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5 Amazing Benefits of Using Almond Oil for Hair


Top 5: Best Benefits of Using Almond Oil for Hair

Pick up adjectives that you would associate with hair or which epitomize perfect hair for you. Ummm… Shiny, glossy, strong, long (this point is subjective, I agree), lustrous, manageable, frizz-free, smooth, voluminous and so goes on the list. I can seriously not run out of words when it comes to describing what kind of locks grab my eyeballs. Guess what? Almond oil, yes the very own golden coloured, lightweight and almost odourless almond oil is an elixir for your hair growth. So, let’s decode what all makes almond oil such a potent warehouse of nutrition and discuss the top 5 benefits of almond oil for hair from my own experience.

While a number of oils are available in the market and you would have tasted success with some or at least one of them, the pleasure of slathering almond oil down your locks is ineffable. I won’t misguide you by saying that this oil changed my hair into that of Rapunzel’s but it added an enviable gloss to it that looked natural. I have had successful experiences with extra virgin olive oil as well as sesame oil but with almond oil, the lustre imparted was simply put- overwhelming. . Touting it as the knight in shining armour for one’s locks wouldn’t be understatement actually.



Isn’t this music to the ears of those ladies who have lifeless and lusterless hair, just like me? Almond oil adds intense luster to one’s hair and makes it healthy. Owing to its numerous cosmetic benefits, this oil is used in a wide variety of beauty treatments. A simple hot oil massage twice a week followed by a hair steaming session for a good 30 minutes would enable the oil to go deeper into the hair shaft, thus leaving your hair with a new lease of life, giving it a glossy look.

If you want to add a little more nutritive value to this hot oil session, add a few Jeera (called cumin seeds) to the warm almond oil. It helps to darken hair naturally.


Now, hair fall is one such hair woe that has multiple causes. From poor protein and iron intake to smoking, from drinking to exposure to harsh sunlight on a regular basis, from use of harsh chemical-laden monsters (read: shampoos, conditioners and serums) to use of very tight, almost suffocating hair bands that suck the life out of your mane, I can go on and on with the causes of hair fall. If the reason is anything besides genes, simple kitchen remedies (which includes application of almond oil) may help but if the signs are of alopecia, excessive hair fall or a receding hair line, please visit a trichologist as soon as possible.

Coming to almond oil, it helps arrest (and not stop) hair fall to a great extent. Some amount of hair fall is unavoidable. Let’s face it than live in a fool’s paradise. I have waist-length hair and keep them tied in a plait for most part of the day but still, experience 10-12 strands bid adieu to my hair on a daily basis. So, please chuck away this thought that those with long/healthy hair do not have a single strand fall off their scalp.

If the reason behind your hair fall is any of the  above mentioned, S-T-O-P immediately. Do not expose your hair to the merciless “Delhi ki garmi”  Discard that cigarette. Toss that alcohol into the trash bin.

And head home to massage your hair with warm almond oil. You may even fry a few leaves of curry (Kadhi patta in Hindi) to supply iron to your locks. Almond oil is a rich source of magnesium. The deficiency of magnesium could result in heavy hair fall. Thus, this mineral is used in a wide range of hair care products. It reduces hair fall and enhances the overall quality of your hair.



A major myth-buster coming your way. Brace yourselves. No product can help you reduce/decrease/stop split ends once you see them. Shuddered? Oh, come on. You can get rid of them. How? Simply trim them. That’s the only possible way to get rid of them. But how can one not diminish them once we see them? Because they have diverged/separated from the parent hair strand. Now, nothing can make it go back to parent strand. You have to get it chopped. And once that I done, you have hair that is free from split ends but wait, having split ends was a harbinger of something. Something frightening.

It highlighted poor protein as well as iron intake in your body. Worry not, soldier. Now, you have a fresh slate to begin with. Gorge on food items rich in these and you are sure to not see those eyesore split ends ever.

Apart from devouring on those food items, do not forget to incorporate almond oil in you r hair care regimen. Why? Because almond oil specifically has antioxidants, vitamins, and essential minerals that restore and rejuvenate the hair follicles.


Being a great emollient, almond oil cleans the skin efficaciously and removes dead cells. This quality of almond oil also helps it fight dandruff and keep it at bay. The fatty acids in almond oil have antiviral and antibacterial properties that cleanse and treat the scalp, while infusing it with moisture.

Opt for warm almond oil massages at least twice a week to keep dandruff at bay. Fry a few Neem leaves in almond oil to drive away lice and scalp infection. Neem ‘s antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and purifying properties when teamed with almond oil will surely help you banish dandruff if not immediately, then definitely with regular and dedicated use over a few months.



Its high content of fatty acids in almonds moisturizes the scalp tissues and also improves blood circulation. This also soothes the inflammation. Almond oil has anti-inflammatory properties which helps it achieve this goal of alleviating scalp inflammation. As a word of caution, I would like to inform you that only sweet almond oil should be ingested (that too when consulted with a known and certified doctor. Not through hearsay). Never, I repeat never consume almond oil. It is hazardous.

Use it only externally. If used devotedly, persistently and correctly, there is no reason why your hair won’t be restored to life. So, use your grey matter well in using it. Do not be pessimistic if no significant results are shown in the first few uses. It takes time to heal, right? Also, feel free to add/subtract any seeds/leaves to add to enhance its nutritive value. You never know your ingenuity might just land you with the formula that becomes your hair saviour. Psss…I add Methi (fenugreek seeds) into warm almond oil to strengthen my hair.

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By Contributor: Nidhal

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