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15 Makeup Brands that Don’t Test on Animals + Alternatives to Animal Testing


Top 15 Cruelty Free Makeup Brands + Alternatives to Animal Testing

By Contributor: Uzma

Compiling a list about brands which test on animals literally raised my hair. It had some really surprising names. I was like O teri! Ye bhi.. achha ji, who bhi.. It was a compulsion to bring out a list of makeup brands that DON’T test on animals and are infact cruelty free. Well after much research I got this list. I’m glad to see th at I own many of these brands. Best of all is many Indian origin brands have also make their way to this list. Bear with me as I list down the 15 brands that dont test on animals. Also if you are wondering what other options do we have then medical science indeed has a lot of ways to test for safety, its just animals are cheap and brands save millions.

Go Lotus Herbals!

Ayurvedic, so no fear of animal cruelty. One of my favourite brands for Sun care. Except that currently I’m using their retractable Kajal too. Mind blowing, I tell you! Even maybelline colossal can’t beat it.

Cruelty Free Shahnaz Husain

If you would talk about kajal, Shahnaz Husain is the word which will come into my mind at first. Not for its Kajal, but for its CEO. Only she can carry those HEAVILY kohled eyes.


Oriflame doesn’t test on Animals

Well, I love this company because I purchase products by them without any hassles. First catalogue is dropped at my place and after some time the product I have purchased. Perks of having such sources. Bonus is they care for our silent creatures too.

The Body Shop for Beauty without Cruelty

One of the hottest thing for skin care. I’m eyeing their aloevera collection. They are totally cruelty free. Not only that, makeup range from them is also highly commendable.

Wet and Wild is Peta Friendly

They have only one downside that they are not available in India. Otherwise Wet n Wild provides best quality in an affordable range. Additionally they are on the friendly list of Peta.


NYX is Animal Friendly

I’m drooling over their matte lip cream. But for this product I’ll have to visit Sephora. *grumpy-face* That I refuse to do! Nice to list NYX here.


E L F Cosmetics is Cute

Its full form is Eyes Lips Face but abbreviation is so cute. They have some dirt cheap and high quality cosmetics, If-you-know-what-I-mean. But they are not available in India, now-you-will-know-what-I-mean.


 NARS Cosmetics loves Animals

Uff they are like seductive girlfriend to me. Their names yaar, ‘Orgasm’ ‘Hot Mama’, ‘Hungry Heart’, ‘Sin’. Lol. No matter how adult they seem, they are animal friendly.


Sally Hansen is Caring

One of the best brands for nail care. Not only nail paints, they have got some innovative products in their kitty. Although they are animal friendly, I wonder how they would have tested nail product on animals.


 LUSH is Cruelty Free

When I first visited their store I was only taking deep breath. It smells heavenly. I only tried several testers, bought nothing. But this brand hooked me pretty soon. They have class, really.


Burt’s Bee is Animal Friendly

A self proclaimed ‘earth friendly, natural personal care company’ and we have no doubt. Their products are a hit with anybody who is conscious about chemicals in their makeup. Not only us, Burt’s Bee care for our animals also.


Bare Essentials doesn’t Harm Animals

An India based company which is stable in Makeup world because of its innovative ways. Unlike others they don’t test on animals.



Urban Decay Loves Animals

I follow very selected but varying vlog on Youtube. But no matter whom I follow if it’s pertaining to makeup they own the ‘Naked Palette’ from Urban Decay. I realized why only after reading its review. A must have.

 Smashbox Cosmetics is Animal Friendly

A luxury brand which needs no introduction. Their photo finish primer is highly acclaimed. Glad to know that they care about being animal friendly.

 Victoria’s Secret doesn’t Test on Animals

Popular for luxury lingerie it sells *eyes-rolling*. But VS is equally popular for its makeup, skin care and fragrances. Unlike its rivals they mind about cruelty free products.

If you are wondering what other option brands have apart from animal testing then they have a lot! Medical science has made a lot of progress and a lot of cruelty free testing options are available. Its just those need investments which some brands refuse to make and save a lot of millions in it. This video below shows what brands can opt for if they wish to go cruelty free.

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Do you have any other Animal Friendly brand to add to the list? Share your views with us.

33 thoughts on “15 Makeup Brands that Don’t Test on Animals + Alternatives to Animal Testing”

  1. Hey that’s such an informative post.
    I am glad this list has got brands that I use.
    The feeling of being a Proud Buyer !! ;-)

  2. Hi!!! Thankyou so much fr this post. I am very sceptical about using brands that test on animals.
    Are you sure of Oriflame?
    And do you have any idea abt Faces and Colorbar?

  3. I just read that Oriflame int tests on animals for their Chinese market! What to do?Ii am getting their products because of cruelty free option but if their company does test elsewhere what are my options?

  4. Hi,

    That was a great article. Just something I would like to mention is brands like NYX, Urban Decay, NARS are of course cruelty-free but unfortunately their parent companies aren’t. Although it has been a topic of debate, but I personally feel buying from these companies means indirectly paying their parent companies the money to carry on with these tests. :( Nowadays I feel that it’s better to opt for herbal products than international brands. :'(

  5. Victoria’s Secret has probably started animal testing. Please check once before buying. Thanks :)

  6. Smashbox does test on animals. So does Victoria’s Secret. I think Inglot does not test on animals, at least that’s what their website says.

  7. Sorry but this list is a waste and making us fool who are fighting against animal testing. Just check the data , NYX is a Loreal brand ,Loreal who test on animals . So does the body shop.
    Go in peta website n check about victoria secret, they have written about the secret of victoria secret.

  8. Body shop is a Loreal brand. I bought bonorganics basis this blog’s recommendations, and now i am worried.

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