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50 Best Floral Mehndi Designs with Pictures

Top 50 Images of Floral Mehndi Designs For Hands, Legs, Back

In this post I have complied some traditional as well as some unique, modern and easy floral patterned mehndi designs for weddings that will keep you gaping at them long after you’ve finished reading this post. You can apply these floral patterns on your hands, legs, feet, back, etc no matter you are just a wedding guest, bridesmaid or the bride herself. Intoxicating by their very nature, flowers represent heady love, peace, sensuality, beauty and fertility. It is a symbol of love, which is obviously the reason that bed chambers of the bride and groom are decorated with flowers to entice an amorous nights.

With its delicate soft, round petals and gentle curves flowers are a symbol of femininity, desire, passion, and refinement. It ignites a deep longing in the heart for one’s beloved. It is also a symbol of perfection and excellence. All these values make it pretty evident why floral patterns in mehndi designs are such a rage with women and girls regardless of age.

50 Beautiful Floral Mehndi Designs for Wedding

1. A mehndi art unlike all other common designs. This has a flowery-vine like design entwining the hand like some chain like ornament. Very minimal design that is perfect for just any occasion be it wedding or festivals.

2. A unique floral pattern that covers the palm, the pattern is quite common but never boring to behold.

3. The large central floral pattern is the main attraction of this henna hand design. This design is very simple to create yet so gorgeous it looks.

4. This beautiful floral and paisley design for the feet embroiders it like some expensive ornament for the foot and makes the foot look as grand as an ornament would have made it look. This is one of the most beautiful mehndi designs for feet ever.

5. Putting your hands together completes this beautiful pattern. Notice how clean and precise the lines and curves, and how very symmetric the pattern as a whole is!

6. This glitter mehndi design for the entire leg will make you look like some forest goddess or angel who has flowers embellished on all parts of her body. It provides a very feminine touch to the one who adorns this pattern.

7. This beautiful floral pattern covers the whole hand and it makes it look oh-so-grand! The pattern lends a delicate essence to the hands.

8. A different kind of floral art pattern that is minimal yet beautiful.

9. This design doesn’t cover every inch of the hand like most mehndi designs do, in fact it barely covers half of the hand, but the neatness of the design makes it look so breathtaking! It is like a creeper, which adds beauty to the support it needs to grow around. This flower design for hands may not be apt for the bride, but is a very beautiful design for the ladki-wales or for any small occasions.

10. Again a wonderful floral mehndi design at the back of the hand. This mehndi design totally looks like an ornament, those elaborate, gorgeous jewellery that queens in olden times used to wear. This design makes the hands look very beautiful and regal.

11. This large flower at the back of the hand and the ensuing embroidering simple designs from the flower makes the whole design look simply fantastic.

12. A new type of mehndi art, replete with stone studs and the red coloring makes it stand way apart from what we’ve seen so far. The intermittent stones add to the razzle-dazzle of the hand design.

13. This floral pattern looks like a hand gear, the ones where chains ensue from the rings of the fingers and join with some bracelet. It makes the hand look grand.

14. This easy floral feet mehndi design with mesh pattern again gives it an ornament- adorned feel.

15. This design for the back of the hand is very simple and does not cover every inch of the hand as compared to other mehndi designs but it does not fall short on the beauty factor. The large floral motif at the back of the hand surrounded by rays of leaves being the star attraction of the pattern. The dark mehndi brightens the skin complexion and makes the hand look all the more beautiful.

16. Two very beautiful asymmetrical floral designs for the back of the hand in one picture. Both of them resemble the ornaments that were worn during ancient times by queens. Patterns are simple and make the hands look simply stunning.

17. A floral pattern that totally resembles a payal. Not much is there in the design but it does a lot to make the feet look beautiful.

18. Again the red color and the stones used in this design for the hands and feet gives it a different and a more beautiful look.

19. A symmetrical floral mehndi pattern. This will definitely look very beautiful on the hand. If you don’t believe it, the picture is a bullet-proof evidence of it.

20. This design is more or less simple, but the way it covers the back of the hand makes the hand look long and slender. To top that, it’s a complementary design, and this accentuates the beauty of the pattern all the more. The intricacy and the minute designs of the pattern will spellbind the beholder in this web of beauty. One of the best flower mehndi designs ever.

