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9 Most Beautiful and Stylish Cartoon Characters Ever!

9 Most Beautiful and Stylish Cartoon Characters Ever
I had a blog emergency and whatsapped my best friend. Here is the conversation we had:
Me: help! suggest me some blog post ideas. nothing in my mind.
him: fashion while working out
me: too wide. something quick
him: healthy food and diet
me: too boring
him: fashionable cartoon characters
me: umm..are you sure? inputs?
him: power puff girls!
Oh well I’m not including them. I mean PPG are sweet and cute but stylish? Btw that’s how random I get sometimes. Are you like that too? Btw the list is out and here we go!
Disney princess Ariel

Princess Ariel: RED hair!! I’ve always loved her hair. Oh well yes her pink gown was boring, yes probably the most boring gown a Disney princess wore. But her hair!

kim possible
Kim Possible
Kim Possible: Her big green eyes, side hair fringe and baggy pants are what I always used to adore. You remember Spinelli from Recess? She reminds me of her…a grown-up Spinelli? 

lara croft
Lara Croft of Tomb Raider

Lara Croft: Hold your breath! I know she is rather a video game character but just look at her! I can write one whole post on her. I’ve played two of her games, Legend and Anniversary. Does anyone remember the black gown she wears? Before I start sounding lesbo, I’m making clear that I’m just admiring her…..beauty!

teen spies
The teen spies

Sam: Sam of Totally Spies? I’ve never come across someone who watched this show but I did. Mad about teenage girls who are under cover agents. You see the one with long orange hair and green suit? Adore her. Infact the long hair I’ve were inspired from her *secret* . I want to be a teen spy too…..except that I’m not a teen anymore.

Cruella of 101 Dalmatians

Cruella: People love to hate her. Either way you gotta love her. Her fur jackets, dalmatian gowns, emerald earrings, red shoes. Kiddo me used to imagine her whenever somebody said “Chanel”! An evil Chanel?

Betty and Wilma Flintstones

Wilma and Betty: No need to introduce them. I LOVE Flintstones. They both look so pretty whenever they go out for their mini tea-party. I’ve something for orange red hair. Who remembers their dino doggy?
Disney princess jasmine

Princess Jasmine: Who can forget this Indian Disney princess when the talk is on beauty. This dusky androgynous beauty has something about her that keeps you hooked. I had a colouring book in class 5 dedicated to her. Quiz time: tell me what was her tiger’s name? 1..2..3..4..5. Rajah! I used to paint them both :)

wonder woman
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman: Okay my best friend asked me to include her! Ummm..you don’t need to ask me why. Boys! In another news, Wonder Woman bras are now available in India on zivame.com
Daphne of Scooby Doo
Daphne Blake: I never liked Scooby Doo but Daphne is stylish. Orange hair *wink* green scarf, sheer purple stockings. 10yr old Anshita wanted to look like her.

What do you have to say about my list? Did I forgot someone? Before that, do you love cartoons?

11 thoughts on “9 Most Beautiful and Stylish Cartoon Characters Ever!”

  1. There are many other ones that I used to love. From the disney movies there was Aurora or Rose ( Confused) from Sleeping beauty, Belle from Beauty and the beast and some other that I cant recall yet. Lara Croft is the sexiest of all. I mean look at her curves and the toned body! ( Only admiring ;-))

  2. yes love cartoons a lodd….
    few minutes bak was watching BEN 10 wid ma hubby :D:D
    lovely post :) bt now a days we don have much princess cartoons :( only Barbie movies on Sundays .

  3. hehe u took me back to my good old days Ansh. :) Ariel is my absolute fav. I just love her. Have painted quite a few of her pictures and also gifted them to every possible being i could. :P i had an autograph book with Ariel on the background. :D Aaah i so want to go bac now. fav post. :)

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