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6 Best Easy Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas


Top 6 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas which are Easy and Affordable

By Contributor: Moupee

When Christmas arrives in the month of December, it is a time of merriment everywhere and the entire world unites in a spirit of carnival to celebrate the birth anniversary of the Holy Spirit; the Messiah who was born into this world to save mankind. In other words, Christmas is the joyful celebration of the birth of Lord Jesus and no matter how and where you celebrate your Christmas, Holiday celebrations are truly incomplete, if there isn’t a Christmas Tree, standing with all majesty and decorations at the center of the party ground. The tree symbolizes the tree of paradise to which this earth was transformed with the birth of Christ and the Xmas tree undoubtedly upholds the very spirit of Merry Christmas.

When you have the Pine tree ready, it’s your turn to decorate it most creatively. The decoration items should be easy, affordable, cute, fun, quick and something the kids would enjoy making. After all its a fun craft activity as well. If you DIY all the decorations then it adds a personal touch but you can always buy the items online from ebay or amazon. Here are some of the best Christmas tree decoration ideas for:


1. Decorate your Christmas Tree with cute Gold and Silver bells:

colourful bells

You can give your place an awesome glittery look by hanging golden and silver bells of different sizes all over the tree from top to bottom. As light falls on these bells, they’ll emit a mind-blowing sparkling making it look like a tree of Heaven indeed. Bell decoration has an inseparable connection with Xmas whether you use it on the tree or elsewhere on the party ground and the very word ‘bell’ perhaps reminds you of the famous Christmas Song ‘Jingle Bells Jingle Bells; Jingle all the way!

2. Decorate with LED Lights of Different colors:

LED lights for glow

When you hang large strings of LED Lights and micro bulbs all over, a tremendous glow effect is generated and your tree looks truly magical under the impact of those colorful lights. You can try as many lights as possible. The most popular colours are blue, yellow, red and white.

3. Decorate your Pine Tree with Paper Garlands of Different Colors:

DIY paper cut out decorations

Paper strings and beautiful paper garlands of different colors may be used to decorate. Even Garlands with cut out Paper letters depicting words like MERRY CHRISTMAS and other similar words related to the festival may be hung on the tree to beautify it. Colorful paper garlands when hung all over indeed create a riot of colors. This paper decoration can be interspersed with baubles; i.e. you can even hang small spheres of different colors like blue, violet, silver, golden, red etc amid the strings to create a mesmerizing colorful and scintillating effect.

4. Decorate your Tree with Soft Toys and Puppets:

cute holiday soft toys

This is another fantastic way. You can hang cute puppets of different kinds. The puppets you hang could include soft toys, rag dolls and so on and its better, if you hang puppets connected with the winter theme such as Santa Claus puppet, Snowman puppet, Rein deer soft toys, Penguin soft toys and various other types of cute tiny dolls.

5. Give a Frosty Snowy effect for a White Christmas Tree:

artificial snow flakes and frosting

If you want it to be coated with snow, you can even do that by using artificial snow sprays. It will look an all white snowing tree covered all over with snowflakes, transporting you literally to a unique winter wonder land.

6. Decorate your Christmas tree by hanging stars on it:

Give a glittery starry decoration vibe to your place by hanging shiny stars of different colors and sizes all over. Refer the first pic to see how cute it looks. Stars too have inseparable connection with the festival and you are perhaps reminded of that holy star that guided shepherds all the way to Bethlehem, into that stable where Lord Jesus was born.

So these are some of the best ways you can decorate your Christmas tree, making it look truly outstanding. Tell us your suggestions and the items you would use if India celebrated this festival. We still do but not at such a big scale although I wish we did!

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Which is your favourite Christmas Decoration for Tree? Share your views with us.

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