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ASOS Christmas Haul Part- 2

There is something about second and third instalments that make me super lazy. Like I promised this second edition of my Asos haul a week ago! And the 3rd installment of Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn is still pending. Its been so long that I don’t even feel like posting it.

Club L Fairisle Mini Skirt

mini skirt
There is something about this skirt that made me fall for it the moment I saw it. Even though its a skirt, the pattern and the colour combination shout “winters

ASOS Post Stud Earrings with Rectangular Stone
stud blue earrings stone
I saw something similar at Forever New but my shopping quota for the day was full, so had to leave it. But not this time ;)
ASOS Cross Earrings
cross earrings
If you are a regular reader, then there is no way you don’t know about my addiction for crosses. I’ve loads of them now. The evil girl said that I’ve so many of them that I don’t need it. But the good girl shouted “they are ALL necklaces you $#@%”!!
ASOS Light Pink Skinny Jeans
skinny colored pants jeans
L.O.V.E the colour.
Okay now these two are not part of my haul but worth mentioning.
I remember lusting after the heart necklace Hillary Duff used to wear in Lizzie McGuire. Although this is not exactly same but similar. But still not that pretty to make me put in my cart.
Okay so I first saw a cute girl wearing something similar way back in college. When I asked her where she got it (yep I’m that curious), she just said in her sweet accent “i gaut it from my hometown” Damn! So I went ahead and used my gold band to make this pretty necklace. Smart..I know!
That’s it! What do you think about my haul? Any favourites?

29 thoughts on “ASOS Christmas Haul Part- 2”

  1. OoooH! Loving the mini skirt.. I can picture this being paired with black opaque tights and knee high boots! Sassy! Oh and love the rest of the stuff too. Way to go, girl! *HI-FIVE*

  2. the skirt is so freakin pretty,,,,,,,
    I too have the same denims,,they look very nice,,

    very nice purchase :)


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