5 Best Hair Colour Trends and Inspirations for Indian Brunettes 2014

Top 5 Hair Colour Ideas and Photos for Medium Dark Indian Skin Tones

Shocker, no? I had never thought I would ever colour my hair but all these pinterest and instagram boards are making me think otherwise. And with safer ammonia free hair colour options now available in India I am going to give hair colouring a whirl. These days all my free time goes to researching about the hottest hair colour trends of 2014 and what tones would suit dark brown skin with almost black hair and what shades Indian girls should avoid etc etc. I might not go for something very dramatic because I wanna test the waters first and take my own time with it. Let’s see what are the options I’m looking at which ofcourse all the desi brunettes can try.

 1. Ravishing Red

Admit it, we all watched Remix for Anvesha’s red hair highlights. Back in school, her hair colour was a rage. You don’t need an eye popping bright red to nail the look because most of us brown girls can’t carry it. Try some darker hues like oxblood red or auburn red that would better flatter our yellow based Indian skin. Or to test the waters you can get a couple of red streaks here and there. I got 2 red hair extensions last year (the right most pic) and boy it turned heads! Got me in the bad books of my college professors but who cares!

2. Ombre Hair Trend for Curly and Straight Hair

Even the slightest mention of ombre makes me eavesdrop conversations in the Delhi metro. This trend came into focus 3-4 years back but is still going strong. At that time the salons in India didn’t have any clue and used to look at me like I’m speaking phoren whenever I mentioned it. I guess now you can get this gradient effect in Indian beauty parlours easily. Olivia Wilde, Jessica Alba, Khloe Kardashian, Lea Michele, Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker..all of them rock it.

3. Subtle Ombre Black to Brown

Let’s face it. Bright ombre is not for everyone, specially for girls who are still hair colour virgins. Also the blonde tips might not suit our medium skin. So instead you can get a softer ombre which is just 2-3 shades lighter than your natural hair. The two tones blend effortlessly into each other giving you a soft and romantic look. This sorta soft ombre works better for straight hair since the transition is not dramatic.

4. Plum like Katy Perry

It became a rage when Katy Perry dyed her hair purple! And soon Katy Perry vs Miley Cyrus debates followed. While Miley had a pastel purple look, Katy’s darker highlights looked better. You can just dye an inch of your hair tips in dark plum if you feel this sort of colour won’t suit you. I’m thinking an overall dark plummy brown closer to my natural hair which would just glisten in sunlight. I guess L’Oreal Paris has one by the name of Plum.

5. Hannah Montana Honey Blonde Highlights

Didn’t we just love Mily Cyrus as Hannah Montana. I grew up lusting after her long wavy copper brown tresses. But turns out it was all extensions. She shocked everyone last year when she revealed all of it was fake and it never grew from her head! But still the hair colour still remains my super fav colour and I even wrote a drool post around it on VNA when I had just started blogging. Please don’t try to find it..its so embarrassing! But yes blonde colour is not for everyone. We punjabis have a tendency to colour our hair blonde as soon as we get married but please don’t cover your entire hair in it!

Lastly you don’t need to go to expensive salons to copy these trends. I swear by Youtube. Just do your research, browse through lots of YouTube tutorials, get your mom as your assistant and go try it!

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  • I so want to colour my hair, but so many questions cross my mind and toughest of them all is indeed what colour .. i love the ombre trend ... my research is still on but yours has helped me alot . Thankyou :)

  • thanks for these tips...they would come in very handy wen i go for my hair colouring session this month...great tips !! btw i love d ombre trnd...

  • Great post ansh!!:D :* .. I have kept red or blue extensions for more than two years until recently.. Got them colored red finally!!! :D

  • Sigh! I'd love to do the crazy ombre sumday probably when I'm high on YOLO

  • I am so confused with the ombre gradient..like what to go for, the kind of transition...

  • Omg Remix!! Yeah I totally wanted red streaks like that. But now I want to color my hair deep purple entirely. But it can damage my locks so I'm not doing it. Another thing I'd love to do is ombre :P

  • I am so in love with ombre. Will try it someday when I can actually let go of the fear of ruining my hair.......

  • I have been thinking to color my hair for so long but have not dared so far :P

  • Do you know of any hair colour which would actually show up on black hair? I wanna do a DIY Ombre with a black to brown gradient.


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