6 Shaving Myths and Facts + Update #2: Gillette SubscribeToSmooth Challenge

Top 6: Best Shaving Myths and Facts in India

When I took up the Gillette Venus Subscribe to Smooth challenge 12 days ago, I did a lot of digging into the world of women razors and the history associated with women using shaving as an effective method of hair removal. I discovered that screen goddesses like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Tailor used specifically designed razors to remove the fine, downy and fur-like hair that grows on the face to have that amazing, ah-mazing skin on screen! Today I will debunk some popular shaving myths Indian women have

which makes them for for waxing and hair removal creams. I will also update you on my progress on the challenge.

Digging further, I also found claims that one of the most famous queens of the ancient yet advanced Egypt, Cleopatra also used this method of hair removal.

Gillette Venus had recently held an event in Delhi where renowned aesthetic physician Dr. Rashmi Shetty and Make-up artist Namrata Soni highlighted the various benefits of shaving and its effectiveness as a method of hair removal. The session continued as the audience and panel members discussed their experiences and the scientific know-how when it comes to shaving with specifically designed razors like Gillette Venus.

I had highlighted some of the features of the razor in my Gillette subscribe to smooth challenge Day 1 post. I described its ergonomic design, practicality and ease of usage among other points. I also mentioned that I would deal with certain myths related to shaving that might have put some of you off this convenient method of hair removal in the past.

List of Top Shaving Myths and Facts:

Shaving MYTH 1: You should not shave too often

Busted: You can shave as often as required. Being a convenient and economical hair removal option, you do not have to space out between sessions. Besides, its an easy-peasy way of quick hair removal when you are travelling or are time-strapped!

Shaving MYTH 2: Shaving is bad for your skin

Busted: A very popular myth. When done carefully, shaving does not cause nicks and burns and darkening of the skin. In fact, it can help remove a layer of dead skin cells. In fact the process of Dermaplaning involves facial skin exfoliation with the use of specifically designed razors! Apart from helping you mildly exfoliate the skin, it stimulates collagen production as well, thereby, leaving the skin smoother and ‘younger’.

Shaving MYTH 3: Shaved hair grows back thicker, coarser and darker

Busted: When hair starts to sprout back again, it feels thicker as the razor cuts at the base of the hair and does not pull it out like tweezers do, so those are the remnants of the hair that have been razed. Besides, your hair type is determined by genes and manipulated by hormones.

Shaving MYTH 4: Razors are for use and throw

Busted: Some are. Some like Gillette Venus razors aren’t, thereby making them more economical. Not only does it last longer, you can easily find replacements for your old blades and continue using the razor you have grown accustomed to.

Shaving MYTH 5: Pressing harder equals closer shave

Busted: Pressing harder will damage your skin and cause burns, nicks and cuts as skin cells tend to get collected between the blades if you press the blades too hard on the skin. Modern razors are designed in a way that you only need to glide it over the skin at an angle and at a force that seems comfortable to you for a clean shave. Apart from being technologically advanced, these razors are also designed ergonomically and for the gentlest of stores.

Shaving MYTH 6: Skin dries up after shaving

Busted: To top off all the other myths we busted, skin does not feel dry and flaky after shaving. For some one who has been using this method of hair removal as a go-to, after having an experience with a variety of razors, I really found that Venus women razor stands for what it claims. Neither does the blade get dull after a few uses which happens with a majority of female razors.

It does not traumatise the skin (you have to be careful while using blades on your skin anyway!), nor has it caused any darkening of the skin and since the shave is really close and effective, hair does not start spouting back within a couple of days . (This has been my personal experience with Venus as compared to other women razors that I have used previously.) Also avoid using soaps that tend to dry the skin as a shaving cream and go for a shaving gel that is specifically designed for your skin type. (Tip: In case you are out of shaving gel, Aloe gel (if you’ve got a plant at home) or a nourishing conditioner can also do the job.)

Price of Gillette Venus Razor in India: Rs.199

Price of Gillette Venus Shaving gel for sensitive skin in India: Rs.225 for 195g

Price of Gillette Venus (set of 2 cartridges) in India: Rs.275

Where to Buy Online in India: amazon.in

Conclusion: Like I’ve already mentioned before, shaving with a properly designed, ergonomic female razor like Venus is my go-to for instant hair-removal and after having used it for quite some time, I am going to stick to it indefinitely.

By Contributor: Ananya

Which is your favourite shaving myth? Share your reviews with us.

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  • Nice post and helpful tips! I have a doubt. Shaving leads to ingrown hair, is it true?

    • I am quite sure even waxing or using an epilator does__ personal experiences. Exfoliating well before and after surely helps loads, especially before going for any hair removal method. If done correctly neither waxing/epilator use/shaving cause in ingrown hair. But if done at a wrong angle or pulling incorrectly ingowns become our guests.

    • Hi Arunima,

      As per my personal experience, shaving has not caused any ingrown hair...but like Isheeta pointed out, exfoliation and properly following the hair removal method does help loads in that department.

      Also, I read that we as South Asians have our fair follicles present at an angle to the skin and that would naturally lead to ingrown hair when compared to other ethnic groups.. so I guess this factor too would vary from person to person as it is somewhat genetically predisposed!!

  • Shaving is so easy and hassle free. I use the Venus razor and shaving gel, and love them both.

  • It definitely saves so much of our time as well as our budget, I have to confess. I mean I have noticed hair groeing back at a similar pace post going for a wax, and then it all seems such a waste of time and hard-earned money. Shaving peoperly definitely yields similar results minus the icky-sticky feeling of wax and the hassle to rid it all?

  • I have tried these razors many times...They work just awesome for my skin...:) :)

  • those are some very useful tips.. I had come across some of them as well and I am glad I choose to believe them :)


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