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Answer a Question and Win L’Oreal Paris Goodies – Trend Sourcing Contest

loreal trend sourcing contest

L’Oreal Paris and VNA Giveaway

Quick question! Pick one out of the three in 2 seconds 1..2.. Chocolate? Ice? Gold?

Chocolate for me anyday! Well no I’m not giving away chocolates but yeah I’m giving away makeup! This is a very fun contest. The winner gets a L’Oreal Paris hamper. All you need to do is get those fingers working and comment below. But before that here are all the details.

L’Oreal Paris has introduced 3 luscious, rich chocolate shades of Casting Créme Gloss that boast of a distinct personality that we all can identify with. Based on these shades, they have created looks as they believe every girl will find herself in one of them. All these looks are available on an exclusive online Say Yes To Colour store HERE


For Iced Chocolate – We bring to you Iced Diva! She is bold, she is stylish and she shimmers brighter with every step. She loves a Saturday night out or a lavish shopping spree with her girl friends. Jet Black dresses, stilletos are her absolute favourite! (Shop her closet HERE)

Ice Diva Loreal flipkart


For Dark Chocolate – We bring to you a traveller, a wanderer, a dreamer – Chocolate Chic. She is spontaneous & loves an occasional long walk on the beach and dresses wild and free with crop tops, harem pants and bold jewellery. (That’s the hair colour shade I have got on me. And I’m totally a dreamer. Minus the harem pants. People usually find me lost in my own world!) (Shop her closet HERE )

Chocolate Chic Loreal flipkart


For Golden Goddess – she is poised, she is elegant, she is classy, she is perfect! Your girl next door with a gorgeous smile and a sense of style. Golden Goddess loves her Sunday brunches and quiet dinner dates. She wears timeless colours and shines with the exuberance of Gold. (Shop her closet HERE)

Golden Godess Loreal flipkart


Now here is what you need to do:

  1. Choose one personality that matches yours the best & tell us why.
  2. Share the link of an item you love best in the chosen personality’s store. (I’ve given all the three closet links above)

Comment below with the 2 requirements. The person with the best answer wins a hamper! Open only to females residents of India. You must be a vaild email subscriber of Vanity No Apologies to participate (to subscribe check email box in sidebar) One winner will be announced here on 21st September. Hurry! This contest is sponsored by L’Oreal Paris.

301 thoughts on “Answer a Question and Win L’Oreal Paris Goodies – Trend Sourcing Contest”

  1. Hi Anshita
    Amazing giveway i m drooling over all d looks!!
    Well the look which goes with my personality is Iced Chocolate ie iced diva .. i love anything and everything that has shimmer just cant get enough of it!i have 100 odd pairs of stilettos and are must have in my closet … i dont wear any other footwear no wedges no flats … stylish is my second name .saturday nyt outs are incomplete without dressing up all shimmery and with my gals .. Style comes effortlessly and naturally to me .. my fav item is http://www.flipkart.com/faballey-women-s-sheath-dress/p/itmdqzey4gm9tjea?pid=DREDQZESUFZWSGKT&otracker=from-search&srno=t_3&query=iced+diva&ref=4a379ed2-732e-48bd-b46a-82ee9e9c8b91 i just love it its my little black dress (LBD) must haave for me …..WISH TO WIN IT .. I CAN BEG BORROW OR STEAL FOR IT … WISH TO WIN

  2. Golden goddess is the one that matches my persona completely. I always take care of my hair, skin and body very gently which makes me so humble towards it. I style myself in a way thats most comfortable & elegant and my mesmerising nature adds beauty to everything i do in life.

