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Alia Bhatt’s Weight Loss Diet Chart Secrets: Breakfast to Dinner

alia bhatt weight loss diet chart breakfast to dinner

Alia Bhatt Diet Plan for Weight Loss: How She Lost 16Kgs and Beauty Secrets

By Contributor: Moupee

From the hot and gorgeous Shanaya of Student of the Year to the ever vibrant and elegant Ananya of Two States, or the stunning Kavya of Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania, Alia Bhatt has never really failed to impress us with her charm, glamour and cuteness. But how would you feel if you get to know that this bollywood actress who has been the talk of B Town since her debut as a lead actor in 2012, was quite fat and obese before that and had to actually lose 16Kgs in a span of just 3 months to get this amazing figure? She follows a strict daily diet with low carb food to reduce weight for various roles. This is accompanied by a workout routine which we would talk about later. But her weight loss journey sounds quite unbelievable, isn’t it?

Well, the miracle didn’t happen in a single day. The beautiful actress had to follow a strict diet regime and go through rigorous workout and weight training to achieve this. Fast food and oily food with a high flour content and sugar is a big NO for her. Take a quick look at the daily diet she had been following since Student of the Year .

Alia Bhat’s Daily Breakfast:

alia bhatt diet chart breakfast meal
alia bhatt breakfast for weight loss

She prefers to start her day with fresh vegetable juice or sometimes a bowl of poha or an egg white or simple vegetable sandwich accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.

Brunch refreshment for Weight Loss:

alia bhatt diet secrets

A fruit (usually a bowl of papaya) or an idli with sambar serves as her mid-morning snack.

Bhatt Lunch Diet Regime:

alia bhatt lunch chart for weight loss
alia bhatt lunch diet plan

For lunch Alia takes one roti without butter, dal,vegetables and curd. Another alternative for her lunch is quinoa with chicken.

Noshes for evening:

Usually a fruit or some kurmura or idli and sambarwith sugar free coffee or tea-that’s the perfect evening snack for Alia.

Dinner Diet Options for Weight Loss:

Like lunch, for dinner also, Alia takes a roti (without butter or ghee) or a bowl of rice with dal and vegetables. Unlike lunch, during dinner she also eats one piece chicken breast

Finally, the bolly beauty lays off her day with a glass of milk before hitting the bed. She makes sure to have the final meal of her day at least 2 hours before going to bed. However, once a week, Alia pampers herself with cheese or sweeteners like rabri or kheer.

Alia Bhatt Beauty Secrets:

The mystery behind the sensational look of young Alia is the right combo of proper and nutritious diet accompanied with regular yoga, cardio exercises and drinking loads of water. The beauty essentials that you are sure to find in her handbag are lip balm, perfume of her favorite brand, kohl and her hairbrush. Alia says never no compromise with the quality of beauty products and always to go for the ones recommended most by others.

As a part of hair care, the young fashionista washes it thrice a week and brushes her hair twice daily. Alia also loves to have body polish and hits the Myrah Day Spa in Juhu, Mumbai occasionally. So, if you also want to have a stunning figure like the Bolly beauty make sure to have a proper diet and blend it with regular exercise and drink plenty of water.

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