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12 Best Nail Art Tools and Accessories For Your Nail Art Kit

Top-12-nail-art-tools-accessories-to-keep-in-your-nail-art-kitTop 12: Best Nail Art Tools and Accessories You Need in Your Nail Art Kit

We’re always drooling over those nail art Instagram and pinterest posts. How do they get those nails? It has to take the effort of 5 professional nail experts right? Not always! Nail art has gone mainstream today and a lot of tools that you require to do cool nail designs or fresh manicures can easily be found at your local beauty store or at home. There are numerous nail art kits available in the market but you can make your own customized manicure kit with some tools. I’ve compiled a round up of 12 best Nail Art Tools and Decorative Nail Accessories that will up your game.

List of Top Twelve Must Have Nail Art Tools:

  1. Nail Flocking Velvet Powder


If you’ve ever seen the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat nail polish, you’ll know that flocking (or layering of velvety textures on your nails) is all the rage. This happens to be an adorable way to get that cookie-monster, fluffy texture on your nails using art powders or actual nail polish. To get flocking powder, you may have to check a local arts and crafts store, but if not there are nail paints that will do the trick for you. You can also buy this nail tool on Ebay or Amazon. These fuzzy flocking manicure powders are incredibly soothing and feel like touching lint. They also don’t come off so easily if you use a good brand.

2. Rhinestones on your Nails


A classic since the 2000’s, we rarely saw Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie without rhinestones, and it seems the trend has come back in style. These nail accessories are pretty easy to find and are the standard in any craft store. Use them for creating fresh new designs on your nails or use them to completely cover up a nail on a disco-themed sort of look.

3. Water Marble Nails


This may look like the most complicated nail art method ever, but all it requires is a bowl, some water and two or three nail polishes of your choice. It’s really easy to mess up and have your fingers all messy, so make sure to have some Fevicol or something to peel off the layers around your skin after you dry up the nail polish. Doesn’t require any extravagant nail tools. The feeling and satisfaction when you get nail marbelling right is worth it every time.

4. Nail Art Water Decals


You may have seen that newspaper print nail polish circle the rounds on Pinterest , but you know you can achieve this newspaper nail art at home with no tools? With a little effort, some newspaper, water and transparent coat of nail polish, you can tell your mother that you do read the newspaper, just maybe not to the scale that she does.

5. Shatter or Crackle Nail Polish


This was such a rage when it first came out, cracking your nail polish using only a nail polish? No fancy gimmicks? You have to be kidding me, but yet there it was! OPI and China Glaze did an amazing variation of the cracked nails trend, followed by Sephora launching their own “Croc” nails which was a subtler take on the crackle nails trend. These are still the go to nail art techniques for someone who wants a look that’s edgy and fuss-free. Konad makes a simple crackle polish for 370 INR.

6. Nail Dangles


This nail art accessories to be very trendy in numerous south-east Asian countries like Thailand, Japan and Korea, but today these nail accessories can be found nearly everywhere. Remember when you used to have a Motorola Razor, and you used to add a cute charm to the corner of your cellphone to make it look cuter? Basically the same idea, but you use your nails instead of the cellphone. There are now multiple nail art tools for every personality, in varying weight and sizes. You can get nail dangles as cheap as 200 INR on eBay.

7. Nail Dotting Tools


Possibly the simplest technique for nail art beginners, all this requires is an old liner brush or a pencil. You dip the brush or pencil into a nail pot and apply consecutive dots all over the nails in a polka dot fashion. You could also just opt for doing what you like and not have everything uniform, no one said there were rules! Or just go out and buy a dotting nail art kit which is easily available online in India and make easy nail designs.

8. 3D Nail Art Stickers


You can buy nail stickers by the dozen these days and they’re a simple way to add a little fun to your “handiwork.” See what I did there? 3D nail art stickers can be found in a lot of price ranges with some ranging as cheap as 150 to others as expensive as 1500. If you collect a bunch of stickers, you can run a nail design theme for each one. Perhaps a throwback to “on Wednesdays, we wear pink?”

9. Nail Striping Tape


If you’ve ever seen a nail art tutorial of how this is done on Instagram, you’ll know that it’s one of the most fun and fascinating things to watch. It’s a super cool way of creating graphic designs and straight edges on your nails without feel of messing up. Of course, it’s not super necessary to buy the specialized nail tape, you can use regular tape but make sure that it’s cut thin and that your first two coats are dry before you put on a third coat of a different colour on your nails.

10. Nail Glitter


Everything in life can be cured with a little bit of sparkle. That’s my opinion anyway. This nail tool is easily found in most stores, but be careful with the type of glitter you put on your fingernails because you don’t want to be eating that or consuming it if it’s not meant for nail use. Edible glitter is probably the best option if you want to add some glitter to your nail polish. You can also skip the extra glitter and just invest in a good glitter nail polish. The Maybelline Color Show has got a great selection of glitter nail paints for only 145 INR.

11. Nail Polymer Canes or Fimo Sticks


This is probably the coolest accessory nail related, that you may not even be able to believe that something like this even exists. These fimo sticks are in a clay format and you can cut them out and use them as charms and store the rest. They’re fantastic nail art tools and you have a billion different options to play with and store. Some of these nail art sticks retail for a dollar so they’re super cheap. They’re also effective as miniature decorations on cards and such, so you have more than one use of them! Totally justifies the purchase, don’t you think?

12. Nail Art Stencils


We see these really cool nail posts on Instagram, but the second we try them out? Epic fail. Nail Stencils are essential to getting that polished, perfected nail art you’ve been longing for. They come in multiple options and are reusable if you find the right ones and maintain them well.

So there you have it, 10 beautiful nail tools and accessories to do your nails. Of course there are plenty of different ways to do your nail art today, and most of the joy comes from discovering new ways to do your nails and add that extra fun in! Hopefully, you find this article of nail tools useful and informative and if you’d like to share with us what your go-to Nail art tips and tricks are, please let us know in the comments below! We’d love to see what you have.

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