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5 Best Ways on How to Apply Brown Eyeshadows: On eyes and face


Top 5 Different Ways on to apply a brown eye shadow: warm toned/cool toned

By Contributor: Aditi

You might not have a red lipstick, but a brown eye shadow is a must must have for all of us girls. Well I know, it’s a strong statement to make against a red lipstick, but truly sometimes due to age or occasion a red lip might take the back seat but a brown eye shadow is the multi-tasking item we girls have or should have in our makeup kit. So without further tolerating my blabbering let’s learn some of the best ways in which you can use and apply brown eyeshadows. These could be either warm toned or cool toned depending on your skin tone and colour of your eyes – whether brow, hazel, blue or green. Although usually warm toned shades suit our yellow skin.

How to Wear Brown Eyeshadow:

1. Mark the crease of your eye:

top-5-ways-to-apply-brown-eyeshadow (5)

a brown eye shadow adds depth to the eye socket and adds definition to the shape of our eye. With a fluffy blending  brush (mac 217/sigma e25)  add the shadow along the natural curve of our socket line (preferably warm toned)

2. Contour your eye:

top-5-ways-to-apply-brown-eyeshadow (4)

we  can also cheat a little and make our eyes look bigger or smaller by altering where we place the brown eye shadow to contour. By going slightly above the crease, we can create the illusion of a higher crease and showing more lid space. Just place the brown eye shadow in the socket (preferably warm toned) See the tutorial on my smokey eye .

 3.  Transition colour: hale brown eye shadow

top-5-ways-to-apply-brown-eyeshadow (3)

A warm toned eye shadow is THE PERFECT transition colour for the Smokey eye .Here is a little distinction, if you use any colour a warm brown is perfect, but if you have used a silver or grey or any frosty eye shadow on the lids, make sure you use a cool toned or ashy toned brown shadow as the transition colour.

4. Contour your face:

you can use a cool toned or ashy brown eye shadow (mac folie) to contour your cheek bones and jaw line, to contour your nose ,use a lighter shade of a cool tones brown shadow. The shade or intensity of the eye shadow can be chosen according to your face  complexion, for anybody from nc35 to nc45 mac folie is a good contour option.

5. Fill in your eyebrows:

top-5-ways-to-apply-brown-eyeshadow (2)

take a brown shade ,matching the intensity of your eyebrow, preferably cool toned, and with a small angled brush fill in your eyebrows to camouflage the gaps and any unevenness. With black it is more than easy to go over board but with brown eyeshadow you can have a control over the appearance and a brown shadow when used to fill the brows makes them look naturally full, rather than giving a stark look.

I hope you liked my suggestion, do put down in the comments below. How do you prefer using these, most common use of a brown eye shadow warm or cool toned is as overall lid colour paired with a kohl for the easy on the go Smokey eye. I just wanted to suggest a few apart from classic functions of a brown eye shadow, if you want me to add anything to this list be sure to let us know below, there are more teenytiny ideas of the usage of a brown, but since I wanted to sum up to only 5,these are my top 5 preferences when I reach for a brown colour. So next time when you pick up a brown colour be sure to venture with it beyond the eyes. Also HAPPY WINTERS my unicorns.

How to you wear brown eyeshadow? Share your views with us.