Amazon Natural Beauty Store: Review, Haul

Review, Haul, Haul, Prices of Amazon Natural Beauty Store

I don’t remember the last time I got out and shopped for makeup and skin care items. I mostly shop online and there is just one site which I simply see myself reaching out to (for pretty much everything) which is As you all are very much aware of the colossal collection of makeup items and beauty essentials available on, very recently they revised the whole interface and launched the Amazon natural beauty store, dedicated to the beauty lovers. It has a wide array of natural skin care brands right From the budget friendly organic brands you love to the high end lavish skin care items that you adore, from brands that you don’t easily find anywhere  to the high selling items – you literally have a whole world of beauty here. So let’s take a look in detail to the one store I have been shopping from ever since it has arrived in India.

But before that let me show you my haul. I got two products to try out this month from the natural beauty store: Forest Essentials Face Pack and Spa Ceylon makeup remover balm. I was looking for a good herbal face pack from a long time and obviously Forest Essentials was my first choice. For my makeup remover I want a cleaning balm which won’t irritate my sensitive skin as most chemical based cleansers do so I’m counting on this new product in my kitty.

All of us are aware of the various chemicals used in skin care and makeup like SLS, SLES, Parabens, etc. and we always avoid using such products. To find such products, made with natural ingredients, has exclusively brought to us a store equipped with the various Ayurvedic, organic and herbal products which are preservatives free and well effective for the skin and hair. So the brands like Kama Ayurveda, Panega Organics, Oilcraft, Khadi, Plum, etc. are available under the same roof. Thus, this launch of the Natural Beauty Store is a blessing to every girl out there.

You know, now-a-days, there are numerous e-commerce websites available for everything you need but very less websites give you that amazing user interference and transparency. is surely one of them for me. Be it the app or the desktop version – you will love the amazing interface it provides to its customers. This goes out for the natural beauty store as well and it makes our search so well defined and comprehensive. Having 3.8 lakh products and 6000 brands across categories like skin care, hair care, bath & shower and make-up

might sound a great opportunity but finding out the one product that would suit you needs surely sounds like a challenge sometimes.

There have been instances when I simply wanted to try out a new brand or skin care item but unable to figure out as it looked like finding a needle in a haystack. However, has surely made life (read: shopping extravaganza) easier for us. The amazon store has been specially designed where you can shop the products by concern, any particular ingredient and brand. This has made the process so seamless and easy. Apart from the special categories, it has several filters (for both the app and desktop version) which surely help you to uncover the exact searches you looking for, involving minimal time. is a place that would be the end of your quest for skin care. There have been so many times I wanted a particular product and every time I ran to the stores, it was out of stock. So I had to come back home with a heavy heart but with amazon, it never happened. The search engine built for it is very effective to search literally anything you are looking for. The most attractive thing I saw about the amazon store is that some products are always on discount. This goes out for the all products, be it a new launch or a regular one.

The natural beauty store is something to watch out for. When it comes to skin care, we don’t compromise on quality. A very important aspect that has made me love in love with this website is the genuineness of the products. We often come across duplicate products from various brands irrespective of makeup, skin care, hair care etc. but fulfills every promise of originality.

Personally speaking, I have ordered numerous times from for various beauty items and I love their customer service to the core. They are well-responsive, polite and quick with their solution and I never had to face any sort of hassle dealing with them. Truth be told, I don’t generally seek cusyomer care as every time I have ordered something, it has reached my door-step efficiently and mostly before the anticipated date. Online payment is sometimes a concern but with, their services are well-spoken for. I believe their free deliver starts from 500 INR and majority of the times I have never paid any shipping charges.  Also, the Amazon fulfilled orders are never charged extra for shipping or handling. I never had to return any beauty, makeup, skin care or hair care items from as there has been no instance of receiving a damaged or used product.

So what exactly makes Amazon India one of the top e-commerce sites for beauty and literally everything is their commendable services with exceptional quality. You will never face any hassle while ordering or receiving any item whatsoever. Frankly, this is my ultimate destination for makeup and beauty hauls and it is an immense pleasure to choose from the plethora of brands available in the website.

By Contributor: Sanchita

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  • Honestly i love nykaa as well. Amazon has never disappointed me... but i love to do makeup shopping.from other sites as well.
    How was the balm as a remover?

  • I totally love forest essentials skincare products... specially their face masks and scrubs. This new Amazon store is super cool !

  • I'm an avid shopper at Amazon and love the discounts it gives! It had free delivery on all beauty products for few months. It would be great if they bring back this offer again :)

  • Very informative! Even I love amazon ... thanks for sharing :)

  • I too shop from Amazon mostly. They have good discounts going on mostly. I also like their user interface which helps to filter by ingredients. Btw, do review the Forest Essentials Face Pack and Spa Ceylon makeup removing balm. I have a sample size of the Spa Ceylon Balm and love it. Its great for sensitive and dry skin.

  • You mentioned Kama Ayurveda in the 3rd paragraph as top brand for organic and herbal skin and hair care products. I also love KamaAyurveda's products.

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