21. The designs in this mehndi are simpler compared to most other complex mehndi designs, but the large floral motifs, colored in red and studded with stones sets it apart from even the most complex mehndi patterns.

22. This floral pattern for the hand and feet has spaces just in the right places, so that the mehndi filled part can exude its beauty. After all, you have to acquaint yourself with the dark(spaces) to appreciate the light(complexity of the mehndi design filled part).

23. A beautiful complementing dulhan mehndi design.

24. A glitter floral mehndi for the feet which makes it dazzle.

25. Another design that can make you look like some angel of the forest. This design with floral motifs on the feet cover them so beautifully, as a creeper entwines a support to grow.

26. Very minimal design for the foot, that manages to make it look stunning.

27. A floral design for the hand that is simple to produce.

28. This contemporary mehndi pattern has no traditional elements whatsoever, yet it is breathtakingly beautiful and so symmetrical! The empty space actually accentuates the beauty of the design.

29. This floral patterned mehndi for the back is situated on a new body part, the shoulder, making it a hybrid of a tattoo and a mehndi design, the twist in the tale that a modern bride requires! Apart from the beauty of the flower design, the shading inside the flower petals and the peacock’s tail feather makes the whole design stand apart. In case your wedding attire consists of a backless choli , this is the design to go for to make your groom weak in the knees.

30. A very simple mehndi pattern that can be worn on less grand occasions than a wedding.

31. A floral pattern for the feet which adds to the feet’s beauty by hugging it as seamlessly as a sock hugs it.

32. This design looks like some rich ornament that used to be worn by the royals during ancient times.

33. A rich floral pattern for the entire forearm that is suitable for the royal look a bride should have on her wedding day. It makes the arm look so beautiful.

34. A floral pattern for the feet that is very spacious that allows the pattern to breathe out its beauty in its fullest form.

35. This beautiful intricate design at the back of the hand is the perfect design for new Indian bridesmaids.

36. Can anyone find any difference between this pattern and a very grand payal? I am sure the answer is a big fat NO! In fact this design looks grander than any jewellery intended for the feet, invented my mankind so far.

37. This glitter mehndi with stone studded floral pattern and the colorful peacock feather inclusion, makes it so different from all others and spells G.R.A.N.D.I.L.O.Q.U.E.N.C.E loud and clear!

38. A very simple paisley and floral design mehndi which makes the hand look no less beautiful than the complex patterned ones. A very popular mehndi design.

39. A shaded mehndi embellished with flowers throughout, makes the leg look feminine and beautiful.

40. This pattern is breathtaking in its symmetry! The hardly there empty spaces actually accentuate the beauty of the design. Putting the hands together completes the design so beautifully.

41. This paisley and floral design pattern over the mesh like design is different from others and so enchanting to behold.

42. Another floral design for the feet that adorns it like a foot-chain and makes the feet look more beautiful than any ornament would have made it look.

43. So simple a henna design, yet so beautiful can it make the feet look!

44. This glitter flower mehndi is making the whole hand glitter like a star studded sky.

45. A very new kind of floral art pattern. The designs have no regularity or symmetry and hence is entrancing in its uniqueness.

46. This floral and peacock pattern is so unique. It eliminates the traditional patterns and yet looks so beautiful! The small hearts in between the peacock tail design adds a cuteness factor to the design. The shading in the pattern is beautifully done.

47. This is a very new kind of design, clever in its execution, where the flowers are not depicted with the henna, as is normally done, but the background of the flowers is colored in henna and the flowers are hence depicted by the skin of the palm. This makes this flower design for both hands look so beautiful!

48. The large flower covering the entire back of the hand is enough to outrank any other simple mehndi design.

49. This design has very easy minimal floral pattern but there’s no comprising with the beauty.

50. This mehndi has all the grand elements that depict India’s rich history-the elephants, peacocks, flower.etc. This unique mehndi is a grandiloquent affair that a bride can adorn on her wedding day.

Many more designs can be created with floral patterns. You can either be creative or you can take hints from the above designs or you can totally portray these designs only. The end result will be that people won’t be able to take their eyes off you. I hope you enjoyed these pictures of the flower mehndi for hands, legs and back.

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