15 Best DIY Christmas Ideas: Home Decoration, Gifts, Cake Icing

Top 15 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas for Home, Gifts and Cakes

By Contributor: Moupee

Christmas is a festival of utmost merriment and holiness. Every year we eagerly wait for Christmas to arrive when we can celebrate this holy festival in the company of our loved ones. The festivity associated with Christmas day has many sides to it. You get to exchange greeting cards and gifts between your friends and close acquaintances expressing your good wishes. Then decorating the house plays a vital role especially if you have arranged a Christmas party in your house. Cakes, desserts and pastries are something that cannot be missed during the Xmas theme parties. You can shop everything ready made from the market these days. But the fun of the festival lies in trying some DIY ideas in your Christmas decorations.

These measures would prove your creativity, save money and give you immense pleasure. On the eve of Christmas and on the Christmas day when we with our friends and family gather to celebrate the auspicious birth of Lord Jesus, we all are, as it were, touched by the spirit of love, happiness and holiness that pervades the air. Not only do we enjoy on Christmas day, we also pray for the health, prosperity and long life of our loved ones before the kind Lord who was born to this world on this day to save mankind. Here are some DIY Ideas for Christmas:

1. DIY Ideas f or Gifts:

Instead of buying gifts to be distributed among friends and family from the shops, you can make your own Christmas gifts at home by trying some awesome DIY Ideas.

1. DIY Flower Vase

If you are good at painting you can make a flower vase with some floral motifs and then glaze it with varnish to make an awesome gift item

2. DIY Personalized Tshirts: Also you can buy a T-Shirt that is block colored and make a creative fabric paint graphic on it to gift it to you loved one

3. DIY Cookie Jars:

Making cookie jars and filling it up with yummy homemade brownies, chocolate cookies and then tying up the entire arrangement creatively with attractive colorful ribbons and bows is another great gift idea

4. DIY Photo Frames: You can also make a photo frame gift item out of card boards and decorate the borders or edges with things like colored shells, or dried flowers to make the item unique.

2. DIY Ideas for Home Decoration:

You can decorate your house this Christmas with the following DIY Home décor ideas:

1. Hanging Ice Cream Cones on Walls:

Decorate your home with fabulous ice cream DIY Cone Ornaments hanging in a row.

2. Rosemary Plants:

Another great idea is to keep rosemary potted trees in the interior of your house

3. Paper cutouts and star hangings:

You can hang colorful cut out paper stars that are threaded strongly with twine to make a lengthy row for home decoration purpose

4. Homemade Pasta Pine Trees:



Keep cone trees made of colorful pastas on the corners of your rooms

5. Christmas Wreath:

Wreaths can be made out bay leaf beautifully and used as a home décor item

6. Pom Poms:

Make fluffy soft pom pom ornaments out of wool and hang these colorful ornaments all over in your house

3. Cake Icing Ideas:

1. Cinnamon Frosting:

Give your cake a cinnamon frosting

2. Use Strawberries:

Top your cake with cherries, sliced strawberries and berries

3. Flower Decorations:

Give your cake a flower decoration by making roses, lilies and sun flowers pattern with icing sugar

4. Pine Christmas Cookies with Snow:

Give your cake the holy Christmas tree decoration with the help of green icing sugar and star patterns on it

5. Disney Cakes:

Give your cake the exceptional Decoration of the typical adorable Disney belle

So these are some fantastic DIY Christmas ideas you can try this Christmas



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