10 Best Oriflame Skin Care Products for Oily Skin in India

Top 10: Best Oriflame Skin Care Products for Oily Skin in India with Reviews and Price List

What I like most about Oriflame is that they have a very extensive range of products for every budget and every skin type be it oily skin or dry skin. Their Love Nature and Pure Skin ranges are budget friendly and don’t pinch the pockets while other ranges like Ecollagen and Time Reversing are for luxury pampering. Below is a list of the best Oriflame products meant for oily and acne prone skin girls in India. Most of these skin care products except are unisex and can be be used by both men and women. So if you are a teenager with oily skin

or just someone who face frequent breakouts, scars and blackheads , read on for the oriflame products you need to buy.

I have been busy shopping in the Flipkart Big Billion Day sale. Also heard that Amazon was having some Everyuth scrubs and Khadi soaps for as low as Rs.11! Missed it! By the time I checked, even the waitlist was full. Have you people got any interesting stuff from the sale? So moving on, in today’s post, I will list some Oriflames product for oily skin girls. Oriflame is a leading Swedish beauty brand present in over 60 countries. They are a direct selling company and so initially it was difficult to get the products as they were available only with Oriflame consultants. But nowadays, they are available on a lot of online shopping sites like Amazon, Purplle, Ebay, etc.

List of Best Oriflame Products for Oily Skin in India:

Oriflame Pure Skin Scrub Face Wash Deep Action:

It is a 2-in-1 face wash + scrub, ideal for very oily skin and those who travel in pollution a lot. Deeply cleanses and exfoliates skin leaving it fresh and clean. The scrub particles are not harsh and very gentle on skin. The salicylic acid content helps to target spots and blackheads. Price in India: Rs.449 for 150ml.

Oriflame Love Nature Face Toner Tea Tree:

Tea Tree is a magical ingredient for oily, acne prone skin. This tea tree toner from Oriflame shrinks pores and also reduces blackheads and whiteheads with regular usage. You get a nice cool feeling after applying. Takes a little time to get absorbed completely but once done, it keeps your face oil-free and mattified. Must have product for oily/combination skinned beauties in summers. Price in India: Rs.329 for 150ml.

Oriflame Pure Skin Blackhead Toner Deep Action:

It is a powerful toner for people suffering from enlarged pores and blackheads. Contains salicylic acid and alcohol which effectively combat against blackheads and prevent them from occurring. Just apply a little on cotton wool and dab all over face. It sloughs away dead cells and gives a squeaky clean, refreshed feeling. Your skin will feel visibly smoothed and pore size reduced. Price in India: Rs.449 for 150ml.

Oriflame Love Nature Moisturizer Neem:

There are a whole lot of neem face washes and scrubs in the market and many neem toners too. But a neem moisturizer? Get the antibacterial and antiseptic goodness of neem with this lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer. It is quickly absorbed, leaving skin hydrated and soft. Price in India: Rs.249 for 50ml.

Oriflame Pure Skin Shine Control Cream:

It is the best moisturizer for oily, acne prone skin. Gives a nice, matte finish and regulates sebum and oil production. Also helps to prevent blemishes and smooths out enlarged pores. Price in India: Rs.549 for 50ml.

Oriflame Pure Skin Hide & Treat:

This is a tinted BB cream with beige and orange undertones and provides medium coverage for blemishes and scars. It has semi-matte finish and doesn’t leave any ugly white cast. So what’s special about this BB cream? Well, it also contains salicylic acid to target pimples and spots and dry them. So while you can cover them up instantly, you can also rest assured that its working within treating them. A very useful 2-in-1 product and the compact size makes it perfect for on-the-go touch up. Price in India: Rs.298 for 15ml.

Oriflame Pure Skin SOS Gel Deep Action:

Dark spots and sudden breakouts are the nightmare of every girl. This product from Oriflame is an effective on the spot treatment. The packaging comes in a slender nozzle which you can directly apply on the pimple. The high concentration of salicylic acid helps to dry out the pimples and clears the skin fast. Price in India: Rs.199 for 6ml.

Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree & Rosemary Purifiying Blemish Solver:

With the goodness of organic tea tree oil and rosemary oil, this is a target solution for blemishes and acne scars. It comes in sleek pen-like form with a roller ball on top to dispense the product. The anti-microbial and anti-septic properties of tea tree and rosemary purifies skin and helps to heal scars and blemishes overtime. Price in India: Rs.399 for 14ml.

Oriflame Pure Skin Blackhead Clearing Mask:

This is the best detoxifying treatment for clogged pores and blackheads. It works deeply to clear out all impurities and reduces blackheads and spots. You can feel a slight burning sensation on applying due to presence of salicylic acid, but it fades soon and you are left with smooth, tightened skin. Price in India: Rs.399 for 50ml.

Oriflame Bioclinic Adult Skin Anti-Breakout Day/Night:

It is a potent anti-breakout day/night treatment featuring salicylic acid and centella to fade blemishes and post acne-scars. It is non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types. Comes in a hygienic pump bottle. Price in India: Rs.1999 for 30ml.

As you can see, Oriflame has all products for entire CTM range and even mask, BB cream and spot treatment. They also have an entire facial kit for oily skin Pure Nature Tea Tree & Rosemary Facial Kit at Rs.1399 which comes with a cleanser, scrub, massage cream and face mask. So pick your choice of products now and experience smooth, clear skin. Do share your Oriflame products for oily and acne prone skin in the comments below.

By Contributor: Archana

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  • These products are so reasonable...thanx for the compilation..I will try the clearing mask :)

  • I have used most of Oriflame products. The best being their Foundation products and worst is tea tree facewash which doesn't remove the oil at all. The Blackhead clearing Mask is of no use. Felt its a waste of money.

  • Great post. I ended up bagging some Loveable and Amante bras from Amazon for half the price. Did not know about the everyuth scrubs at Rs.11!!! yikes. now that's a real lightning deal

    • Yes, the lightning deals all got over within few minutes of starting... Even the waitlist was full :( You know what? They had Haldiram's Rasagulla for Rs.11. All of us in our office were mourning missing that.. :D

  • The oriflamme tea tree face wash is also best option for oily skinned beauties :)

  • i have never tried oriflame as a brand but i so want to try some of the products now!

  • Oriflame tea tree range is so good! But availability is an issue. Great list Archana :)


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