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6 Best Beauty and Makeup Products in India 2014


Top Beauty and Makeup Products in India 2014

By Contributor: Moupee

We have stepped into a brand new year after bidding adieu to 2014. 2015 too will surely have some great launches pertaining to the beauty and makeup industry but even the year that has just passed by projected a quite happening picture of the beauty product market. In fact there were plenty of top makeup products in 2014

to fascinate and satiate crazy makeup lovers. So, it’s worthwhile to list the top beauty and makeup products of 2014 that flooded the market and took the target audience by surprise on account of their quality, packaging, brand image etc. Here goes the list.

1. L’oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation

Best foundation 2014

This liquid foundation powder from the brand L’oreal is reasonably priced, light in texture and ideal for daily wear. It makes your face glow with a light sober sheen. It can be used on both oily skin and combination skin. It can be purchased for a price of Rs 899 and is definitely rated as one of the best 2014 foundations.

2. Oriflame The One Eyeliner Stylos

best eye makeup 2014

This pen eyeliner from Oriflame THE ONE range has greatly impressed all makeup lovers because of its ease of application and even, flawless finish in just one stroke. Its available in the regular black shade plus blue shade and at a price of Rs 499. This Oriflame eyeliner too was considered as a real great eyeliner purchase of 2014

3. Amway Santique Range

best shampoos conditioners 2014

The Santique Range of Amway consists in a revitalizing hair conditioner, a nutrients rich hair repair masque, scalp tonic and finally a high quality styling gel that gives you the desired hair style without causing any damage. The Santique hair care range is powered by Enerjuve technology that repairs and nourishes your hair by warding off all negative charges. It is indeed one remarkable beauty launch of 2014. The price of this range starts at Rs 325

4. Maybelline Lip Polishes:

best lipgloss 2014

This liquid lipstick range from Maybelline consists of 15 shades right from baby pink to hot red to corals and many more. Polish your lips with this liquid lipstick and get an awesome glossy effect on your lips that comes from a lip gloss. It’s hydrating and feels totally lightweight on your lips. You can obtain it for a price of Rs 450 and it was no doubt one of the most hot selling makeup products of 2014

5. Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania Nail Polishes:

best nail polishes 2014

This range of structured nail polishes with glitters from Maybelline was indeed a real hit this 2014. With this glitter mania nail polish you could most ideally jazz the look of your nails and add a glittery bling to your overall appearance. It’s available for Rs 125

6. Maybelline Hyper glossy electric eyeliner:

best liquid eyeliners 2014

This metallic finish eyeliner range from Maybelline is perfect party wear eyeliner imparting your eyes the mesmerizing super glossy metallic effect. It comes in a lot of shades and can be bought for Rs 275. This eyeliner range too is one of the rocking makeup products of last year.

After reading this post you can well understand that 2014 wasn’t a bad year after all for all those who love to indulge in hour-long makeup rituals and are always on the lookout for the best makeup and beauty products in the market.

What was the best of beauty and makeup in 2014 for you? Share your views with us.

13 thoughts on “6 Best Beauty and Makeup Products in India 2014”

  1. i have purchased loreal nude, for me its not at all useful. I am lil dark skin but look too much dark on applying. i also purchased the loreal true match powder, bcoz it had enchriched with minerals, 1200 rs, my sensitive gets pimples on applying it within 5hrs.
    Before buying please be perfectly sure about skin.
    I dont recommend it for anyone


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