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10 Best Rangoli Designs for Diwali Festival 2015


Top 10: Best Rangoli designs for Diwali 2015 with Themes

Synonymous with highest decibels of crackling sounds, lip smacking delicacies, brightness and joy, Diwali is a festival of lights. Yes folks, I’m talking about Rangoli season. It’s one of those art forms, which we don’t really think much and yet it forms such a silent yet strong part of our folklore. How about we look at some of the best inspiring rangoli designs for 2015 Diwali festival with themes that can adorn the floors of our beautiful homes and add an extra dose of spirit to the joyous season of lights! I have one for each of you whether you are a beginner or expert. So be it simple dot rangoli designs or intricate flower, peacock, ganesh designs, you will love them.

I would have never thought I would write even one post into the world of blogging. Of course, I do write but for my own private blog. And, here I am writing my second post for VNA and I cannot be more thankful for welcoming me back (after a long break). Plus, I think the timing couldn’t have been better. This is that time of the year, when we move on from the past, add some light and joy into our lives and hope for a bright future, embracing and welcoming the festivities. It is the festival of DiwaliIt brings with it unparalleled joy and a lot of colour. By colour I talk about the glittering lights, beautiful outfits, and trays of sweets. But today am going to talk about another kind of colourful. This is the colour that we see decorated in our courtyards or floors in beautiful patterns. The colours of Rangoli we Indians love to decorate on our doors and inside our homes.

List of Best Rangoli Designs for Diwali 2015:

Easy and Simple Rangoli Design for Beginners:


This is a simple one, which any one can replicate quickly and easily. For those of us (yes, us!). Am not very good with my rangoli designs (to put it mildly) this simple design with beautiful colours, which is vibrant and yet simplistic is the answer.

Colourful Rangoli Decorated with Diyas and Lights:


When we talk of Diwali, we always think of dressing up. Adding some spunk to the outfits is our defining makeup and that statement jewellery. So, how about we go one up and make our rangoli look dressy and colourful (if a rangoli can be dressy) this year. Would need little more effort and time, but i can tell it would look gorgeous.

Easy Ganesh Rangoli for Diwali:


Ganpati rangoli is easily one of the most used designs, in the world of rangoli patterns. This is very popular and holds strong auspicious meaning as well. Yes, it is Lord Ganesha. You can make this one using colored rice grains or even colourful loose powders. Ganpati bappa moriya!!

Peacock Rangoli Pattern for this Year


Who doesn’t love a beautiful peacock design? Imagine a gorgeous spread of turquoise blue and green feathers around that long dainty neck adorning the floor of your home. One more stunning piece of work to get inspired! And, it is after all our national bird. What’s not to love, right?

Peacock Designs for 2015


I am going to cheat a little bit, because I personally am loving the peacock rangoli designs. Am trying to pass this one as the fifth pattern. More so, because it oozes India. This ‘India’ inspired pattern drives a point for sure. National bird, with our flag colours and the iconic spinning wheel, who can miss this one. For those of us who would like to show their patriotic side this Diwali, go for it!

Flower Rangoli Designs for Diwali


This pattern is complicated, or at least I think it is. Look at this one! Now, this one would not only look lovely, with all the colour and detailing but will also add an aroma to the house like none other. Yes! This rangoli is made of flowers. Looks simple, but the handiwork involved in this would be immense. The precision and technique of this design will come from practice. So, start practicing, I say! But, hey that’s just me. Am sure most of you are probably creating such beauties already!

New Modern Rangoli Design 2015


Contemporary meets tradition. I might be just going a tad bit over the top here, but you can’t really blame me. It is after all the festive season. Boys and girls, here’s presenting to you the kundan-style new modern rangolis. They look very chic and makes such a statement. For folks who love contemporary and want to go the festive

rangoli route, here’s the answer. Mix and match, my friends. Pick your colourful diamantes, shiny beads, glass works and you can even add that scented candle to give it a nice zing. Outline your patterns on a plain cloth, or a dark coloured plank to give you the canvas to work on. These new age modern designs should get you started. Keep them sparkling!

Social Media Theme Rangoli 2015


Social media! Who can live without it. Looks like they have seeped into the world of rangoli, as well. Maybe, our young readers can do this theme rangoli in their own rooms? Stay connected with this social media theme inspired design, this Diwali.

Water Paint Rangoli Design for Diwali


You just know pretty, when you see pretty. This design with water paints is not the typical loose powder, flower or diya (oil-lit-lamps) patterns we are so used to seeing all around. Yet, its beauty supercedes tradition. A swan, lotus, with the golden sun as the backdrop and sparkling white water. It sure has pretty written all over it. And, think about it. If you try this on a nice canvas, it can also become a beautiful wall artifact.

Unique Rangoli Design for Diwali 2015


Last but certainly not the least, comes the surprise. Well, not so much as a surprise as it is unique, I think. A deer, with colourful foliage around it. How amazing is this unique pattern for diwali. I can also imagine the crafty ones adding cute little fawns and making this a scenic beauty.

With this, we come to the end of the top 10 Rangoli designs for this Diwali. I know these 10 don’t even begin to cover the myriad artwork of Rangoli but they surely give you ten reasons to let your creative juices flow and get those hands dirty. To make them lovelier, get your loved ones to join you and just have fun! Happy Diwali!

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By Contributor: Pooja

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