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ASOS Christmas Haul (Part 1)

Strange things happen. My mom is going through an extremely generous phase. I had my mouth open when she said “You didn’t shop much on Diwali and I know you keep looking into all those online stores. So, would you like to buy something for Christmas?” It almost felt like “ja beti ja, jee le apni zindagi“. Strange things you see. Well it did have some T&C attached like I’m not allowed to shop before my birthday (which is next month by the way!). So without wasting my time, I quickly shopped from my favourite online store..you know what it is. Nothing beats the Sale + Free shipping combination, right?

Well I made it a point to shop for things which I actually need and can not find here easily.

Rare Crop Front Shirt
 I have crop tops. I have sheer shirts. But what if I get them in one?

Rare Stripe Cross Back Jersey Dress
stripped dress.stripped dress.stripped dress. i love.i love.i love.
Pieces Ibrock Colour Block Knee High Socks
I can’t tell you since when I wanted these. First saw them on Ashley Tisdale on Zack&Cody ages ago. Oh by the way I used to love that show. But they didn’t grow up to be that cute!
Paprika Cropped Pom Pom Jumper
My love for cropped tops never end. So a cropped jumper it is. I would have liked it more if they didn’t have those pom poms on it!
I made it a point to place my order in two parts to avoid Custom charges. Thought should warn you. I’m now waiting to get them. You know how it feels when you are waiting for a package full of goodies you love which you know can change your life…okay wardrobe.
Will be posting the Part 2 later in the day.
What did you shop for Christmas? Any plans?

24 thoughts on “ASOS Christmas Haul (Part 1)”

  1. Looking at others hauls makes me soo happy! I’ve been banned from shopping from Asos or BeautyJoint till dollar rates come down! :( :(
    Loooove the striped dress and cropped sweater. In fact I just got a striped dress myself. :)
    Hey you should include the rates also na…
    Waiting for the second part. I think it must be accessories- bags or shoes or maybe both! Am I right? Am I right?

  2. Ha ha loved this post especially the “ja beti ja, jee le apni zindagi” part.Actually Moms after telling their daughters all their life what not to do, suddenly realize “Oh my little girl’s all grown up & now gonna be married and gone away for ever” Bang!! now that’s the trigger for the ‘ milk(shake) of mommy’s kindness runneth over moment. Make the most of it ;D Haul all your favorites! Btw totally digg that nautical stripe dress, do post pics once u get the package!

  3. OMG I love everything from sheer to pom pom and the fact I LOVE ASOS. Even browsing through the site makes me happy. and yes Ja beti ja jee le apni zindagi.

    I am at work, and still trying to hide my smile by rolling tongue inside my mouth because almost entire Milwaukee, US(client) is in front of me. Aur unme se ek ye zarur soch raha hoga k something is wrong with me.
    (So you all know i am allowed to browse through on internet because it’s a part of my job and secretly a boon to me ;)I am a good girl.)


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