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25 Things Every Indian Bride Needs: Emergency Bridal Kit Check List!

Indian Bridal Emergency Makeup Kit

A Guide To Every Indian Bride’s Survival Wedding Kit

What does the D in D Day stand for? Decision? But haven’t you already made your decision? After spending a million bucks on your wedding, you are not going there to say Nooo. Hello? And by the way we don’t even get to say “I do” in our Indian marriages. The pandit ji reads the mantras, you take the 7 pheres and you are married! Anyway don’t stress it because that’s not what the post is about. Its about the better things in life – disasters, emergencies, panic attacks, breakdowns, cris—- see I told you I will make you feel better.

Actually I just saw this movie where the bride’s gown rips off at the altar and her liner goes for a tiny little party with the lipstick. Its a zombie movie, relax! But what I mean to say is that just like a First Aid kit, you need a Bride Aid Kit too. While the former is pretty boring and you usually make it only once in your life – the 3rd grade science project. But the Bride Aid kit can be fun with bright covers, fun accessories and yummy looking stuff…..and ofcourse you make that once in your life too. But its not a craft blog you see, so we will discuss about what to put inside the emergency bridal kit.

1. Lipstick: The one the bride is wearing. Even the best of lipsticks don’t last for more than 6hrs and if we go buy the normal punjabi wedding time table, it will be gone before the baraat enters. The baraats here dance for atleast 1 hour at the gate + 1 hour for the ribbon cutting ceremony where the head sarwali (maid of honour) negotiates with the groom on the shagun (money) to let the baraat enter.

2. Lip balm: Or you can even keep a tinted balm in the colour of your lipstick to keep re-applying it over your lip colour.

3. Compact: If your wedding is in an open farm house in summers. You don’t want to be an oily bride.

4. Wet Tissues: When the groom puts on sindoor on the bride’s head, a lot of it falls down on the bride’s nose. There! Bet you didn’t think of it.

5. Safety Pins: Safety Pin is THE most important thing in the entire wedding. You can catch your chachis and mausis running around asking every second woman “safety pin hai?”. Plus the bride may need it to adjust her lehenga/palla.

6. Band Aid: So much of aid going on in the post. I’m at your aid too! But chances are you never took your bridal shoes for a test drive. You saved them up for the wedding to wear for the first time. Don’t do that! But still keep band ads handy in case the shoe bites.

7. Baby Oil: or any anti-septic cream. The bridal jewlry is way too heavy with a mang tikka, nathni (nose ring) popping out of nowhere. So keep a cream handy in case there is some allergy.

8. Aspirin: Sometimes the stress is just too much. I’ve never been there but I would be after a couple of years so I can imagine. You have to pose for the camera, constantly smile…..and be at your best. I almost added “get drunk”. I’m usually my best after I’m down a couple of shots.

9. Sanitary Pads/Tampons: In case you are one of those forgetfull girls who can never ever remember your date. How can you not! Or in case your period plays a trick.

10. Hair Spray: Because the bride’s hair are the most difficult to fix if anything goes wrong. So just keep a fixing spray handy.

Bridal Survival Kit Check List

11. Small mirror: for the touch ups in your car or waiting area. My cousin had to sit and wait in her car for an hour because the baraat won’t move and there was no other way. Her makeup suffered big time.

12. Straws: Everybody over looks that tiny thing. Keep straws handy to drink without messing up your lipstick.

13. Contact Lens solution and a spare: if you wear lenses. You never know.

14. ENO: for immediate gas relief. You never know…..again!

15. Camera: for taking your own candid shots while getting dressed and made up. Wedding photographs take a lot of time.

16. Contact numbers: starting from the catering guy to the flower arrangement guy. Keep a list of numbers of everyone who might come handy.

17. Perfumes or deodorants: if your sweat producing glands are extra hard working!

18. Mouthwash and mints: because you never know. Although in our wedding the bride and groom don’t get to kiss. Why!

19. Makeup remover: to take care of smudged kohls and mascaras.

20. Glue or Fevicol: in case a shoe heel breaks

21. Spare flats: you might not to want to wear high heels in the waiting room while waiting for your man to sweep you off.

22. Your favourite music: while getting ready or in the car to relax and take it easy. I used to do this before my board exams! What? It works alright!

23: Snickers: if you are a foodie bride

24: Hand Sanitizer: self explanatory

25. Scissors: To take care of Irish Pennants. Sailor taught me the slang!

So here you have it. All the items in the emergency bridal kit covered. Bookmark…Print whatever! Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments please!

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