  3. Hi Anshita,

    Well, among the three mentioned I choose the Golden Goddess.
    First of all I am obsessed with Gold..and the traits defined are so me. My sense of style is minimalist which I feel is more elegant and classy. I love to go for lazy Sunday brunches with my gang of girlies and of course long and quiet Dinner Date with the special one ;).
    Among the store items, I loved this Gold Alloy Necklace:
    I think it can just oomph up any simple outfit and as I said “less is more for me”, this perfectly adds its own charm to anything I wear and makes me a “GOLDEN GODDESS”!!! Yayyy!! <3

    Lots of love and Good Luck to everyone!!!
    –Monika Bhadauria <3

  4. I am totally the GOLDEN GIRL as I am that regular girl next door who might be simple but I still shine in the crowd due to my poise and confidence. I don’t follow trends blindly but believe in styles that are timeless and classic and whatever I choose I always add my own charm to it. I am someone who prefers quite dates (any day) to crowded pub/disc dates. I always go for classic pieces whether it is clothes, decor or even hairstyle rather the latest trends.

  5. Dark Chocolate matches be spot on. I love travelling, consider myself a wandering soul and have been several times called a dreamer (in good sense) :D. I am all about easy going, carefree, hassle free and on the go look.
    I really love this top http://www.flipkart.com/arrow-casual-short-sleeve-printed-women-s-top/p/itmduk6j9xgzuhbh?pid=TOPDUK6J9XGZUHBH&srno=b_2&ref=cbbcb638-c292-4f39-914f-3d4884e406e1

    and this http://www.flipkart.com/vr-designers-copper-cuff/p/itmdwbryuzfzdtky?pid=BBADWBRYREREGYMK&srno=b_5&ref=cbbcb638-c292-4f39-914f-3d4884e406e1

  6. Hello VNA! Glad to take part in the promotion of Loreal Paris Casting Créme Gloss. From VNA’s review i kind of feel its like so easy and more convenient and defcinitely saves me the hassle of going applying with a brush which is like really really clumsy and you end up with the color all over your dress and skin! Plus the mixing technique too is quite simplified and i feel the greatest advantage is im not gonna mess the place for a hair color :) Well anyways i have already ordered for iced chocolate shade :)

    So which personality would i relate to? To be frank i think im more of the chocolate chic ( maybe cz of my love for chocolates :P – no crop tops though :P I cab relate to the personality more so cz i feel she or rather we kind of live in a world of our choices where we can do what we love the most – dream (ahem with yes open or closed :P) travel to many places and find happiness in little things around. Have you ever wished you could just keep swinging on the swing forever and ever with the wind whipping your tresses over your face and your toes digging into the mud and going so lost in thoughts that you feel so happpy n never want to get off the swing? You are the chocolate chic no doubt and yeah so am i ;D
    And now from her wardrobe i love the sling bag – ( http://www.flipkart.com/ivory-tag-ambrose-sling-bag/p/itmdufy3pmxkkfnm?pid=SLBDUFY3PMXKKFNM&srno=b_3&ref=6993650e-1a17-4276-be36-6dc858116584 ) Not that i dislike the other stuffs..i want all :P but now new year resolution is to only choose for things that never get small on you that you cant use anymore (weightloss/gain problems :P ) So i choose the bag which is chic modern yet ethnic and totally indian :) ( proud to be an indian girl :) )

    Thumbs up loreal team for the product ( amazing colors ) and VNA for hosting :)

  7. I am an Iced Diva.
    Being a leo I am confident, bold, want to shine everywhere and at every step. I love shopping and can do it at any time. I have the shimmer in me which makes me sparkle everytime and makes me stand out from everyone else.
    I love wearing Black and I believe whenever in doubt wear black.

    I believe a confident girl, in LBD and stilettos can rule the world :P.. Ohh yeah!!! Give me heals and I can rock the world too…

    my fav.

