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10 Upcoming Posts and Reviews – Sneak Peak, Photos

Writers block here. I don’t know why but I can’t come up with anything exciting to write and sometimes I feel like posting all the pending posts with just the pictures without having to say anything. But then that’s not how I do things here. So, bear with me. While I try to be creative, in the mean time let me have the honor to present you with the pictures of the upcoming reviews, looks and more. I will not tell you the product, some scream for themselves others you can guess!

Post #1:
sorry that was Sunday morning and I usually don’t bath bath very late on Sundays, so you can see my night T
Post #2
love for the reds continue…..yes yes its maybelline
Post #3
time to review this baby. I already wrote about it here

Post #4
a neutral eye look with a drugstore palette
Post #5:
no guessing here!
Post #6
Post #7
more then reds, pinks, blacks..i love corals. there is nothing as too many corals. This is from MAC
Post #8:
fake lashes review, EOTDs coming up
Post #9:
watch out for the review, swatches and my first FOTD
Post #10:
SCARED…are you?

I’ve a backlog of around 30 posts, but then I just limited myself to 10 for now :)

17 thoughts on “10 Upcoming Posts and Reviews – Sneak Peak, Photos”

  1. Waiting for lashes, BB and eye look… I have been looking for lashes but my heart never set son any of them. I don’t know why… and yeah forgot I want review of inglot too.

  2. Aaaaah!! you hair! gorgeous!! :O
    even the lipstick youre wearing there….ooh the blush, aaah the BB cream…..block hataao and bring on the posts!! :) :)


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