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What Were The Top 7 Makeup Trends That Ruled 2011?

Every year the beauty gurus or the beauty fraternity (who are these people by the way?) predict and forecast some trends which create a lot of buzzword. I for one don’t like to stick to these trends, they kind of kill the creativity. But still there’s no harm in gaining some knowledge so that you can talk intelligently on your blog (like what I’m doing trying to do right now).

Trend #1 Coral Lips
Okay this is one trend I absolutely rocked. I love corals. I love lip colours. So mix them together and I’ll go mad. One of my favourite coral orange lipsticks is Deborah Milano Atomic Red 03. Another pretty coral I found tis year was Mac So Chaud

. Another favourite is Revlon Colorbust Lipgloss Papaya.

coral lipstick mac so chaud

Trend #2 Winged Eyeliner
This is another trend I’m not complaining about. Its so easy to carry plus only a small outer stroke can take your look from ordinary to dramatic. I’ll do a tutorial sometime.

winged eyeliner cat eyes

Trend #3 Androgynous look /Bushy Eyebrows
Okay honestly this is not my cup of tea. It looks good on runway models but somehow looks un-clean and un-groomed for daily wear. Even our dear Sonam Kapoor could not carry it off. I would like to know if somebody out there rocked this trend?

Here is this Androgynous makeup tutorial by Lisa Eldridge in case you are interested.

Trend #4 Natural Makeup
Something I totally enjoy doing. Who doesn’t want that oh-you-see-I-am-naturally-pretty look? I have a dozen nude lip colours, base makeup, MLBBs and what not? All in the name of neutral nude makeup!

Here again a tutorial on no makeup look by Lisa Eldridge. Trust me you will get to learn a LOT- do watch.

Trend #5 Red Lips
So this so called beauty fraternity ever wonder how they end up innocent girls like us. First they tell us to go get all the orange coral lipsticks in the world and rock it. Then they ask us to wear those red lips. Choices confuse me! One trend at a time please. But on a serious note, I quite like bold red lips..not on me ofcourse. I’m happy with my corals. And if you are one of those who are scared of red lips, then start with tinted red balms and glosses to smoothen the transition.
I’ve already reviewed and swatched a very safe office red shade on my blog. And if you are a beginner, you can try this amazingly tinted red balm. And if you are a pro at red lips, then you may like this dangerous red .

red lipstick mac lady danger

Trend #6 Neon/Color blocked Makeup
Be it the nails, lips or eyes..neon is everywhere. I’m a big time fan of this glow in the dark trend. L.O.V.E.

neon color blocked makeup

Trend #7 Highlighters/Bronzers
If I have to choose only one makeup item for my entire life (of-course apart from lip colors) , I’ll go for highlighters. They bring a hell lot of difference in the entire look. Think difussed light reflecting liquids and powders, not shimmer and glitter pan cakes. Bronzers add a depth and definition to your otherwise plain face. Sometimes I use bronzers as blushes for that sun kissed look.

Trend #8 Long Luscious Lashes (The 3 Ls!)
Think fluttery curvy natural looking lashes, not heavy plastic drag lashes. Although lashes are something I’m always afraid of..what if they one of them come out in the middle of night or what if somebody points at my eyes and say “hey your lashes are coming off” Dreadly! But if you can rock the fake lashes, then there is no stopping you.
I’ve done a titorial on how to trim, re-shape and groom fake lashes

to make them the right size. And in case you are wondering how to get rid of them without harming your eyelashes, then here is the answer.

And here is a nice tutorial by none other than Lisa Elridge on how to apply fake lashes

So this was my take on makeup trends that ruled 2011. What’s your take?

10 thoughts on “What Were The Top 7 Makeup Trends That Ruled 2011?”

  1. Winged eyelining is my heart throb-whether the look is formal or casual-I cant avoid a winged eye for myself. And ya-I bought 2 matte red lippys this year-which is quite unusual for an MLBB lover like me :) great post Ansh!


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