  8. “It’s chocolate chic that meets me most
    From my head and to my toes!
    A wanderer at heart, I am,
    Bold to the bone ‘n free…”

    **I am a chocolate girl through and through! It might me a girls night in, a bad break up or just impromptou indulgence, I am Chocolate Chic! There wasn’t a thing in the Chocolate Chic wadrobe I didn’t order! Loved it till the end!**

  9. I am definitely Dark Chocolate. It aptly describes my personality. I am totally a dreamer (both positive and negative :p). I am more in future rather than the present. I dream of utopia, where there is all happiness and love around. Walking on the beach with the love of my life has been my biggest dream (which is going to be fulfilled this December as I am getting married, so you can imagine how big a dreamer I am.) Imagine you and your partner walking on sand, water passing through your feet, making sand castles, splashing water on each other, walking on the beach, holding hands and me holding my footwear in the other hand, sitting at the beach during sunset and see the day end, only to welcome a fresh and beautiful morning. Think of standing at a hill and seeing the valley below. The chilly winds making your nose cold and red. Your partner sees your red nose and hugs you tight and you feel that the world is perfect and that you could not have asked for more. Totally filmy but absolutely romantic. (I am in the dream world again..lol)
    I do not care what the Fashion World says, my comfort is my fashion. I do not follow any trend (no crop tees and no harems for me.) And yes, I am a “no-makeup girl.” I just put kajal, some sunscreen and I am ready to go. I know it’s strange to write that on a beauty blog but that’s ME. That is what makes me me “ME” and I am proud of it.
    I love to travel and I have a list of places to visit in my mind and I wish to see them all before I die. I am almost always lost in my own world, sewing threads of a bright future. People call me mad for doing so but till the time it makes me happy, who cares what others say?
    From the range, I would choose the scarf http://www.flipkart.com/shree-printed-polyester-women-s-scarf/p/itmdsgvedgrzhrwj?pid=SCFDSGV99Q6HQEZY&srno=b_3&ref=4622e195-0c4a-4522-bf6e-b4e77bb59ef2 because it a statement and can be used in various ways. It will turn me into a diva with the various styles that it can be worn it. Plus, when it gets a bit chilly on the beach, it will protect me. It can be used as a cover up for the swimwear, it can be used to cover the face from sun, it is totally worth it.

  10. Definitely golden goddess..i feel like the way she is described..somebody is describing me.. :D haha..i am a quinessential girl next door but have my own fashion rules. Like there are some commandments in my fashion life which i will never ever break. I have a rule where i dont carry a laptop backpack with indian suits. No matter how late i am getting, i will always change my bag into a chic girly side handbag. Also..never mix sports shoes with indian suits or kurtas and jeans. These two are cardinal rules of my fashion life :P I love my quiet dinners and not a big fan of loud parties with trash food and sweaty bodies.I am head over heels in love with my DKNY Sasha rose gold watch and save every month to buy some gold pieces from Tanishq which i have set my eyes on. I invest in some classic gold jhumkas or a diamond bracelet whenever i am able to save enough. Alos exquisite sarees which are in classic fabrics like raw silk or pure chiffon are another indulgence of mine.

    Ok so basically this is why i am the golden goddess :D

    My favorite item from the shop:


    Imagine a ruby woo red pure chiffon saree with a glitter fabric border. A black low neck blouse with a “dori” on the back with huge bronze jhumka latkans tied to each dori. Gold heels and this gold clutch. Should i even say anything more???

    P.S. You Ansh i think are a iced chocolate diva :D

  11. Anshita! :) I am Silent stalker of VNA, very first giveaway i am entering.
    Dark chocolate dark chocolate and dark chocolate.I totally drool over the word dark chocolate.Every girl likes chocolates,don’t they ;) Nice one L’Oreal!
    “Chocolate chic” (that’s such a pretty name) suits my personality head to toe. Before getting carried away on that, Anshita OMG! your hair looks absolutely gorgeous in your post ‘Mane attraction’. You are blessed with such a beautiful mane, sleek and straight. A little thanks to L’Oreal also i guess ;). ‘Khoobsoorat’ :)
    This is so exiting that L’Oreal has come up with the three stunning divas and VNA is organizing this contest. Yay! :)

