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Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub Review – HG Material?

Have you ever tried those quick home made lemon+sugar scrubs which YouTube gurus rave about? I once tried it and badly hurt my skin. Lemon, sugar and sensitive skin is not quite a match made in heaven. Since then I’ve changed my preferences and joined the elite salt scrub club (SSC..I’ve an abbreviation ready..in case anyone wants to join in). Salt scrubs are more granuler without being harsh. I’m sharing one such scrub today.

aroma magic mineral glow scrub

Aroma Magic Claims: This microderm face & body scrub cleans pores, removes oil, blackheads, dead cells & exfoliates the blockages. Reduces wrinkles, sun damage & improves texture. Skin appears lighter, brighter, smooth & glowing.

salt face scrub gentle best

I love the pistachio green colour…come on pastels are SO in! Since this is a salt scrub, the granules are very non abrasive. By non-abrasive I don’t mean they don’t work, its just they are tiny and gentle. So you get this salty feeling when your scrub your face. It has got a blend of these essential oils which is what lends it a slippery texture and it never dries

out your face. It infact leaves skin moisturized after you wash it off. No oily slippery feeling, just moisturized healthy skin. Its a great cleanser and cleans my pores really well. I skip my face wash when I’m using this. And about the blackhead removal part..well yes it does remove the blackheads and whiteheads. But for the angry stubborn blackheads on the nose, I still turn to the much granular scrubs like EverYuth Walnut Scrub or St. Ives Apricot scrub. And the best part is that all those essential oils never disturbed my sensitive skin which I quite like… obviously.

I was quite apprehensive about the smell since a lot of people find it weird…but..surprise surprise..I like it. The smell isn’t something conventional which I can pin point but it never bothers me. And anyway its gone as soon as you wash your face so its nothing to worry about. Which reminds me, do you like smells which other people find weird? My nose is very weird and somehow LOVES the smell of petrol and phenol over floral fruity fragrances!

sea salt exfoliating scrub sensitive skin

Price: Rs.140

So is it for you? Yes if you are looking for a good salt scrub which is gentle and yet effective. It is a great cleanser and cleans out the pores and black/white heads. Girls with dry and oily skin can both use it since its non drying but moisturizes in a good away leaving your skin soft and smooth. Sensitive skin girls can blindly pick this up. But if you have stubborn blackheads then you night look elsewhere. Holy Grail? Almost!

PS- I will be sharing a DIY salt scrub recipe in my next post.

21 thoughts on “Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub Review – HG Material?”

  1. I love the sugar scrub but salt scrub is equally good…the harshness depends on the kind of sugar you are using. but, both are equally good. just take care that salt really dries out the face so that shouldn’t happen!!!

  2. ohh everyone loves it,,can see that in the comments. Will check it out
    bt then my skin is sensitive , I get scared trying anyscrub on my face :

    still, will check it once :)

  3. @vish try phenol once..you would like it :P

    @manya lavender? i’ve lavender oil but they smell really different, i think its somewhat medicinal

  4. thanks lancy

    @swati i think its the lemon i’m sensitive too..it stings me. thanks 4 ur tip, will keep that in mind :)

    @riddhi haha they smell reallyyyy good!

  5. @shruthi yes mam! i would :D

    @anhu really? i thought u had the most resiliant skin..u can take anything! maybe there is some ingredient which is harming it

  6. Hi! Liked your review and I looooove “wierd” smells too. I even bought a tube for myself. I have a doubt though. The directions for use say nothing about wetting the face. When should I use the water; for wetting the face prior to scrub application, while I am scrubbing it or only for rinsing. Please reply. Have the tube in my hand but confused about how to use it.

  7. oh my god. so true. so damn true. even i tried lemon + sugar on my skin & it burnt my skin so badly that my T-area was like red for a day! :| ugh i have’t watched a beauty skin care video on youtube since then. :


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