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8 Coloured Eye Liner Pencils in India: Makeup for Teenagers and Beginners

best coloured eye pencils in india

Best Budget Coloured Eye Liner Pencils in India

Last month Ankita mailed me:

“heyy anshita  its been a week since i got introduced to your blog and i have become  a big fan of yours…i am a college girl from delhi  and as you know like any another college  girl makeup is the last thing my mother would give me money to spend on..so i am on budget.. i request you to suggest me some products like gloss, mascara, eyeliner, foundation , concealer eyeshadow pallete etc. i am fair with oily skin. my skin tone is lighter than yours. i have never been to college wearing makeup except a bit of kajal or gloss and i am not sure if i would be able to carry off makeup so plz suggest products which wont look madeup but just  shades for a no makeup or     dewy look to college.   At last i just want to tell you that you are doing amazing work and wish you all the best”

Ankita that was me 5 years ago! Infact I came across Indian beauty blogs while searching for budget nude lipsticks one day. Well I will answer all your queries in detail but that’s a lot to cover in one post. So I’m here starting with the eye liners specifically the coloured eye liner pencils. I remember matching my eye liners with my outfits back in college. Plus you don’t really need much of eye makeup when you wear them. So here goes my budget list:

1. Colorbar I glide pencils:

These are the BEST eye pencils available in India. You can’t find a single girl who has them and doesn’t recommend them. In terms of texture they are soft and smooth and glide on easily. The pigmentation is great and the colours show up nicely even on pigmented eye lids.

Price: These were launched at Rs.325 but now with the inflation and everything the price hiked up to Rs.450. Err..budget?

Shades to try: Coal Mine, Jaded, Prunella, Electra, Flirty Turq

2. Avon Glimmersticks eye liners and Glimmersticks Diamond Eye Liners:

Looking at the price, they beat Colorbar pencils. These have slight shimmer but nothing that would look OTT at college. The texture, pigmentation, lasting power…..everything is good. If you can locate an Avon rep then nothing like it. Plus these can be found at discount too so that’s budgety!  There are 2 variants: the glimmersticks an glimmersticks diamond.

Price: Rs.299

Shades to try: Twilight Sparkle, Emerald Glow, Starry Night Blue, Textured Teal

3. Faces Long Wear Eye Pencils:

These are cheapest of the lot. But the quality still remains good. They too deliver in terms of texture, pigmentation and staying power. They last easily for 4-5 hours without smudging or budging. Plus they have never caused any irritation to my eyes.

Price: Rs.249

Shades to try: Navy Blue, Forest Green, Purple, Aqua Blue

4. Chambor Eye Liner Pencils:

Chambor has got a variety of eye pencils: the Dazzle Eye Liner pencil, Eye Contour Pencil and the Stay on water proof pencils so pick any of them. Not that great when compared to other pencils available in India.

Price: Rs.400-450

Shades to try: Teal, Dazzle Black, Grey, Purple

5. Lakme 9 to 5 Eye Liner Pencil:

These were my first ever liner pencils. To read my review just click on the link. The one that got launched with te 9 to 5 office makeup range is called Lakme 9 to 5 Glide on Eye Color.

Price: Rs.350

Shades available: Metallic Black, Deep Teal, Vivid Blue, Shimmer Green and Aqua Marine

6. Elle 18 Eye Sparklers:

These are fat chubby crayon pencils which can work as both an eye liner and eye shadow. Not the best quality but at the price you can’t really complain.

Price: Rs.85

Shades to try: Blue Blast, Green Grenade

7. Maybelline Vivid and Smooth Eye Liner Pencils:

Great qualty, great pigmentation, great texture, long lasting, inexpensive. What else do you need?

Price: Rs.215 at Flipkart

Shades to try: Bordeaux Pearl, Olive, Forest Green, Lavender Pearl, Peacock Green, Ocean Blue

8. Revlon Eyeliner Pencil:

Available in a lot of varieties but this is the basic one. Again superb quality for the price.

Price: Rs.285 at Flipkart

Shades to try: Toast

I would have mentioned L’Oreal Kohl Pencil but its not exactly teenager budget stuff. So this is my list of coloured eye liner pencils. I will keep writing more in this Teenager makeup series.

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    since explored,,,i always look up to ur blog before buying any makeup stuff

  2. Hi Anshita,

    a very good blog! thanks for posting such wonderful makeup stuff.. Just wondering what are those pencils in the beginning of this post? I like the range of colours.. could you tell me so that I can go and buy them soon! :P



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