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Best Bridal Entrance Songs

So finally after trying to write this post from last 2 months, I vowed I won’t get up until I write it full. The thing is everytime I try to write this bridal entrance post, I get goosebumps. I imagine myself walking down the aisle with the whole crowd looking at me…..my groom waiting for me at the back of the room with his friends…little girls pushing each others to get a good look at the bride…photographers capturing my every move….AND I just run and hide behind the sofa.

Why can’t a bride walk in without the drama by tip toeing her way to the stage without anybody noticing and announcing once she has safely arrived “heya I’m here, let’s start the wedding!” It would be so much better that way. But welcome to the world of big fat Indian weddings where you gotta parade!

Here is a list of songs that I’ve shortlisted for my wedding. I’m not getting married for next 2-3years though!

1. Jodha Akbar’s Jashn-E-Bahaaraa (instrumental): The grandness of the music adds a “fat” to the big Indian weddings. Its royal and romantic. Go for the instrumental version. I once went at this wedding where both the bride and the groom walked in to this song. The only difference was that the groom had little boys around him dressed as maharajas while the bride had little girls dressed as fairies.


2. Din Shagna Da Aaya Ni Aao Sakhiyon (Dillagi): Okay so this song gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it. Don’t walk in to this song if you are already a bundle of nerves. This songs adds to the nervousness. BUT its beautiful. I know this song has got pretty common but who cares!


3. Punjab by Karunesh: This songs describes the childhood of the girl. The music is enchanting.


4. Tarein Hai Barati Chandni Hai Ye Baraat (Virasat): The song is very uplifting. It has got this feel good factor to it.


5. Tere Bina from Guru (instrumental): When in doubt, go with AR Rehman! The music is royal and romantic.

Other songs which can work:
  • Dheeme Dheeme Gaon (Zubeidaa). The song is very romantic and adds to the mood.
  • Do Kadam (Tale of 3 Cities): Not grand like above mentioned songs but good for a small affair.

Which song was played at you wedding? Tell me and I would add them in the list as options.

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  • I didn't think of choosing a bridal entrance song! SO I really don't remember what I walked in on :S Oopsie! From your list I would have chosen Jashn-e-Baharaa

  • I love this post! Thanks for putting up the videos here, the ease of not having to search for the right track :) <3

  • just the thought of getting married gives me goosebumps... But for the sake of the post, I would say "Chikni Chameli chhup ke akeli pauaaa chadha k aayi: :P ;)

  • this is so exciting. South Indian mariages usually don't have these type of fun events. :(

  • Cliff Richards' Devil Woman would be my choice but ( Why didn't I do it at my wedding I wonder)!! On a more serious note, nice collection !

  • i had din shagan do chadya when i had to enter the ball room..and mi was in little teasr as the wordings as overwhelming...
    its there in my marriage dvd too and everytime,i hear it..i feel like going back to my mums place n hugging her..

  • This post have sent me to some dreamy world...where the soothing romantic songs are flowing in the air and a couple (made for each other) is entering in there new phase of life..Amazed :)

  • I like all songs but please post some more songs like that...because these all are very old

  • hahahhahahahaha...very nice collection and try sheela ki jawani...


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