    The picture of the model int he ‘Chocolate chic’ is totally Wow. Beautiful hair color, dead straight hair, the nose stud,the pout, just what i love! Its meh! *pure love*
    I am spontaneous and carefree,as i go on writing this comment, fearless, because winning is not what matters but expressing from heart does. I like to take long walks in the silence, dreaming away into world infinity.
    Makeup and shopping makes me happy, but so does chocolates ;) Pity you aren’t giving any :(
    I loved the Ambrose tan sling bag a lot, apart from the scarf and the bohemian cuff*drool*. I can be seen like that most of the times,in a casual avtar sans the harem pants ;) Well,That’s some stuff :)

  12. Hey Anshita,
    awesome contest and some drool worthy looks there. However, now to the answers;
    1) I believe I best personify Golden Goddess. I am totally up for more poise and elegance any given day. Yes, I love to hang out and do all the fun stuff but more of the brunches/lunche thing for me and a quite date would totally bowl me over over loud bashy ones. I’d say I am minimalistic in approach yet believe in making a statement in that minimalistic attitude. So, yes Golden Goddesss it is :)

    2) As for what I loved the best has to be this:
    I mean what does a girl love more! Amazing looking locks that exude oodles of glamour and confidence, right? And if gotten that right I think everything else follows. No wonder hair’ touted as the crowning glory of a woman.

  13. I am the Chocolate chic.
    Well, I have got two reasons. Firstly, I am not classy , I don’t follow rules, I follow only my heart. carefree and giddy define me. I walk Like I am in a world made by me, fearless of what might happen! and the second reason is my style is bold and my natural hair color is almost the same (90%)!
    I found this

    to be exactly what I would have in my closet.

  14. Hi,
    Thanks for hosting this great Contest!!

    Well,best I choose for me is Iced Chocolate, because i am bold, Energetic ,talented, shimmers brighter with every step. loves Saturday night out or a lavish shopping spree with girl friends. Jet Black dresses, stilletos are absolute favourite!



  15. Hi anshita
    Amazing giveway

    The diva which perfectly suits my personality is Iced Diva cuz i am stylish bold and confident just like her !! i am a scorpion and i am stylish by nature and effortlessly stylish and fashionable I am simply drooling over d look of iced diva,,, we are like soul sisters .. i love shopping , partying hard and nyt out make my life .. i spend almost half of my salary on shopping and outings with my BFF”s My favourite color is black and i have some odd 50 LBD’s in my closet and i dont wear any other heels .. only stilletos for me … i cant resist thislook n outfit which i have chosen is fab alley sheath dress which is all shimmery and blingy which i lovee <3 <3 this goes perfect for upcoming festive party mood and my b day …. woww i love shimmer so so much i cant describe here i wana invite u to my place and show u my whole closet !! thanks anyways
    Wish to win

  16. Hi,

    Of all the 3 personalities, it is the CHOCOLATE CHIC which I relate myself to the most. People often find me Zoned out in my own world of thoughts. And it is a frequent occurrence. A dreamer by heart suffering from Wanderlust. Longing the walks on the beach to go lost in some corner of the world and EXPLORE with my small bag pack, a camera and a book. Bliss! How I wish to do this SOON. :D
    And for the fact that it is the Comfort that I seek the most, I am mostly seen dressed in causal chic outfits, these days crop tops are definitely so my thing.

    I REALLY liked the floral ‘Ivory Tag Ambrose Sling Bag’ – http://goo.gl/rmJSA1
    Brown+ Floral–> Which pretty much can be paired with EVERYTHING to add that dash/hint of ‘Fashion Quotient’ ..

