5 Worst Makeup Mistakes on Your Wedding: Indian Bridal Diaries

So we just met….wait-for-it….the mother! I wasn’t really expecting the “mother” to show up. I half expected Ted to say “So kids…..I never met your, you are both adopted“. But boy The Girl With The Yellow Umbrella is here. And the irony is the 8th season finale of HIMYM revolves around Barney and Robin getting married and here I am writing a post on bridal makeup. Okay not a co-incidence, this post was in my drafts and I just decided to publish it as an ode to the finale

. But the thing is we still did’t get to see the wedding. Btw is it just me or this new mother looks like a cross between Robin and Lily? And I still want to know the mystery behind the famous pineapple!

Indian MUAs still need to go a long way when it comes to bridal makeup. A bride needn’t look like a christmas tree. But brides- to-be remember these tips and run away if your makeup artist even tries to do any of them!

1. Glitterati:

Glitter is not for your face. Period. Don’t confuse glitter with shimmer because subtle is shimmer is okay in bridal makeup. But Indian MUAs have this weird relationship with glitter. They insist on putting it everywhere to make you “glow”. Glitter packed eyes, sparkly cheeks, glittery lips…they do it all. So just keep a check on your MUA before the wedding. If he/she fancies glitter a lot then say bye bye.

2. Smokey eyes – Unblended:

First of all, I don’t get the deal about smokey eyes in your bridal makeup. Sexy and mysterious isn’t a message you would like to give out on your wedding. A bride should look young, happy and fun. Bridal eyes should be lightly done with soft shimmer to open them up. But if you do insist on smokey eyes, then make sure they are blended properly. And please don’t wear all the metallic colours on your eye makeup-palette all at once.

3. Lighter Foundation

Indian in-laws want “gori gori” brides. Though it doesn’t mean you go opting for lighter foundations. They will simply make you look ashy and ghastly. Plus no matter how nicely you do your eyes or lips if the base isn’t right, nothing looks good. Steer clear of foundations with spf because they catch the flash making you appear atleast 5 shades whiter than you actually look.

4. Bronzer

Bronzers and Indian skin just don’t go together. If you want those high cheekbones then make sure your MUA knows how to do it. Most of the time they just deposit a lot of shimmery bronzer on your cheeks and call it “the bronzed look“! And use only matte bronzers. For more read this post on Blushes v/s Bronzers.

5. Bright Lipsticks

Your wedding isn’t a place to flash your brightest lipsticks. Go subtler. And for heaven’s sake don’t use a darker lip liner. Almost 70% brides wear a dark (bordering on black) lip liner with a maroon lipstick. Go pink or peach or sheer red. And no glossy pouts either. Stick to mattes or creamy lipsticks.

Wedding photos are timeless. You don’t want to look back at the album and say “What the hell was I doing in orange lips!!”

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  • lighter foundation is a major flaw everyone does! my fre recently got married and she used a lighter shade which results in a mask effect sadly.........

  • This is actually my worst nightmare.. That my MUA at my wedding would turn me into a white ghost with lots of glitter and shiny maroon lips :(
    It's not easy to find a good MUA within a budget.. My wedding is very far away.. But this thought already scares me..

  • totally agree with you Anshita :) and I also think bronzers are not for Indian skin because we are already tanned most time of the year unless you really know what you are doing

    • sadly there aren't many options right now. the body shop honey bronzing powder is good as far as i have heard

      • Actually I use MAC facepowder as a bronzer. I use a darker colour then my usual colour (NW35). I hope this helps you?

  • Oh yes the mother! I thought she looked a lot like Lily!
    I heard the whole next season is going to be the story of 7 days..
    And if they also cover the pineapple in the 9th season, this will go on to become my favorite sitcom!

    Nice post :)

  • and i may be a bit lame here, but i wonder if and when my brides discuss with MUA about the glitter stones (the one which brides used to put above there eyes), why do they want them in this era.

  • Yes you are absolutely right. Just check out beauty mantra videos..
    Minakshi dutt is the MUA.. she will do all of these mistake and yet is consideres as best.. I dont know why they want to look like kathakali dancers on their Weddin..
    Till now worst mua I have ever seen

  • I agree with all the 5 points which you have mentioned. These small things should be taken care of. Loved your blog.


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