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10 Best Skincare Brands Available In India


Top 10: Best Skin Care Brands in India for oily and dry skin

So for today’s post i’m going to be listing out some of the best skincare brands available in India, and like most of my listi-cles i’m going to be writing them out in categories of price, i.e drugstore, mid-range and high end. So let’s get into my favorite brands for all skin types like oily acne prone, dry and sensitive skin or and read on to why they made the cut. Also including their best products for you to shop easily.

List of Top Skin Care Brands in the Drugstore Range :

1. Himalaya Herbals :

Ah! Starting off with himalaya’s because of their oh-so-popular neem range for oily acne prone skin. The face wash and the pack are highly effective , both in terms of cost and results. Their scrubs are okay-ish, but that face packs has worked wonders for my teen years. They recently did market it as a 3 step kit which was also a huge hit. Another great skin care product from what they offer, which is an array of products specializing in brightening, whitening, de-tanning, detoxification and acne solutions, is the saffron face wash and face pack. That is a very mild and calming product for anyone who wants to even out their skin tone but has gentle skin , and happens to be on a budget.

2. Pond’s :

Pond’s is an old-school brand in India. They have perfected their basics and have expanded in to much more advanced territory with their newer ranges. Their age old cold cream and lotion remains an all-time hit, and their newer products, including the brightening and detanning range of face washes and creams are exciting new launches whose results are to die for! especially their de-tanning charcoal face wash, that baby is amazing for oily skin during the summer and after a wash, you can visually see the brightening effect on your skin. My not-so-popular-favorite product from this skin care brand is their daily resurfacing cream with Spf and PA+++, because it’s done wonders for improving the even-ness of my skin tone. This one of the leading skin care brands in the world.

3. Lakme :

This leading beauty brand got a mention simply because of it’s range of Pore clearing products, i.e the face wash, the mask and the scrub. This skin care range has worked wonders on my skin’s texture and made it smoother and brighter. Also, the immediate finish it gives to the skin after the whole treatment is pretty clean and fresh and uplifted. The brand as such doesn’t have much to offer yet, but their fruity face washes smell yummy and are a summertime favorite. They also have tester sizes in this range at my local drugstore that i spotted when the range first came out, that are great for someone like me, whose hobby is to try out new and different products. Again it is among the best of the skin care brands.

4. Cetaphil :

I had to mention this true-to-the-drugstore skin care brand because Hey! It saved my winter. The cetaphil moisturizer is my favorite and so is their face wash, which contains salicylic acid (if you didn’t know already, salicylic acid is great for pore tightening and acne control

) . Now let me give you a bit of a background here, i have redness and acne prone skin that can get very dry in the winter. so basically, it’s satan’s combination. So i need to moisturize it daily, twice a day, but also make sure to wash it since it ends up breaking out. Solution? Cetaphil. (Another tip here, moisturizing your eye area with cetaphil moisturizer before applying your concealer will make it go on smoother and apply easier, same with foundation)

List of Top Middle Range Skin Care Brands in India

5. Neutrogena :

I have done a whole post on the best of neutrogena products and if you really want to pick out the best of what they have to offer, do go check it out on VNA. But repeating myself, i will say that they offer a great vibrating tool and an array of products meant for blackheads, anti-acne, and gentle care. Their best being their deep clean range of foaming cleanser, deep clean face wash, the deep clean pore unclogging scrub and their anti-acne face wash. They happen to be very effective along with being not that heavy on the pocket and that harsh on the skin. Its one of the top skin care brands in India.

6. Vichy :

This is one of my splurge skin care brands, which is a slight step up from neutrogena, in terms of both quality and price. It’s great for sensitive skin , just as neutrogena is, because of it’s ingredient list being very impressive. They have a 3 in one product that works wonders as a face pack when your skin is having trouble with redness and breakouts , and their acne control face wash is to die for! They are such amazing skin products , that I’ve gone through one of each and already have my replacements in. If you have combination skin, and are going through a breakup, give this a go. Again one of the leading companies in skincare.

7. L’oreal :


L’oreal is on the list because of it’s anti ageing range for 20s 30s and 40s, which i loved! (well, their 20s one has made it into my routine!) and their 360 go clean range, which i love using with the neutrogena vibrating tool (The scrublet it comes with is also amazing!) . In Dubai i found the revita lift range skin care which i happened to pick up for myself to try out and it was one of my favorite everyday skin care products for that fresh faced look! So hey, all in all, they have impressed with what little they’ve come out with. Also if your face has been really dull lately, try switching to their Men’s Hydra Sensitive face wash, it’s a lifesaver when it comes to dull looking, un-lively skin.

8. Votre :

I’ve mentioned votre here and i feel a little bit guilty since i believe you can only get them online in India but listen to me here. When i had my huge breakout during the time i reviewed the infallible foundation, the votre face packs, the votre toner and their tea tree face wash was what saved me from a lot of future trouble and calmed my skin down. Also, I’ve always had large pores but I’ve been using the votre toner on and off for over a year now and it’s amazing for your pores and tightens them with long term use. If that’s an issue you have, do give it a go!

9. Olay :

The only reason olay is on the list of my favorite brands is because of their classic total effects range which i remember my mother using for years and her skin was beautiful . She aged very gracefully and I’ve heard some kickass reviews for it. Their regenerist face wash was very similar to the revita lift one by Loreal, and it worked pretty similarly, left my skin soft , supple and looking , well, for lack of a better word, regenerated! Their faireness range is a hit , although i’m against fairness creams, but i am guilty of using them for evening out my skin-tone .

High end Skin Care Brands in India:

10. Clinique :

The clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion was one of my best ever purchases and one i wish i could get my hands on again. The other hits from clinique include their repairwear lift , their even better skin cream and their pore refining serum. Clinique is a little expensive but it’s definitely worth it. Don’t take my word for it, go ahead get a tester sample at sephora and try it out yourself!

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  • Nice list! However I would like to add Just Herbs in mid range, Kama Ayurveda and Forest essentials in High end range :) I love organic natural skincare products <3

    • I believe we did or will be doing another post for organic brands but i totally agree. Forest essentials is amazing! Ive tried it and loved it!

  • Most of these skincare brands are not even from India, such a shame, Korean and Taiwanese skincare products are at the top of the Asian ladder, whereas Indian skincare is at the bottom of the Asian ladder, Indian skincare need to be better formulated and not basic knock offs from western products.

  • Thank You for sharing these skincare brand, it was much needed. I was looking for something like this. I was suffering from many skin problems lately and it was very much helpful. Now i know what skincare products to buy. Keep posting! :)

  • Thanks for any other magnificent article. The place else may just anybody get that kind of information in such an ideal manner of writing? I've a presentation subsequent week, and I'm on the look for such information.


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