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21st Century’s Cindrella’s Take On Christian Louboutin Shoes?

louboutin cindrella design
Louboutin’s sketch of Cindrella’a glass shoes
So you girls have probably heard of the remake or redesign of Cindrella’s iconic glass slippers by the shoe daddy Christian Louboutin. This is the disney version of the shoe ofcourse. Obviously this is a collector’s item and only 20 pairs have been made.
Christian Louboutin cindrella
Christian Louboutin’s Cindrella’a shoes

The glass shoes are made of loads of crystals and lace and feature the trademark Louboutin red sole. And ofcourse how can we miss the crystal studded butterflies, two on each shoe mind you!

This is what Louboutin said at the show case: “The inspiration behind the shoe of Cinderella, is coming from Cinderella herself. If you’re designing shoes, definitely, Cinderella is one of the biggest icons, if you think about it. You have few people who are so linked to shoes.”

cindrella glass slippers
Louboutin’s Cindrella’a glass lace crystal slippers redesign

Umm okay Christian Louboutin is the big daddy when it comes to shoes and nobody understand them like he does but that doesn’t stop us from having an opinion. While everyone is going gaga over the glass slippers I beg to differ. I mean okay its disney and fairy tale like but isn’t it too much for a little shoe? I can’t be seen in them in broad daylight (not that I’m ever going to get it).

Louboutins Cindrella slippers
Louboutin Cindrella’a shoes redesign

What would have new-age Cindrella thought of them? “Dude look I know bling is in and so are the crystals and lace but whaaat is that? But look at that..butterflies? Now do you expect me to roam around with pink hello kitty phone case for my iPhone too? Chill dude…leave it to Steve Madden

What’s your take on the shoes?

7 thoughts on “21st Century’s Cindrella’s Take On Christian Louboutin Shoes?”

  1. well this isnt that beautiful a footwear as girls might be imagining while they read cinderella! Its not that “eye catching: to me at least! its just a lot of stones on a shoe :(


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