6 Oriflame The One Colour Impact Cream Eyeshadows: Reviews, Swatches, Shades, Price

Reviews, Swatches, Shades, Price, Buy Online Oriflame The One Colour Impact Cream Eyeshadows

Eye makeup is like algebra. Initially it will intimidate you with so many rules and formulas. But once you get the hang of it (read finish atleast 5 thick registers) x and y will start making sense and a and b will look more like a couple who will solve their problems in the end. Eye makeup will get better and better with practice and precision. Hence Proved! (how I loved writing it in my exams even though my equations never matched!) To solve you eyeshadow woes, I will review and swatch the new Oriflame The One Colour Impact Eyeshadows

which are cream based and come in 6 shades: Rose Gold, Golden Brown, Intense Plum, Olive Green, Shimmering Steel, Deep Indigo.

Oriflame Claims:

  • Easy to apply and blend for even results.

  • Cream to powder like texture – goes on creamy and transforms to a powder for colour intensity

  • Supreme pigment pay off

  • Pearly to matte shades with a velvetty sheen.

My Review:

Shades: Oriflame The One eyeshadows come in 6 beautiful shades which are all warm and metallic. They work beautifully with Indian skin tones. Rose Gold is my favourite champagne shade for a wash of neutral colour on the lids. Golden Brown is another favourite for smokey brown eye makeup which pairs well with almost any kind of Indian wedding makeup. Next comes Intense Plum which is a soft purple shade and looks beautiful with Indian outfits. Olive Green is a khaki green shade which looks very beautiful with peach or coral lips. Deep Indigo is a bright jewel blue shade if you are into dramatic eye makeup looks. Shimmering Steel is a steel grey shade which is my least favourite. I find grey eyeshadows don’t look much flattering on Indian skin tones but if you know how to work with it then you might like it.

Pigmentation: These are sheer shades which need a bit of layering to show up. In the swatches I’ve used 3-4 swipes to properly show them. You don’t need to go this dark on your eyes but 2-3 swipes would be needed. I recommend a makeup primer or a dark base underneath to make them appear brighter. These can also work well as nice cream bases for powder eyeshadows.

Texture: These are cream impact eyeshadows which are quite soft and buttery to apply. You don’t need complicated brushes to apply them, fingers work just fine with them. They have some shimmer in them which catches light and looks beautiful on eyes, nothing chunky or OTT.

Staying Power: The lasting power of Oriflame Colour Impact eyeshadows is quite good. They stay on me for around 5-6 hours but in summers you would need an eye makeup primer to get them to stay this longer without creasing.

Swatches from left to right:

1. Oriflame The ONE Deep Indigo:

A bright jewel toned blue. Would go really well with dramatic smokey blue eyes and pale pink lips.

2. Oriflame The ONE Shimmering Steel:

A steel grey shade which would work well for fair skin tones. Channel your inner Anastasia Steel with it!

3. Oriflame The ONE Rose Gold:

A beige peach shade with warm tones. Love this as an overall lid colour when you just want that slight sheen on your eyes for day time. Pair it with a matte chocolate brown shade in the crease and you have your neutral eye makeup look ready.

4. Oriflame The ONE Eyeshadow Golden Brown:

A warm brown shade with golden shimmer. This will work with almost every makeup and outfit and I highly recommend it for wedding or party makeup because of the perfect amount of gold in it.

5. Oriflame The ONE Intense Plum:

A warm plum shade which suits brown eyes a lot. One of the best colours for smokey eye makeup looks on Indian skin tones.

6. Oriflame The ONE Eyeshadow Olive Green:

A warm khaki green shade khaki green shade. Again a nice option for medium to dark Indian skin tones.

I love all these shades and I guess its time other brands in India come up with such beautiful cream eyeshadows which makeup beginners can enjoy. I know I know powder eyeshadows can be rocket science if you don’t know what you are doing. Those youtube tutorials never look even half decent on you? Been there done that. Just practice!

Pros of Oriflame The One Colour Impact Cream Eyeshadows:

  • Cream formula which makes them easy to apply and blend in a hurry
  • No need for eye makeup brushes, you can just dab them with your fingers
  • All the shades are meant for Indian skin tones
  • The staying power is quite decent
  • Make good bases for powder eyeshadows

Cons of Oriflame The One Colour Impact Cream Eyeshadows:

  • Pigmentation. Need some layering to show up on lids

Price: Rs.449 each

VNA Rating: 4/5

Buy Online: If you can’t find an Oriflame rep then try ebay or amazon

So is it for you? The Oriflame The One eyeshadows are a boon for makeup beginners or those who are always in a hurry to do eye makeup. Just dab some on your lids with your finger and blend with a matte brown shade and you are good to go! I recommend shades like Rose Gold, Golden Brown and Intense Plum which would sort most of your eye makeup needs.

Youtube for eye makeup is like extra tutions after school for math..they make life so much easier!

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