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Aplava.com: Where to Buy Beauty and Makeup Products Online in India


Review, Price, Brands at Aplava.com

 By Contributor: Ananya

Jasmine looked out of her large window and watched Aladdin fly away on his magic carpet. She sighed, turned away and walked into the room sat down on her bed and started to shuffle through all the clothes that lay there. “I wish I could just get the exact thing I want. All this… this is just not it!” She grumbled to herself. Suddenly there was a really loud clanking sound and Jasmine gasped, startled. “Don’t be afraid, my dear! It is just me!” said an all too familiar voice. The clanking was very near now and Jasmine saw a gold lamp come bouncing towards her. There was a poof! Of purple smoke and a blue, genie appeared from within the lamp and coughed profusely.

“NEVER got used to this smoke! Better change it soon!” He grumbled to himself. Dressed in a gold and a blue wrap on his head, the Genie was a vision of brilliance. “What is the matter, my dear Jasmine! You seem so upset.” “Aladdin is gone and I feel so alone. I thought I could cheer myself up with something! Like a long, glorious bubble bath! I wish… Oh, nevermind!” She huffed. “What is it that your heart desires, Jasmine? Tell Genie and your wish is my command! How about something to lift you mood? Minerals from the ocean, sea shells from the beach.”

“I was thinking about something that would lift my mind and be great for my skin as well!” Jasmine replied with hopeful eyes. “Why, yes! Whatever you wish shall be presented before you in an instant!”

The genie said smiling and presented before her luxuries from around the world; Macadamia nuts from Australia, Argan oil from Morocco, minerals from the deep seas, turmeric and tamarind from India and so on…


My Review of Aplava.com:

My skin care genie in a bottle experience began with Aplava.com’s My Beauty Score where I was categorically directed through all the different sections and received a final score based on the condition of my skin and hair. When you take the test, you will be asked specific skin related questions like “define your skin type”. You have to be as specific as you can and then submit the info for a personalised recommendation from a panel of experts.

Furthermore, Aplava.com has is a free service called Ask the Expert which is very easy to work with. You simply have to type in your query and a beauty expert will get back to you. This is not a onetime service; you can see all the answers to your various questions listed sequentially on that page. Of late, my lifestyle has undergone a bit of rapid change and it’s showing on my skin. I needed a regime that would help me get back on track while I take necessary steps to re-stabilise my lifestyle habits. I browsed the section and posted a query to try and received a prompt response within 24hrs, answered by a Dermatologist.


My question was, “My skin type is oily and extremely sensitive. Lately, due to lifestyle changes, I am losing radiance and my skin is erupting in to pimples. Please suggest ways in which I can get back my former skin condition in no time!” Here is the response and the recommendations I received:

“In the morning, wash your face with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser like DERMALOGICA Ultracalming Cleanser (Rs.975), which will delicately fortify your skin’s protective barrier without leaving an irritating residue. This product easily rinses away, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

Next, apply a treatment cream such as Ren Clearcalm 3 Total Clarity Day Fluid (Rs. 2750). Pumped with soothing Licorice extract, which reduces production of sebum, this cream calms irritation and prevents flare-ups. Can be used both morning and night.

Apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher when stepping out. I like Natio Ageless Daily Moisturizer UV Protection SPF 30+ (Rs. 1130), its is a lightweight non-greasy sunscreen that won’t clog pores.

At bedtime, cleanse and moisturize again. Try Natio Acne Night Repair Moisture Treatment (Rs. 1035), which neutralizes rosy patches while you snooze.” NEAT!!


In addition to the personalized skin care tips with recommendations to matching products from both domestic and international brands, Aplava has a wonderful blog that has awesome skin care and hair care tips for both men and women. These articles span from how to get a gorgeous skin to how to use mineral make up to exfoliating your skin the right way.

One of the coolest things is that you receive an Rs.750 discount voucher when you sign up through e-mail. This website then transcends into a skin care store as well as a beauty website with it personalized recommendation from a panel of experts, skin care tips, tutorials and a personalized beauty score.

As they work directly with the brands and their authorized distributors in India, they also provide a seal of authenticity for all their products so you will never have to worry about fake products. There is an additional section where you can track the price drops for the product you like and order it when the price feels right. There are also specific details, how to use, and information about the brand with every product that’s available on the site.

The site has a very good layout, feels easy on the eyes, great to use, you don’t have to look for product details elsewhere or google anything. It’s a one stop for your skin care needs. Just like other major online retailers, they are streamlining the entry and expansion of numerous foreign brands in to the Indian market right now.


There are various payment options available (including the cash on delivery

) and the dispatch is swift and you receive the product smoothly. Overall, Aplava.com is a great site with a lot of (domestic and international) brands to choose from for both men and women. The home, gifts and baby section are an added advantage. The personalised beauty score, recommendations and “ask the expert” along with the seal of authenticity for every product makes you just sit back and relax and savour the experience!

Here’s the exciting part! Did someone wish for a genie? Go get yourself a free recommendation from a skin care expert and while you shop, enjoy a 15% off Storewide using the code VNA15 which you can enter at checkout to enjoy the discount. Yep..bargained this for the VNA readers!
PS : Valid for orders above Rs. 2000. Code is valid till 15th August, 2015.

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  1. As founders, its always a pleasure to interact and see audiences covering your brand on there portal. Thanks Anshita for reaching out to us for this post. I hope your audience enjoys the site look and feel and also the brands that we have been able to bring on board. A lot to still come from our end, stay in touch and happy shopping to your readers!!

    Founder: aplava.com

  2. This website has great brands under one roof. I am so inspired to become a customer of aplava.. love all their blogs too, so informative ….will order some of them for sure….

  3. The website looks great. And the concept of having all beauty needs in one place, added to the skin score check is awesome. Being in the field of Grooming and Styling, it is definitely a good one stop website to recommend to my clients.


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