9 Best Christmas Songs: Music List for Kids to Sing and Dance On

Top 9 Christmas Songs and Carols for Kids

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Christmas is around the corner and you will be able to hear the cheery sounds of carols and hymns all around as you rush about giving the final touch to your Christmas preparations. Though there are hundreds of Christmas songs per se but there are some songs which simply steal your heart away no matter how many times you hear them. So here is a list of songs which will eternally remain the best songs ever for Christmas time. You can either download them or listen to them on youtube. These can be used for school parties for kids to sing and dance on.

1. Mary’s Boy Child

This was a major hit sung by Harry Belafonte back in 1956 and its majorly popular version is the remake song sung by Boney M. there is a fantastic German band performance playing in the background and the music is just awesome. Make sure that this song is right there up in your playlist.

2. Frosty the Snowman

You must have heard about the classic number Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer!! Well Frosty the Snowman is an amazing sequel to the song and it’s sung by Gene Autry and Country Cass Boys in 1950. Jackson’s has also recorded a great 5 stomping version for this christmas song and it’s so much fun that you have to hear it to believe it.

3. Winter Wonderland

Elvis Presley in 1934 sung the charming tune of Winter Wonderland and immortalized it though the original version was composed by Richard Himber. You will also hear many other great versions of this song by Jessica Simpson, Bob Dylan and Ozzy Ousbourne etc.

4. Sweetest Rejoicing (Dulce Jubilo)

There is nothing that can capture the spirit of Christmas in a better way than carols and the Sweetest Rejoicing is one such Carol. Originally believed to be sung by the German Mystic Seuse Henrich in 1328 this song has been resung several times by different singers. By the Way the version by Robert Lucas Pearsall and Mike Oldflield is the one that is the most popular.

5. Santa Claus is coming to Town

The best song ever for keeping mischievous kids in check is the Song Santa Claus is coming in town. The Jackson 5 team, Bruce Springsteen have resung this rocking number and the best version is sung by Alvin & The Chipmunks in 2003.

6. Santa Baby

Finally we have a great Christmas Song sung by a wonderful female voice. This song which a quick fix joy generator for any girl’s night before Christmas. The best version of Santa Baby is sung in 1953 by Eartha Kitt and it’s the best and most exciting Christmas number in the world. It can be used for kids to dance on it.

7. Let It Snow! Let it Snow!

This is a song that became famous as the cover page of the Rat Album post the Vaughn Monroe number in 1945. Let it Snow has Cheery Lyrics which concentrated more on the Christmassy Climate with snowflakes and Reindeer rather than the actual ritual of Christmas. The composer of this Song is Jewish.

8. Little Saint Nick

The Run Run Reindeer Bridge version of the immensely popular song Little Saint Nick was sung by Brian Wilson and Love Mike. There is some great sliegh bell christmas music in the background along with some snowboarding sounds. The 1964 version by the Beach Boy’s is the most enthralling number.

9. Jingle Bell Rock

Just tune in to Mean Girls and hear the super fun version of Jingle Bell Rock sung by Bobby Helm’ in 1957.Its a fantastic Christmas song and there is a great version sung by Arcade Fire Take.

So this our list of some of the top rated and best christmas songs to sing and dance on in any party be it for kids or adults. Do tell us your favourite numbers.

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