  17. Wow !!!! Really cool contest. .
    The look that suits me most is dark chocolate. The description is complete me….love to travel….complete wanderer mostly lost in my own world and with sun sign Aquarius it my nature to be wild free and roam world of unicorns and mermaids…
    The product that I loved the most is harem pantshttp://www.flipkart.com/adam-n-eve-solid-viscose-women-s-harem-pants/p/itmdyhwmnwtjvyzf?pid=HARDYHWMZQXWWHNG&otracker=ch_vn_indulgentp_subcategory_Chocolate+Chic_4&pageNum=1 because 1. You can style them in so many different ways as per your mood
    2. While travelling having comfortable atire is must and nothing says comfort better then harem pants.
    3. It completes me and my Boho chic look have around 3 to 4 of them.
    Hoping to win…

  18. From the three gorgeous ladies, my heart goes out to The Golden Goddess. She is the one whom i can relate to the most.A simple and a non fussy human being having absolutely no airs about myself. A life lived simply and fulfillingly is what i admire and desire the most. The most amazing gift of god according to me is to be able to smile each day and to bring cheerfulness in someone else’s life with your smile. The confidence of dressing comes with the attitude with which one carries and not following the trends blindly.I understand that there is no need to rush for the latest trends rather look beautiful in what you can are comfortable in.From the Golden Goddess range i would love to pick this beautiful clutch http://www.flipkart.com/juvalia-glow-clutch/p/itmduwgg9huexhp3?pid=CLTDUWGG3S68DDSG&srno=b_4&ref=548e0cbe-8f99-43ee-88db-25af2e43d8d5. Thank u Ansh for the giveaway.

  19. Hii
    THanksfor wonderful giveway ..
    MY look comletely co incides with ICED DIVA i have tried d color on my tresses and bingo i love amazing !!Also i have fetish for anything which is bcak since its my fav color also my BF says it looks best on me …i am a complete party animal . saturaday means paty nytttt yayyy and i am shopaholic .. so i shop and party .. work hard and party harder is my motto .. i ll shared link of d dress i want to complete d look with its d sheath dress !!!http://www.flipkart.com/faballey-women-s-sheath-dress/p/itmdqzey4gm9tjea?pid=DREDQZESUFZWSGKT&otracker=from-search&srno=t_3&query=iced+diva&ref=ab30ca4f-3e88-41a3-a2af-03baa2cecd14 goes wel, with my jimmy choo so i love it
    really really dying to win this

  20. Hii
    THanksfor wonderful giveway ..
    MY look comletely co incides with ICED DIVA i have tried d color on my tresses and bingo i love amazing !!Also i have fetish for anything which is bcak since its my fav color also my BF says it looks best on me …i am a complete party animal . saturaday means paty nytttt yayyy and i am shopaholic .. so i shop and party .. work hard and party harder is my motto .. i ll shared link of d dress i want to complete d look with its d sheath dress !!!http://www.flipkart.com/faballey-women-s-sheath-dress/p/itmdqzey4gm9tjea?pid=DREDQZESUFZWSGKT&otracker=from-search&srno=t_3&query=iced+diva&ref=ab30ca4f-3e88-41a3-a2af-03baa2cecd14 goes wel, with my jimmy choo so i love it
    really really dying to win this…..

  21. Feeding on countless Ghirardelli’s Midnight Reverie cubes
    Running around the house in colorful shorts and Haram PJs from a thrift store
    Wasting chemistry classes away with those glazed eyes, open notebook, wondering what my crush is upto (that was years ago BTW)
    Dashing through the school corridors with a bouquet of lillies in my hand on the day of a Board practical (screw the sucker) to wish my bestie a Happy Birthday! (trust me it was far from being happy before that..physics I tell you)
    Being the perfect agony pacifier for my buds (I have references, I promise!)
    What are dark chocolates there for after all :D

    Now you know me :)

    A lover of all the nice things… people I’ve chosen along, memories we’ve created together, moments and dreams that are there somewhere, chocolates that’ll always melt bad mood away and colors that’ll always bring a smile.

    My fav. item from the Dark Chocolate personality store is the Ivory Tag Ambrose Sling Bag (http://www.flipkart.com/ivory-tag-ambrose-sling-bag/p/itmdufy3pmxkkfnm?pid=SLBDUFY3PMXKKFNM&srno=b_3&ref=4ffaf737-1908-460f-bfaa-28653f369e98)

    Fits my Moleskine notebook in, plenty of space of Gems, Choco squares, Kohl & Lip Color. Also, matches the color of my eyes… Dark Chocolate :D

    Love to you Anshita…
    This was super!


