, here is what I came up with. I took it in artificial light , the actual colour is a wee bit darker on lips. Refer to the hand swatch for the original colour.

Honestly this is one of the best lipsticks I’ve tried and would definitely re-purchase again.

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  • woot woot! the pictures look awesome :) :) n the review as always s making me want to buy this...going tom to order!

  • This looks so creamy ! And dont worry ur lips look good..the color suits u well too..:)

  • wow it looks amazing on you.. and shade is gorgeous. but i still think i am not a lipstick girl.. they look ...NOT-MADE-FOR-ME

  • The colour looks lovely. And your lip swatch looks good too. Don't worry about the angle; it's all good.

  • It looks lovely on you!

    I feel a lot like you wen it comes to lipsticks :D

    I like avon ultra color rich lipsticks too...

    I missed this shade - will definitely get it next time!!

    I have 4 more shades reviewed on my blog - check them out too!

  • yes it is pavani

    haha @keerthi! thanku..go ahead and buy na ;)

    @bhumika thanks!! :)

  • @jiya i used 2 b like dat some time ago, start with mlbb shades so that you get comfortable

    @mermaid yes it is!

  • @pookhie it was d first time so yeahh kinda worried but ur words made me happy!

    @viva hi5! will sure check out :)


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