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Avene Cleanance Gel Soapless Cleanser: Review, Price


Review, How to Use, Price, Buy Online Avene Cleanance Gel Soapless Cleanser

By Contributor: Aditi

If you guys have been following VNA from some time you would actually remember or maybe recall from our previous posts that I last year I did a review on the famous AVENE THERMAL SPRING WATER which is like holy grail situation, and if you read that, you must also know how I feel about AVENE. It legit is like my MOST favourite brand as its products so perfectly soothe my ULTRA-SENSITIVE skin. Infact I do request that after you are done reading this review of the soap free face wash from Avene called Cleanance Gel, go on and read my thoughts about the thermal spring water too. So after all this jiba jiba jab jab lets get on into the review.

Avene claims: Cleanance Cleansing Gel for Face and Body. This soapless gel cleanser for face and body harnesses a combination of 3 key ingredients to efficiently fight against the symptoms of acne without drying and stripping the skin. Rich in soothing and anti-irritating Avène Thermal Spring Water, sebo-regulating patented Monolaurain, and anti-inflammatory Zinc gluconate, the deep cleansing action eliminates impurities and excess oil. Skin Type: Oily, Blemish-Prone

Ingredients: in the picture


My Review of Avene Cleanance Gel:

PACKAGING : The Avene Soapless Gel Cleanser comes in a see through plastic bottle. It has a white cap with a locking mechanism, you just need to twist and turn the cap to dispense the required amount, me loves the packaging. I hate the face washes that come with the flip top cap, find it really hard to flip open, when my hands are all watery and soapy.

Now as it clearly states that its meant for the oily skin types and has effective acne treating agents. But I have neither of these issues, rather my forehead and chin are like extremely dry and cheeks are on the normal side, my nose and the inner cheeks tend to get a lot sweaty, mark sweaty and not as oily. So now with that having been said, I was trying to steer away from this GEL cleanser as I had a pre-notion that this guy is gonna get my skin DRY and STRECHY. So for the longest time did I not get this despite knowing that AVENE has the best to offer.

Until I received this in my mail, with love from VNA. So I decided to give it a shot. The smell is very chemical like and I don’t really find it the most pleasant. Anyhow this face wash is one of those which is going to last you a REALLY long way, as you need the teeniest amount and it lathers up well. Now yes it did make my dry parts feel stretchy right after I washed it, but boy THE CLEANLINESS that it offered was like no other. And mark my words, squeaky clean, and with continued usage over the past few weeks, my allergies also seem to have been put to rest. But since its summers I can get away by following up a gel moisturiser ,but for winters if you have dry skin and use it , you will have to follow up with a rich moisturiser.


PROS of Avene Cleanance Gel Soapless Cleanser:

  • Non-comedogenic
  • Super gentle on the skin
  • A little amount is needed per usage
  • Doesn’t leave any film or residue after washing off
  • Leaves the skin super duper clean
  • Awesome travel friendly packing
  • Really soothes any irritation or allergies that we have on the face
  • Can be doubled up as a body wash too (would be too expensive then)
  • I love the aqua turquoise colour of the gel

CONS of Avene Cleanance Gel Soapless Cleanser:

  • Me no likes the smell of this
  • Also the price could be a pain for some


Price in India: Rs.1100 for 200ml

VNA Rating: 4.9/5 (and yes my avene reviews are long, just because the products are noteworthy)

Overall : before I got mine sent from VNA, a month before that I ordered this for my MR.man who has oily skin prone to skin allergies and breakouts (not acne) he used this in combination with the thermal spring water and he too has praises to sing. Both of us have a slightly different climatic conditions, so yeah for the girls with oily skin, YES IT WORKS WONDER THERE TOO.

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Have you used Avene Cleanance Gel Soapless Cleanser? Share your reviews with us.

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