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4 Winners – VNA and Olay Giveaway!

win olay regenerist serum vanitynoapologies giveaway

VNA has collaborated with Olay to shower 4 of VNA readers. The prize is none other than the Vogue Beauty Awards 2014 winner in Best Anti Ageing Serum category – the Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-ageing Micro Sculpting Serum. So now you know you have a reason to fight for it.

Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum penetrates into skin’s surface to deliver our super-concentrated amino-peptide + B3 complex.  This fast absorbing, non-greasy formula provides specially designed hydration to give you significantly firmer skin and regenerate skin’s appearance.

The ResultsYounger-looking skin without drastic measures.  Instantly skin is hydrated and plumped for a more lifted appearance.  After just 5 days, skin is significantly firmer.  Skin looks brighter, more radiant.

What more? There will be 4 Winners. The 5th one is for me to review. Expect the review next month. To be fair to everyone I’ve kept all the social media entries optional. That means there will be One winner each from Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can participate everywhere to maximize your chances or just participate here on blog.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Comment Below and tell us why you want to win the Olay Micro Sculpting Serum (mandatory)

2. Participate on Facebook HERE


3. Participate on Instagram HERE (optional)

4. Tweet about this giveaway tagging @vanitynoapology and @OlayIndia (optional)

Hahaha if you are confused then don’y worry just follow this widget below and it will take you through every step easily. The 4 Winners will be announced here on 1st October. Open only to female Indian residents. Contest sponsored by Olay. Good luck!

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14 thoughts on “4 Winners – VNA and Olay Giveaway!”

  1. Hi dear thanks for such amazing giveaway
    .Taking care of skin is utmost important. As age progress there will be different problems like wrinkles fine lines sagging etc. Been reached at the age of 26 i don’t want to encounter such problems with my skin. Coming to anti aging products Olay is the 1st choice. Apart from CTM routine serum is compulsory in skin care regimen. So i would love to win such amazing product.

  2. Years of acne treatment have left my skin dull and dry in places, yet oily otherwise. And not to mention all the scars the acne left behind. I feel that a good serum can speed up my skin regeneration process ( Oh collagen.. dear collagen! ) and perk up my skin. And acne prone skin can’t tolerate most lotions and potions so I’m at a loss as to what to do. This is why I want this serum!

  3. Hi VNA,

    Olay had always been the most trusted brand and has given me such miraculous effect on my skin .2years back I was struggling from severe pigmentation marks that left me embarrassing and even after struggling with all kinds of scar removal cream prescribed by dermatologists to daily home remedies , the scars eventhough it faded a little,never gave me the skin I had before the breakout . It was then that I came across olay intense brightening serum from one of H&G stores and the SA budged me into buying it coz I had been a little skeptical if it would not work for me or not. But I things turned out that the serum was god given to me and after 6 months of using it ,everyday after my CTM routine , the scars faded completely and also gave me a perpetual glow to the face and made it even toned ,soft and supple . I readily purchased another one after emptying the first bottle and I never had to look back for an alternate option and this had been my HG serum since then.
    My mom who suffered from shingles was left with a big scar on her face which ,even dermatologists suggested that it would only fade with time and to expect any noticeable results only after a year or two. I bought this serum to my mom and sure it did work on her .After about 5 months her scars reduced to 70% . And she had been asking me to get her a good anti ageing serum for her now and I have heard rave reviews about Olay micro sculpting serum and was planning to get one for her. And if I am winning this contest through VNA , I ll be extra happy to gift it to her :)
    Keeping my fingers crossed.
    Thanks VNA for this amazing opportunity and that too from my most trusted brand for skincare

  4. I would love to win this giveaway because I want to give this serum to my mum. I have never seen her splurging on anything for herself, especially when it comes to skincare. I would love to gift her a serum and what would be better than the one which is the best in the market :) Because of the quality of Olay products, I am sure she will start using Olay serums regularly if she gets the chance of using this one :)

