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25 Indian Hairstyles for Round Faces with Pictures

Top 25 Most Flattering Indian Hairstyles For Round Faces

It can be quite tricky to find a hairstyle that will beautifully compliment a round face. Most women with a round face prefer long sleek hair because it makes their face look slimmer. Although, there is no harm to add some hair-volume around your cheeks, and, no, they won’t make your face look fat or chubby. In this post, I am going to tell you about the best 25 hairstyles for a round face, and let me assure you, you are going to be amazed with how many Indian hairstyles can actually compliment a round face perfectly.

List of 25 Most Common Indian hairstyles for round face shapes:

1. Bangs and Curls

Long Bangs, and light curls are the perfect combination for the girl-next door kind of look, and even though some hair-volume is added just below the face, it compliments the round face pretty well.

2. Uptight Bun

This bun hairstyle for round face is simple, yet looks effortlessly chic. It looks neat, and you need literally two-minutes to get this hairdo. This top knot hairstyle is perfect for nearly every occasion- indian festivals, wedding party, movies, dinner dates and for those casual day outs.

3. Bangs and sleek hair

Bangs and sleek hair- less hair volume- and thus, makes the face look slimmer and smaller. This indian hairstyle is basically for a casual look and takes attention away from the roundness of your face.

4. Puffed-up h air

Puffed up hair or the “big hair” – although it makes your round face look bigger, this hairdo is beautiful and bold and won’t emphasize on the roundness of face.

5. The Sleek Bob

This is one indian hairstyle that looks good on everyone and not just girls with round face shapes. This style is neat, low maintenance and you won’t have to spend a lot of time in styling that sleek bob, because they look good just the way they are! A very good option as a round face hairstyle.

6. Mini Braids

If you want to spice up your bob, then this short hairstyle is for you. Mini braids just on one part of your hair look glam, and they are just too easy to make and look great with a round face.

7. The wavy-bob

As I mentioned earlier, adding a little hair volume around your cheeks won’t do you any harm. The perfect-tousled wavy bob will definitely give more meaning to your round face. The key is to give your hair a messy yet natural look. Its a very trendy indian hairstyle for round faces.

8. The messy-bun

The perfect messy bun is every girl’s dream. This updo hairstyle is perfect for people with round face shape for ethnic as well as formal occasions. Though this hairstyle is a little difficult to achieve, I would recommend using a hairspray to give your hair the exact messy look you want!

9. The Classic French Braid

French braids can never really go out of fashion- neat or messy, they save your day when your hair is throwing some major tantrums. You can rock this braid with every kind of outfit, and they look pretty and sophisticated. It doesn’t accentuate the roundness of your face.

10. The messy braid

This messy side hair braid looks effortless yet amazing. They are anything but boring, and are really easy to achieve. Make a simple side braid or a fishtail braid loosely, and poke out the even parts of the braid with a pen. And remember, the messier it gets, more amazing it becomes! Again a great option for a round face.

11. The Slicked-High Pony

The slicked high pony- with or without bangs (layers and bangs work nicely for a round face) look undeniably good. Anyone can pull off this hairstyle with minimal efforts. It looks decent, trendy, and to make your pony hair as well as those baby hair stay in place, use a little hair gel or spray. Make sure you don’t overdo it.

12. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids may look intimidating, but they are pretty easy to achieve. Divide your hair into equal parts. Take a strand from the first part and pass it on to the second side and then take a strand from the second side and pass it on to the first side. Keep doing it until you reach the end. Make a side part on round face and make it slimmer.

ProTip: Take thinner strands, it will look amazing and neat.

13. Half Updo

The half-updo, also known as the the boho hairstyle is perfect for those long, thick hair and little wavy or soft curls. It’s basically for those days on which you can’t decide whether to have your hair down or to tie them up. Looks very stylish and amazing on indian girls with round faces.

14. The Mohawk Braids

Mohawk braids- The punk inspired hairstyle. Love this braided hairdo, as it keeps the hair off your face, and look beautifully chic. They are easy to achieve- divide your hair into 3 or 4 equal parts, and make a French braid in each part. Its one of the boldest haircuts for round faces on indian girls.

15. The side french braid

This braided hairstyle could seriously up your braid game. Start making a French braid sideways instead of making it straight. Perfect for those days when it’s too hot outside but you want to look trendy and keep all your hair in place. When you take a side part, it breaks the rounded curve of the hairline, adding length to your face.

16. Many layers

Layered hair looks stunning. It will look best for those with straight hair, because only straight hair can give proper definition to the layers, whereas in curly hair, layers will hardly be visible. Just don’t get a haircut with rounded edges as it may make your face appear heavier than it is.

17. The Puffed up Braid

The puffed up braid hairstyle is easy to achieve, and you can go for a fishtail braid instead of a simple one. Make sure your puff is neat and big, ensure all your hair is intact with the help of bobby pins. The pouf makes your round face appear longer.

18. Lace Braid

This hairstyle for round faces is from the medieval period. It’s a pretty good way to keep the hair off your face, and you can get this braid in less than five minutes.

19. The Edgy Pony

This pony is stylish yet cute. Just curl the tip of your pony, making soft curls, for an edgy and funky look. Use a hair-gel if necessary, to keep all the baby hair down and to avoid unnecessary straying of your pony hair. Don’t forget the pouf. One of the most flattering hairstyles for round faces.

20. Simple Side Braid

A simple braided hairstyle for girls with more roundness to their face that looks fantastic and keeps your hair in place! It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight or curly, this braid is easy to rock and easier to achieve.

21. Waterfall Braid

Separate your hair into two sections, not necessarily equals, and start braiding your hair from one section. It works just like a french braid-keep on incorporating new hair into your braid till you finish your braid. Take thin strands to give your waterfall braid more definition. Accessorize your braid with flowers for a boho look! This braided hairdo for round face girls will suit straight as well as wavy hair.

22. The Four-Part Braid

This is a braid with a small twist. When doing a simple braid, the hair is divided into three equal parts, but in this braid, you divide the hair into four equal parts and the rest of the process is same like the simple braid.

23. The pixie-cut

A bold yet chic hairstyle. This hairstyle looks better if the hair is longer in the back. It’s easy to master and maintain and probably the best hairstyle during summers! You will love it if you like short hairstyles for round face.

24. The Twisted braids

Part your hair in the middle, take equal strands of hair on both sides, twist the strands and achieve the braid. Best for those girls with round face and medium or long hair.

25. Straight and sleek hair

The old-school hairstyle- long straight and sleek hair. Blow-dry them to get the perfect look.

These round face hairstyles may be a little difficult to achieve, but hey, perfection always comes with practice. Remember to use the right products for your hair and the right accessories for your face and according to your hairstyle, so that your hair can do all the talking!

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