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8 Best Hair Oils for Winter Season in India


Top 8 Hair Oils to use in the Winter Months in India

By Contributor: Moupee

The whipping cold dry winds in the winter months wreak plenty of havoc on our skin and hair. The main culprit behind all the winter woes is ‘loss of hydration’ that occurs when we are exposed continually to the cold dry winds. Apart from the skin on our body, our scalp too turns excessively dry and flaky in the winter months and thus dandruff problem is quite a common hair and scalp issue most people face during the winters. It makes your scalp itchy giving you remarkable discomfort and embarrassment in public and also eventually leads to hair fall. To save your scalp and hair from damage in the winter months, you need to oil your scalp and hair generously. We are listing the best hair oils for winter season in India today so you can enjoy hot oil champis.

Also when the cold dry wintry winds sweep over your hair, it sucks up all moisture and natural oils from your hair, making it utterly dry, unhealthy and frizzy. The unhealthy dandruff affected scalp and hair in the winter months is susceptible to numerous fungal infections that could be caused by the air borne germs in the ambient air. To save your scalp and hair from damage in the winter months, you need to oil your scalp and hair generously. A Good hair oil

can replenish the loss of moisture and natural oils, giving your scalp and hair sufficient nourishment. Take a look at the list below to learn about the top rated winter care hair oils in the Indian market:

1. Parachute Ayurvedic Hair Oil:

Parachute Ayurvedic Hair Oil

The Parachute Ayurvedic product gives your hair and scalp, the nourishment of potent rich Ayurvedic ingredients. It doesn’t smell like the classic parachute coconut oil and has a quite thick consistency to restore oil balance onto your dry scalp and hair. This has been certified by the International Academy of Ayurveda and so you can be rest assured that it will take the best care of your winter hair woes, doing away with dry scalp, frizzy hair , dandruff, hair breakage, graying. 95ml of this is available just for Rs 40

2. Bajaj Almond Drops Non Sticky Hair Oil:

Bajaj Almond Drops

Bajaj Almond drops formulated with Vitamin E excellently nourishes and moisturizes your dry hair and scalp, softening the hair texture like anything. It controls hair fall quite effectively and makes your hair remarkably glossy. Get 200ml of this oil for Rs 67

3. Biotique bio Bringaraj Fresh growth therapeutic hair oil:

Biotique bio Bringaraj

This product from Biotique offers therapeutic hair treatment. The Bringaraj extracts in it offer scalp nourishment, prevent hair fall and hair breakage that are quite common in the winter months, and check further hair damage. Your hair growth is restored to normalcy with the use of this bottle which gives you boosted fresh hair growth. Get 120ml of this for Rs 159

4. Himalaya Herbals Anti-dandruff Hair Oil:

Himalaya Herbals Anti-dandruff Hair Oil

This Anti-dandruff product from Himalaya Herbals is very effective in combating dandruff and itchy scalp issues common in winter months. This is infused with powerful dandruff fighting ingredients like neem, tea tree oil, rosemary extracts, snowflake tree extracts. These ingredients have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that heal and soothe your itchy scalp destroying dandruff causing fungus. Get 200ml of this oil for Rs 160

5. Patanjali Almond Hair Oil:

Patanjali Almond Hair Oil

This Hair oil from the Divya Pharmacy is one of the purest forms of Almond oil that you could use on your hair and scalp this winter to effectively alleviate dryness. After usage, you will get glossy, soft hair and dandruff-free well moisturized scalp. You get 60ml of this for Rs 100

6. Dove Elixir Dryness Care Hair Oil:

Dove Elixir

This bottle from Dove is indeed an elixir for dry damaged hair. Nourish your dry hair with it and soft rejuvenated hair in no time. This is an admixture of many nourishing oils like lavender oil, Sunflower seed oil, palm oil, Almond oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, mineral oil, vegetable oil, extracts of the petals of Lotus flower. Get 90ml of this for a price of Rs 185 and repair the hair damage caused by wintry winds

7. Dabur Vatika Olive enriched Hair oil:

Dabur Vatika Olive enriched

This is a great hair product to use during the winters. The virgin olive oil in its purest form in it offers best natural nourishment to your dry scalp and dry hair. Also it is enriched with other ingredients like cactus extracts, almond extracts and lemon extracts. Lemon fights dandruff and boosts the flow of sebum in your scalp region. Almond extracts effectively condition your hair imparting it optimum softness. Cactus extracts boost the volume of your hair, giving it a healthy shine at the same time. Get 300ml of this for Rs 225

8. Darshana Natural Indian Hair oil:

Darshana Natural Indian

Give your frizzy dry hair and scalp the nourishment that comes from the Darshana hair product. Massage it generously on to your scalp and all through your hair

at least for half an hour before shower and your hair will definitely turn healthy and soft from the nutrition it receives from the nutrient-rich ingredients in this like coconut, sunflower seed, Olive, extracts from apricot kernels, orange peels, Hibiscus flower extracts, Castor, Indian pennywort extracts, Henna, Amla, Linseed, Extracts of fenugreek seeds and countless other purely herbal nourishing ingredients.

So these are some of the best hair oils in India that can take effective care of your scalp and hair in the winters, pampering your tresses and making those more luxurious! If you have any suggestions to make then do let us know.

Which is your favourite hair oil for winters? Share your views with us.

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