  5. Hey VNA

    It is great to see VNA and Olay coming together to make the women more beautiful….
    Well, I am on the other side of 30 and am blessed with oily skin. So somehow, wrinkles are still not visible and the oil is still present. But somehow, I have always felt that having crossed 34 (yes even this deadline), I should start off with a skincare regime that not just maintains the elasticity and softness of my skin, but also, keep my sculpted look alive. Today when I look back, I really loved the sculpted face I had two three years back.
    My skin strongly reacts to major anti ageing products, but olay indeed has been one of the gentlest and most effectively caring brands for my skin. The total effects has helped me understand and regain my skin tone and even out my skin. They also form a wonderful base for makeup and leave my skin dewy.
    But now, i feel i need to go further and enjoyed regenerating my skin… Hence, I wish and am keeping my fingers crossed to get this opportunity to try out this wonderful serum…

  6. Hi,
    I like your blog very much. I think following customized skin care routine is a must for all ladies. I am 24 years old now. Serum can be a part of the good skin care regime. The molecules of serums basically penetrates into your skin and distributes the anti aging ingredients. So in this way serum works better than your moisturizer. I don’t know whether I should use anti aging products in this age but I think PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.
    Coming to the point-
    ♥ I have used olay natural white products and now using olay all purpose 7 in 1 day cream. Olay always worked for me. To me Olay= problem free naturally glowing skin.
    ♥This serum will make my skin brighter and healthier. I know it will do that. But not in 5 days. Olay requires dedicated skin care.
    ♥I am having dry skin. As I have said prevention is better than cure, I must start using this. It will hydrate my skin and make my skin dewy.


  7. Hello!!
    This is such an amazing giveaway
    Ok so coming to the question I would to win this Olay serum because my mom loves olay products and as her birthday is coming so I would gift it to her…

  8. I really want to win this for my mom<3 With a hope that this will make my mom's skin younger looking…well i know my mom look gr8 already but i want her to remain young ;)
    Thank you VNA for this awesome giveaway!

  9. I have been using olay daily moisturizer for quite some time now. I am 25, but my careless teenage times left me with heavy acne marks and pits and I look a lot older than my age. Olay anti-ageing products worked well for my oily acneprone skin and am hoping this regenerist serum will help my skin too.

    Hoping to win. :)

  10. Hi….Really awesome giveaway!! :)

    I wud love to win this Olay serum as i have crossed 25 and hence havto take more care of my skin now than before..I am experiencing laugh lines and fine lines under my eyes and so i thought that i should start using anti aging products before these lines become more prominent…..I have tried out some anti aging products by leading brands but none have suited me so far….and as this has won the Vogue Beauty Awards 2014 in the Best Anti Ageing Serum category so this product surely must be awesome and so i wud wanna try it out….. :)

  11. Hey thnx fr d awesome giveway , i wantttttt it bcoz….
    I am soon crossing thirty
    Of course concerned abt my beauty
    They say PRECAUTION is better than CURE
    then it has to be OLAY, for sure
    skin is acne prone, want to mk it eventone
    Sculpting serum is what i want to own
    Claims to make my skin firm and hydrated
    Oh !! I am super elated
    To look bright n plump
    If I win this i am sure gonna shout n jump.

  12. hey first of all thanx for the awsm giveaway.. m a big nd loyal fan of all olay products.. they make me look beautiful nd fresh all the tym…
    olay suits my skin nd help me flaunt…
    so i wanna try this prize winning serum,, coz m sure it will help me keep my skin baby soft till ages… wish to win…:)

  13. Hi Anshita
    Thanx for amazing giveaway !i simply love olay products rite from whitening to anti ageing products all of them work well for me ! so i domt wana lose this oppurtunity to win dese from u

  14. I want this serum because Olay is one of my tested n most trusted brand. So wanna try its serum for more healthier skin from within :-)


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