4 Best Beauty and Makeup Tips For Round Faces

Top 4 Makeup Tips and Hacks For Round Face Shapes

We are all blessed with beautiful faces and features which are unique to every individual. But screw you human insecurities, why are we never happy with what we are blessed with? You are beautiful the way you are and if you still think that is not enough, this makeup hacks post is just for you. Here are the best make up tips and tricks for round faces you can incorporate in your everyday make up routine. Please note, these beauty tips will accentuate the facial features of round face shapes rather than hide them. If you were here to hide them, stop right there. Also, please do not associate the roundness of your face with you being, well, round. It has no relation whatsoever! Don’t believe me? Google this: celebrities with round faces.  You’ll get your answer. Here, thank me later.

In my opinion, a big forehead, large cheeks and round chin looks feminine and beautiful. Before you start reading these pointers and notice the irrelevance between the title and the contents, please keep in mind that this post is not to alter your facial structure or make your round face look slimmer like crazy, but to accentuate your facial shape and features. This makeup post for round face shapes is about enhancing rather than concealing. Now that we both are on the same page, let’s get started!

The Best Makeup Tips to Apply Makeup for Round Faces:

1. Highlight your eyebrows

Your eyes are the focal point of your face and a strong, neatly done set of eyebrows are definitely going to draw attention to your eyes. Do not draw out your eyebrows, but just fill them in and make them properly shaped and uniform. A nice filled in eyebrow is one of the most essential makeup for a round face. Stick to your shade of brow pencil or gel, whatever is convenient for you. Do not experiment with brow shades. Your brows can make or break your entire look. A nicely done pair of brows are very difficult to achieve and if you can master that. you’re winning at life. In case you aren’t very good at doing it, don’t worry!

Look up eyebrow tutorials on youtube based on your eyebrow shape and what compliments your face the most and get it done accordingly. Pro tip: Arching your eyebrows can help add dimension to your face and give the viewer a pattern to follow while looking at your face. It basically adds a dimension to your face.

2. Eye makeup tips for round faces

As mentioned earlier, your eyes are the focal point. Right makeup for a round face essentially means perfecting your eye makeup skills. They are the first thing a person will see so go all out when it comes to your eyes. No I’m not talking about smokey eyes for work, but if not eye shadow, at least highlight your lash line. Do a bold eyeliner or a strong eye shadow, whatever you prefer. For a look you can wear everyday, try subtle shades of eye shadow and nudes as they add the little spark without overpowering your face.

For a night look, go all out. Do smokey eyes or a bold eye shadow that would compliment your outfit. Do NOT forget your lashes

. Apply mascara, lot’s of it. They will definitely make your eyes pop and create the illusion of them being bigger than they actually are.

3. How to Apply Lipstick: Tips

Lips drawn out from the original lip shape create the illusion of having plumper, fuller lips. With well drawn lips that have a pop of color which compliments your skin tone, you are bound to draw attention to your lips. Added bonus if you naturally have plump, juicy lips. In case you do not have those luscious kissable lips, just draw them out! This has to be the best tip for round faces that I have learned.

Trust me, nobody will find out. That is only if you draw them out well, quite unlike the Joker. While doing so, do not go over board. Just draw half a centimeter outside your lip line with a pointed lip liner and fill it in evenly. This automatically creates the appearance of having full lips. Another important tip for good makeup for round faces is to wear colors based on your skin tone. Here is a concise list of which color suits you best:

The correct shade of makeup according to your skin tone:

  • For those with fair skin with a yellow undertone, go for shades that pop, like pinks or berries, avoid orange.
  • For those with a pale undertone, opt for oranges and tomato red. Avoid poppy pinks. You can also pick deep shades of burgundy or marsala.
  • For those with dusky skin tones, go for plain shades, like a solid red or a solid pink. Avoid pastels.
  • For darker olive skin tones, wear colors that are deeper like a plum or a magenta. Take advantages of your beautiful skin tone and color your lips accordingly. This will balance the roundess of your face.

4. How to Apply blush to round face shapes

Adding blush to your cheeks are definitely a way to draw attention to your cheeks. For women with round face, the trick is to apply blush without making your cheeks look full and voluminous. This makes your cheeks look round and give a well defined shape to your cheeks, a look which we are trying to avoid.

While applying blush, instead of going in round circular motion, move your strokes in a diagonal manner, away from the regular cheek contours which will give a new shape to your cheeks altogether, and give you a slight slimming effect without doing any contouring or highlighting. The only makeup trick is to apply blush like you would normally do contouring. This will give a longitudinal effect to your cheeks and elongate your cheek bones without going through the hassle of contour and highlight.

While choosing blush, choose wisely. Do not go overboard with the quantity you apply. Once you swirl your brush into the blush powder, shake off the excess by tapping it off and the product you have left is all that you need to apply on your cheeks. Anything excess will make you look like a clown.

Also, remember that while applying the blush on to your cheeks, do not dab it or press it into your skin. Pressing the blush on to your skin will dislodge your product and give a very blotchy feel to your skin. Instead, gently stroke it on your skin and be very gentle. It has to be built layer by layer, rather than applying all the product at once.

Be Proud of Your Facial Features:

In case you noticed, I have not mentioned heavy contouring or using highlighters of any kind. Why? Because we don’t need them. Why spend so much on make up when you make a difference with what you already have. C’mon, no amount of make up is actually going to make us “beautiful”. Why do we HAVE TO compare ourselves with people who put on 10 layers of make up before stepping out (because, paparazzi)? Stop! You are beautiful, I am beautiful, we all are. Don’t pray for something you don’t have. You have everything that you need.

Remember, this post on makeup tips for round face girls is not made to make you feel a certain way or set standards as to how you are supposed to look. You are a strong independent woman who has the power to make her own decisions and do whatever the hell she wants. Be proud of what you have, how you are. Do not underestimate yourself and do not forget, your worst enemy is you. So start loving yourself, you truly are beautiful, you are complete.

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