10 Best Ways to Lose Weight Without Working Out and Dieting

Top 10 Tips on How to lose Weight without Exercising and Dieting

By Contributor: Moupee

Weight loss is one of the most pertinent health issues in today’s world. 2 out of four people are suffering from the problem of obesity or the condition of being overweight. Obesity in fact has become a pandemic problem in today’s world and people of almost any age group are preyed by the obesity problem today. There are many reasons as to why this menace called obesity has tiptoed its way into our lives. Firstly it is our sedentary lifestyle i.e. lack of enough physical activity. We don’t burn the calories we take in and the result is, it gets deposited as fat in our body. Secondly, we consume the wrong diet; a diet high in sugar, trans-fat and calories and the result is invariably obesity. Also overeating, skipping meals and eating at odd hours all exacerbate the problem of obesity.

When you become obese, you obviously blow out of shape; lose your sexy curvaceous figure. This might embarrass you a lot. To get back your curvy figure, you might have made strict resolutions for fat-shedding work-outs a thousand times and might have even broken them due to lack of motivation. So say no to exercises and learn some fabulous ways to lose weight without exercises. Read on

1. Acupuncture can cause you to lose weight:

Acupuncturists target the stomach, spleen plus liver organ systems during their therapy to expedite the process of metabolism, digestion, thereby leading to greater energy production in the body. Automatically this burns down the fat and tones the blood

2. Get Slim with Spices and Herbs:

Also weight loss can be brought about through a massive range of spices and herbs. For example Gingseng, Dandelion, Caynne Pepper, Turmeric, Mustard, Cumin, Ginger, Black pepper, Cinnamon, Cardamom all fall into this category. These weight loss herbs and the spices would effectively curb your appetite, boost metabolism and shrink the unhealthy fat tissues.

3. Sex is a great Workout:

Having sex can help you to lose a considerable amount of weight. So have ‘it’ as much as you can. During sex your blood circulation plus heart rate is boosted a lot and that helps you to lose as much as 150 to even 250 calories every half an hour

4. Good Sleep to Lose Weight:

Try to sleep deep at night if you really wish to maintain a healthy body weight. Sleep deprivation can upset your hormonal cycle. When you do not get enough sleep, the cortisol hormone will act weird forcing the fat, protein, sugar, and water levels in your body to soar all of a sudden. The production of cortisol plus insulin is also triggered due to lack of sleep which again makes the shedding of weight even more tough. So sleep deep if you wish to trim down

5. Drink Organic milk to cut down on Calories:

Milk has CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid that is instrumental in helping one shed considerable weight. Researchers have declared that if at least 3 servings of any dairy product are taken with a low-calorie diet, you can lose weight like anything. Also if you consume a dairy-calcium combo that fat-burning takes place at an increased pace

6. Do multi-tasking each and every day:

In that way you’ll burn a lot of calories. Walk dogs to shelters, help elderly people at retirement homes, prepare food at community parties and volunteer for many other such activities where you would have to put in a lot of physical effort which will burn down your extra pounds

7. Perfect your shape with breathing:

Yes you can lose weight through breathing as well. But you need to do it the right way. Deep Breathing is one that helps and not shallow breathing. When you breathe deep, oxygen reaches each and every cell of your body. This greatly stimulates the lymphatic system of your body. It starts working actively; flushes out toxins effectively; the metabolic rate is boosted as well and the net result is effective weight loss

8. Laughing is a great Exercise:

When you laugh your lungs out you are also helping yourself in losing weight. A good laughter greatly improves blood circulation, boosts your heart rate and tones the abdominal muscles quite effectively. So you lose your extra pounds and get back a well-toned figure

9. Eat your Food Slowly to cut Calories:

Consume food slowly and in a quiet and cool ambience. In that way, you will chew your food well; won’t rush through it. Also sometimes when the food is served hot, we tend to overeat because it tastes good to our palate. When you eat in a cool ambiance you will generally eat lesser calories only; i.e. just the amount needed to fill your belly

10. Drink plenty of Water to Lose Weight:

Drinking plenty of water every day is an easy weight loss tip. It keeps your stomach full and checks hunger cravings. Also try to drink glassful of cold water because cold water greatly boosts your body’s metabolic rate. The reason is that your body tries best to make the cold liquid warm and for that it works hard; burns more calories thereby slimming you down


So these are some amazing tips to lose weight without exercising

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