25 Best Arabic Mehndi Designs: Full Hands and Feet

Top 25 New Arabic Mehndi Design Images to Try in 2014

By Contributor: Moupee

With the festivities in the air I thought of giving all you women out there some new pictures and inspiration to try this Diwali or Eid. Women leave no stone unturned to beautify themselves. Application of Mehndi is an integral part of beautification rites of women in Asian & East-Asian Countries. In Arabia, Mehndi designs are also called Henna designs and the would-be brides or Dulhans are lavishly decorated with henna on their palms, hands, feet, back. The day before the wedding a Henna night is organized which is an all-women party celebrated amid lots of dance, music, fun and frolic. The tapestry, intricacy and elaborateness of Mehndi artwork is so very fascinating that the tradition of Mehndi embellishment is not restricted to India or Pakistan alone.

Even the Middle Eastern Countries are brought under the spell of its magic. Thus we have a lot of modern Arabian Mehndi designs now which reflect a clear fusion of two or three different cultures. The bride and bridesmaids apply Henna designs all over their hands and feet. Eid is another festival in Arabia

in which application of Mehndi is a must. The rich intricacy of the mesh-work is indeed mind-boggling. For the Arabian designs generally, the dark brownish or blackish Mehndi is used. Though sometimes even the red color is also used

Given below are some of the best new Arabic Mehndi designs of the year. Just take a look and get lost in the mystic world of body art.

for hands

This design looks truly unique. The intricate spiral work, dotted lines on finger tips will just keep you gazing at it. The palm, downwards towards the wrist the patterns consist in same intricate spiral work, mind-blowing branching motifs and jali work. This is a real art work indeed.


The beauty of this design lies in the way how intelligently it uses space. The space that is left bare actually highlights the beauty of the design which a creative admixture of band work, floral motifs, jali work and crown intricate betel leaf pattern

full hands

A single pattern type fill-up is used to cover the entire length of the palm and hands up till the elbow. The design used is a semi-circular design inside which the fill-up is drawn. Some intricate floral pattern fill-ups are used to cover up the negative spaces. And the semi-circular designs are bordered with outlines of blue glitters that add a real effect.

mehndi 2014

It consists of branching patterns & band patterns. But the way the art work is made shows clear perfection in every line that’s drawn. The smudged effect of the branching lines give a real mesmerizing look and tell about the expertise of the artist

short hand

In its simplicity lies its beauty. Note the vivid chain of large floral patterns made on the palm and also the tiny scattered stray floral patterns. The bel and jali work on the fingers too look utterly beautiful

for feet

This is stunning and adds beauty to your feet like anything. It’s simple yet marvelous. Some floral patterns, small and big, one centrally located, some on the fingers and so on will just let your feet smile!

for feet

You will be mesmerized by this bridal mehendi at the mind-blogging beauty of this intricate work on feet. The Jali Work here is more intricate; more lavish and thereby more fascinating. It is the Fishnet Henna that will leave you wonder-struck. The green glitter outline embellishments look truly glamorous

bridal hands

This looks truly stunning. The floral and leafy motifs done in it are done with superb intricacy and the black shade used for the design, gives the design excellent intricacy.

back hands

This one on the hand’s back is a nice admixture of floral & geometric patterns. The arabic design is made to begin from the wrist area, moving upwards and ending on to the index and middle fingers of your hand. The index finger of the two is the most intricately decked. The rest of the fingers have small art works

bridal feet

This one is good for brides looking for something new and colourful for their feet. The purple touch adds vibrancy and boldness to the whole mehendi.

hands back

This Arabic Mehndi design Pattern looks real sizzling and adds to your style and glamour. Be on the spotlights today by making a departure from monotone Mehendi patterns and wearing this beautifully decked pattern for back of the hands.


It has an inverted heart art work that comes with tiny flowers. The design is very intricate minute detailing in the design make it a class apart


This exhibits a creative fusion of complex and simple art works. It consists in a large vivid floral pattern covering three fingers. Then one corner of your palm as well as fingers will have intricate large floral patterns while the other part will be left vacant with just a few stray dots.

full hands and feet

Your feminine grace and elegance will get a tenfold boost if you deck your hands and palm with this awesome and pure girlish flower mehendi. The beauty of the large floral patterns made along the length of your wrist and elbow gets enhanced because of the vacant space left all around them. The net work on the finger tips too look pretty too.

new designs

Want to flaunt a real glamorous palm tonight? Well this simple yet neat mehandi will help you exude a glamorous charm through its golden glitter embellished Mehndi that enhances the beauty of the design a tenfold. The design consists in floral patterns, band work, leaf work all decked with simmering delicate golden glitter

for hands

The greatest attraction of this unique pattern is the intricate inverted paisley. The fingers too are richly decked with mesh-work pattern that draws immediate attention.


This is another very beautiful arabic design that will definitely make you the center of attraction. Note the intricacies in the design; the fine lines and shadings and finally the beautiful peacock pattern that adds greatly to the beauty, elegance and refinement. Often you would find peacock patterns in traditional art. So this one shows a clear blend of traditionalism and modernity.


The beauty of this consists of the semi-circular patterns made deftly in your palm’s middle portion plus the delicate detailing, minute patterns, floral patterns, delicately drawn meandering leafy lines covering the fingers up to the tips which will literally leave you stunned.

hands bridal

Its an intricate henna art that shows creative use of space. The vacant space accentuates the beauty of it. You’ll see stunning peacock motif as well as floral patterns in this particular design.

feet bridal

Your feet will be on spot lights if you deck your feet with this particular art. It’s intricate; unique and delicate. The specialty of the design lies in the tiny leafy patterns that twine round the toe area.


This gorgeous pattern decked with red colored beads covers at least 3 quarters of your palm except the fingertips. The design consists in traditional motifs, floral motifs plus weave art work done quite deftly.

hands easy

This is an utterly beautiful Mehendi consisting on a bunch-like floral patterns, leaf vines, large cluster-like leaf patterns which looks mind-blowing.

red henna

This is beautiful Peacock made out of red Mehndi. Note the fine detailing on fingers, on palm. Towards the wrist, the design is made into a pattern that resembles a bangle and kept open

for feet

This mesmerizing henna design for feet will grace your feet indeed with its intricate floral plus lace motifs done deftly. Also the ornate patterns around the ankle simply resemble the payal or a gorgeous anklet.

hands colourful

This Fancy art looks truly so colorful. Its embellished with colorful stones and beads of different sizes, shapes and colors which add a vibrant look and sizzling effect to the design.

So these are some of my favourite Arabic Mehendi designs. If you have any more such inspirations then do let me know. I love to look at mehendi images whenever I am heading to a party. With Diwali just round the corner I do hope these will help you out. Would you like to see a post dedicated to brides as well?

Image courtesy: Pinterest and Tumblr

Which is your favourite Arabic Mehendi? Share your views with us.

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