8 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Shapewear

If you are a Shapewear virgin or a hater then you have landed up at the right post. I had my own hits and misses with body shapers but I didn’t give up until I found the right one for me. This post addresses a lot of questions like which size to buy, how to wear a tummy tucker, which style works with which outfit, how comfortable or uncomfortable are they, etc etc. As for the slimming effect, its quite noticeable. I wanted to put my before and after pics but they didn’t come out nicely. So now let’s start with the thing you should now.

1. If its your first time, buy at the store

I know all of us buy lingerie online these days. But if you get a size wrong then chances are you won’t be able to return it since most online shopping sites in India don’t accept returns on intimate wear. Once you are sure of your size, go get advantage of the online sales.

2. How to Choose your Body Shaper Size

enamor shapewear review

Its a common misconception that going smaller on your size will result in a flatter tummy. If you go for a size smaller then it will cut into your skin and you won’t be able to breath! The high compression will make you uncomfortable all night and boy don’t you ask what happens if you indulge in that sinful dessert.

Similarly if you go a size bigger then you won’t have the desired effect. Plus the wrinkles will show through. Check the size tags on the tummy tucker carefully. Sometimes they don’t mention sizes in inches and instead come in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large. In this case go with your dress size. I’m generally a size S or M depending on the brand and I got size M for me which fits me perfectly.

3. Sit Sit!

Take your dress to the store if you want to be 100% sure how it will look on D Day. And don’t forget to do the sit test. If you feel stiff and uneasy then its the wrong size.

4. One Shapewear won’t go with all of your Dresses

best type of shapewear for dresses

Nope girl. You need to build your body shaper wardrobe just like you build your bra wardrobe. A seperate style to go with every outfit. Every body suit targets a set of areas. Some are meant just for the tummy while others work on thighs, butt, etc. Let’s learn from the scratch.

  1. This all over body suit looks just like a swim suit which targets almost every concern. Works with short dresses.
  2. This one is a tummy tucker with an added butt support.
  3. This one is just like no.1 but in this you can go attend to nature’s calls easily!
  4. My favourite type. Works with Tshirts and Jeans and no hassles in the loo.

5. Which brings me to the next point, Loo frequency!

Honestly this is so important but still girls overlook this one. If you have this compulsion to go attend to nature’s calls every hour or so then trust me you will hate shapewears. They are so difficult to get into in the first place and going through that ordeal again and again is just not worth it. So in this case you better just stick to tummy tuckers (styles 4 and 5 above in the pic)

6. Don’t over eat

Well this one is for petite girls like me. My tummy sticks out as soon as I have starters. Forget the main course. So while wearing a body shaper make sure you don’t eat a lot. I know. Sigh. Or just take off that thing!

7. Maternity Shapewear

It doesn’t make sense in the first place. Why would somebody want to hide their pregnancy tummy? Its so cute! But there are shapewears meant specially for maternity wear. If you want one then go through point no.5 again!

8. How To Get into a Body Shaper

Alright let me confess something. The first time I tried wearing one was a battle in itself. Sweat, scratches, heavy breathing..yep these are the symptoms you are doing it wrong. Always step into the body suit. It will get stuck in your head and bust otherwise. While wearing it just pull all the material together just like you do while wearing a pantyhose and fit it around your belly and crotch. Then later roll down to the thighs. Make sure you are in an AC environment or you would die of claustrophobia.

That’s mine. I got mine from Enamor from their new Hourglass Collection. The seams you see around the belly actually provide better control while pulling it up and make it fit snugly and they never show through my bodycon dresses. I went for thigh slimmer because I didn’t want any panty lines showing through. That’s my 2 cents on shape wears. Let me know about your experience.

Do you have any tips on shapers? Share your views with us.

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  • Great post! I face a peculiar problem with tummy tucker, it gradually slips down to my navel level. Don't know if this is common. Any tips for this?

      • Hi anshita...super post abt shapewear..what do you mean by "thats what i mean seams in this one holds it tight"
        .? .i too face the problem that the shapewear rolls down to navel:-(

  • so nice and informative post Anshita
    I never tried my hands on shape wear as I blessed with flat tummy

  • Excellent post Ansh! :) Boy oh boy you covered all the points in sucha clear way! You rock ;)

  • I just got a hip reducer shape wear from this enamor collection...it seems so small and tight that when you see it just like that you think in your mind that "no way i could fit into that"!! but then it does fit so snugly....!

  • I was planning to try these..now planning to do that soon after reading this post..

  • liked this post a lot.thanks for the enlightment Anshita. I can now see a wisdom halo
    on my head.

  • Great read I had.. I bought a cute dress and because of my tummy I couldn't wear it since it had a belt at the centre that would expose my hips. I was thinner when I bought it. I am wondering now why the hell I didnt buy a tummy tucker... !! Thanks Anshita for the lovely article..


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