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Which Should You Apply First: Foundation or Concealer?

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what to apply first: foundation or concealer? beginners makeup tips

Which Should You Apply First: Foundation or Concealer?

That’s the first question that comes to a girl’s mind when she has just started with the ABC of makeup. I too had this query a few years back when I didn’t even know the difference between foundations and concealers (look how far I’ve come!). So when I was explaining base makeup to a cousin few days ago, she asked if its okay to go the moisturiser > concealer > foundation way. And with a smile I answered her knowing I just HAVE to write it here.

See it depends on three things:

1. Your skin condition
2. Texture of concealer and foundation
3. The area you are targeting

1. If you have relatively clear skin: then you apply your foundation first. And later decide if you still need a concealer since foundations generally cover your light blemishes and redness. Most of the times you will find you don’t need a concealer at all. It also depends on the coverage your foundation gives.
Btw this is the most common method.

2. Texture of your foundation and concealer:
If your concealer is in a stick form than you can apply it on some specific spots on your face and let it settle down a bit. Then go over with your liquid foundation lightly so as not to rub off the concealer.

If your concealer is liquid or cream then ofcourse it will be rubbed when you apply your foundation. So just apply the foundation first and then later dab the spots with the concealer.

3. Under Eye concealing or spot concealing:
If you are using it for spot concealing then the foundation comes first generally.
And if its for under eye dark circles concealing then do it either way. The foundation which you normally use for your face can be too ashy or light for your under eyes so people commonly use shade matched concealers there instead of foundations.

I tried explaining it in the simplest way possible. If you still have doubts then ask away!
Btw which do you use first? Foundation or concealer?

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