50 Shades of VNA

So you must have noticed the new site design and colour scheme. It took so much of time! When I started I had no idea of what I wanted except a clear and de-cluttered look. I had a guy working for me, he had just started too so we spent hours everyday on chat talking about things like “no no..change it to 14px. yes looks better now, isn’t it? blah blah” And just out of blues I had this new “vision” and for a moment I looked like Raven in her psychic one-eye-close-and-twisted-lips-mode and exclaimed “Eureka!”

So now I wanted pastels. And not just any pastel but the Pantone Colour of 2013 – Emerald Green. So the colour you now see on this site is the “in” colour of this year..seems I would need to change whenever Pantone comes out with a new colour! And when everything was ready something backfired and all of my changes got lost. For a full day VNA was removed..all files, data, everything. I cannot explain how I felt that day. I wanted to cry! Everything was wiped out. Later the designer was able to restore the blog and some key design elements. But the real problem began now. VNA’s permalinks got really messed up and now all I had was thousands of 404 not found errors pointing back.  The traffic was effected. And the designer stopped responding. I waited for a good 10days for him before writing this post. I just don’t know who to blame for all this. I even considered giving up this whole blog thing and giving up but my sailor boy (wink) insisted I work on this. He loves VNA more than I love it! While writing this post I’m still working on resolving those issues. That should explain my irregular posting. Whenever I come to write a post, I get busy with all that techy stuff. The latest I hear that I would need another migration and that means spending a whole lot of money. Sucks.

Lessons learned:

1. Have someone do this techy stuff for you only if you know their address or phone number. In case anything happens you can always go back to them and discuss in person. This online stuff never works. True story.

2. Have a wordpress expert as your boyfriend/husband! (I hope the sailor is not reading)

Anyhoo, my birthday is coming up next week. And finally I gave in to my curiosity and picked up 50 Shades of Grey. Honestly I’m not head-over-heels in love with it. I just don’t get the hype around it. Its not one of those “ooh I cant put it down” kind of books. I passed on this 50 Shades fever to the sailor boy and a couple of friends. And now it has become a private joke between us.

Please let me know if you know of any good wordpress guys and blog designers in Delhi.

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  • hey....came onto your blog after a long time :) that's sad to hear these issues but migration is not really a smooth process and does take a lot of effort so don't worry, everything would be fine :) and, yeah, 50 shades is horrible in fact for the hype it generated...my advice would be don't waste your time :D

  • Oh I dunno anybdy lyk dt in Delhi....but I knw sumffin Miss Juneja....Dt book shd av been named 50 Shades o Trash!! N m missin d post via FB option!
    Wen r ur results out? B a good gurl till results atleast!!! ;P

    • arent u getting my fb updates? sure m gonna put up d results real soon.....promise!!

      • I am getting your FB updates.
        U putting up ur xam results here....daring I must say!! :P
        U thot I was asking abt Giveaway results...lol

  • Awwwww... Your new site looks amazing. I had been through the same process a while back. I had done months of research before xfering as I didn't had the budget to hire someone to do it for me. Thankfully, everything went well for me but I had faced the permalink issue too. U can redirect the error to another link or wait for googe to remove them.

    • i know! i did an year long research :P d issue is getting resolved now..thanks :)


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