  22. Hi,
    I think Golden Goddess suits me. Yes, I am the girl with a golden touch. Because-
    ♥ I really cherish the love and trust I receive from others in terms of my love and respect to them. You know the glow of gold make people and their relationship warm AND the love and trust of people make gold more shiny.
    ♥ I love to indulge in luxury and L’Oréal Paris is the name of luxury. Also gold is another name of luxury.
    ♥ I have dreams but I am practical and honest too. I am the achievement oriented one. So you can call me the perfect combo of dream, desire, expectations, reality…..like gold.
    ♡Last but not the least, I am the girl next door.♡ I am in love with clutch bag and purses. And the golden clutch will be the favourite for me.


  23. Hi..

    Well of all three, the one that suits my personality is ICED CHOCOLATE…

    It makes me feel natural.. The way i am..

    Simple, sweet but bold , charming , confident at the same time..

    I liked the following a lot..



    Hope i win the hamper

  24. I am so in Love with the Casting Crème Gloss Range! I have already made up my mind on the color I want on my locks! So easy DIY and yes importantly Ammonia free :))

    Yes, I am a Golden Goddess! I am the Golden Girl! Classy and Fabulous, Stylish and Gorgeous! Yes, I Love my Share of attention since I am always Dressed to Impress!

    Flirty and Feminine, yet so Earthy! One moment I am your Girl Next Door and next moment I turn into a Red Carpet Diva Mode! I am Rooted in Tradition yet my Wings are Modern! I told you before, I am the Golden Squadron!

    I Love the Golden Clutch as its a Staple of any Diva! And I Adore the Bloom of Love Hair Band since it shall highlight my Beautifully Colored Locks! <3

    1. http://www.flipkart.com/juvalia-glow-clutch/p/itmduwgg9huexhp3?pid=CLTDUWGG3S68DDSG&srno=b_3&ref=1c4af913-e25d-441c-9840-83677b7ba94b
    2. http://www.flipkart.com/all/~golden-goddess/pr?sid=all&otracker=ch_vn_indulgentp_subcategory_Golden%20Goddess

  25. Hey Anshita, thanks for organizing this fabulous giveaway and best wishes for years of blogging that you have ahead for you!
    Although all the 3 looks put together by team L’Oreal are superb in their own way, the one which best suits my taste is the Iced Diva! It describes me perfectly as I love shopping (but then.. who doesn’t), parties and crazy nightouts.. Nothing that a little bit of glitter in my life can’t make better! I would like to think of my style as girly, quirky and a little bit eccentric! Love everything in that category, right from the little black sequin dress to the blue heels!
    But my favorite has to be the black and blue colored jumpsuit: http://www.flipkart.com/pera-doce-solid-women-s-jumpsuit/p/itmdyrzfgcj3e6gf?pid=JUMDYRZFUN5CGDQF&otracker=from-search&srno=t_3&query=iced+diva&ref=55c0d425-23d5-449e-9798-a64dde4ad18e
    The reason why I am choosing it is as they are quite in fashion nowadays. Also, love the sharp silhouette of the jumpsuit and the color blocking with black and blue, both, my favorite colors! The dark colors would help me hide the extra pounds that I have gained in previous few months! It’s also a very versatile piece of clothing as it can be worn during the day or night/in a formal or an informal setting depending upon how it is accessorized! Would love to flaunt it on a crazy nightout with my girlfriends!
    Shared the contest link on twitter!
    Fingers crossed for winner announcement!
    Saachi Garg

  26. Hi
    I am ritika and I prefer to go with Golden goddess as I know I’m off course a elegant girl and even have a cute bubbly smile and friendly nature as well and like to hangout with my best buddies at parties and even throw parties ….me just a sweet simple an sober girl have my own ideas and always keep on mesmerising …. I love myself and my best buddies so


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