3 Dr.Batra’s Face Washes: Reviews, Price

Reviews, Price, Buy Online Dr. Batra’s Face Washes: Acne Clear, Instant Glow, Moisturizing

By Contributor: Nikanshi

Recently I came across these face washes from Dr. Batra’s. The market is filled with chemical based face washes, but these are packed with selected natural products having unique qualities. Let’s see how they performed. I will review 3 face washes called Dr. Bata’s Acne Clear Face Wash, Instant Glow Face Wash and Moisturizing Face Wash.

So if you have oily acne prone skin
or dry skin or just dull skin, one of these cleansers would definitely interest you.

Dr. Bata’s Acne Clear Face Wash Review

Dr. Batra Claims: This face wash is enriched with neem and tulsi. Neem has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which fight against pimple-causing germs. Tulsi has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which heal scars caused by pimples. Both the natural herbs work as skin purifying agents to ensure a healthy, naturally glowing skin.

This is a gel based face wash with green beads which dissolves while washing so they are not abrasive. It foams moderately, I guess that’s because of less sulphates. It has a pleasant fragrance which is not too strong. It removes all the dirt and oil effectively and my face looks fresh and glowing after using this. Now let’s talk about the acne clearing action. Well it works on the existing acne and scars. My pimples cleared within a week of using this and scars also started to fade after continuous use. It also helped in clearing black heads. It doesn’t stop the occurrence of new pimples but I don’t think just a face wash or a cream can stop the occurrence of pimples while I still much on all the junk food.

Dr. Batra’s Instant Glow Face Wash Review

Dr.Batra Claims: This face wash is enriched with turmeric and is good for all skin types.  The herbhas natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which add a natural glow to the skin. Turmeric also has skin rejuvenating properties and repairs facial skin damage caused by sun rays and various pollutants.

This face wash smells amazing, you know that earthy smell after the rain now mix it with roses. I love it for the fragrance. It has a gel texture with soft beads. It cleanses the skin effectively and adds a little glow, but the effects lasts for only a while. With continuous use the skin showed some improvement in complexion. It made my skin softer. Although it is mentioned that it’s meant for all the skin types, but I don’t think it’ll work well for oily skin. I use it as my morning face wash as I don’t need a strong clearing action and the fragrance wakes me up.

Dr. Batra’s Moisturizing Face Wash Review

Dr.Batra Claims: Contains aloe vera with moisturizing properties which acts as a skin soothing agent for dry skin. It is a medicinal herb that helps the skin recover from burns, sun-burns and signs of aging.

I have combination skin so I gave this one to my friend. She has really dry skin which gets sun burned a lot. She loved this face wash. It doesn’t dry out the skin. Cleanses the skin. She said it has a soothing effect on the skin, especially after the sun exposure. It removes tan to some extent. It makes the skin soft and supple.

What I like about Dr. Batra’s Face Washes:

  • Packed with natural ingredients
  • Caters to different skin issues
  • The fragrance
  • True to their claims

What I don’t like about Dr. Batra’s Face Washes:

  • The flip cap doesn’t work, it broke after a few uses. And this is for all the three face washes.

Price in India: Rs.175 for 100g each

VNA Rating: 4/5

Where to Buy Online in India: flipkart.com

Final Verdict: One should give these face washes a try, they give a break from all the chemical loaded face washes. I would highly recommend the Acne clear face wash for acne prone skin, it worked for my brother as well. Normal to dry skin can try out the instant glow face wash and moisturizing face wash.

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Have you used Dr.Batra’s Face Washes? Share your reviews with us.

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  • Great post! I have seen these face washes in local super markets as well but have not had the courage to try them out as I have never seen any review of them! Thanks for sharing this :D

  • the aloe vera one and the turmeric one look good to me as I do not face acne problems :)

  • sir i used this facewash nd i get pimple at my face :'( its too bad please tell me what i doo

  • I really like looking through a post that can make men and women think.
    Also, thanks for permitting me to comment!


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