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AirWick Freshmatic to Create your Preferred Ambience


AirWick Freshmatic Electrical Room Freshener Collection

By Contributor: Brototi


Once upon a time, the kings’ palaces and the queens’ quarters would have certain distinct features, such as water running along the edges like patchwork through various large rooms, and a number of flowers floating in water bodies. Many Mughal buildings in India have the same. Was it just for pretty interiors? Not at all. The running water kept the rooms cooler in those days before air conditioners, and the flowers circulated fresh fragrances. Freshness was in fact a basic requirement of a princely lifestyle. And that’s the agenda for today: creating fragrances for your room. I tried out the AirWick room freshener in 4 fragrances




Each room a different mood

Just like colour-coordinated upholstery or contrasting curtains can create different themes in each room, we feel different types of fragrances too can create different moods. For instance, a living room is often the most used space in the house. The ideal fragrance here would be light and uplifting, like lavender, which would inspire an easygoing vibe. Well, and you know what? Cats don’t lounge in spots that smell like lavender! So you know what you have to do if you want to have the room just for yourselves.


Similarly, you can craft your preferred ambience in each room. Replace lavender with rose fragrance and your living room will transform altogether from a chillout zone into a cozy space for a romantic mood. Experimenting with fragrances can help you increase your kids’ appetite in the dining room and extend your leisurely de-stress baths in the washroom. The right smell in your bedroom could also help enhance your dreams at night or induce a peaceful sleep.


One diffuser, different roles

Speaking of lavender, for a first step to create good vibes in your house, we recommend a great value-for-money air freshener, especially AirWick Freshmatic Automatic Spray. Their Lavender Dew fragrance is just right for the living room, though I also like the others – Velvet Rose (there’s your romantic bet), Lemon Garden

(tangy freshness for rooms with strong smells), and Mystic Sandal and Jasmine (flowery tones perfect for relaxed Sunday afternoons).


AirWick Freshmatic Automatic Spray is automatic and battery-powered, with time settings to control the intensity. It lasts an impressively long time, around 55 days at low intensity so there’s no fuss around replacement. One feature that stokes us is the stylish bottle it comes packaged in because, after all, looks and smells work in sync to create romance!

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10 thoughts on “AirWick Freshmatic to Create your Preferred Ambience”

  1. Hey,
    I have been using the Lemon garden flavor from long and it smells good.
    I wonder we couldn’t be hygiene if these air fresheners couldn’t have come even we might get worried regarding the places which do not smell good at all and using the appropriate fresheners has been the absolute solution which not only gives the fragrance which freshen up the mood and keep us hygienically fit but also creates the pleasant and lively atmosphere around us and i guess which is ample to feel the fond of vibes.
    Good work Air Wick!
    Keep on bringing the freshness


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