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17 Animal Inspired Creative Makeup Looks

Out of inspiration? Why get ‘inspired’ by other’s works and land yourself in trouble when you have such cute animals to inspire you. And the best part? They will never accuse you of plagiarism! Well..I never thought pandas, caterpillars, chameleons, bugs, hippos could inspire anyone! But inspiration can come from anywhere right? This will prove to be a photo diary of sorts for those who want to try their hand in creative makeup looks. Here it goes:

First up we have Mr.Panda with us….who needs a panda makeup when you have smudgy eye kohls at your disposal. Raise your hand if you have been a panda atleast once in your life *raises hand, looks around*

panda lip makeup


caterpillar lip makeup

…went all over her face and transformed into this scary butterfly.

butterfly makeup designs

Rainbow Zebra makeup

colorful rainbow zebra makeup

Lion King!

lion club inspired makeup idea

Black Cat – Are you a cat woman?

black cats lip makeup idea

This is probably the first and last time I will ever use the word “beautiful” for a Chameleon

chameleon makeup lips

I’m eyeing this Lady Bug!

lady bug eye makeup

Zebra Lips…me thinks this is probably a lip tattoo. And for the uninitiated there ARE tattoos for the lips.

zebra lip makeup

The next time you are out in a mall, throw a stone at someone and scream loudly “I CHOOSE YOU PIKACHUUU!!”

pikachu pokemon makeup design

Forest Fairy Makeup

green forest fairy makeup

Leopard Eye Makeup – If there is one animal which is the most over-rated in the makeup world, then it has to be leopard

leopard eye makeup design

Colourful Zebra Eye Makeup

colourful zebra eye makeup look

Hippy Hippo!

hippopotamus lip makeup
Man this is awesome!
rainbow eye makeup

Fox Faux Lips!

fox lip makeup

Queen Bee

queen bee inspired makeup

PS- I don’t own any of the images. All of them have been taken via Google images.

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  1. @BB but leopars are very common na…i liked panda too

    @socialite pleasure :)

    @shruti totally ‘art’istic!

    @gauri yes do try them and send me a picture when you do…would love to see what you come up with :)


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