10 Best NYX Round Lipsticks for Fair to Dark Indian Skin Tones

Top 10 NX Round Lipsticks for Indian Skin

By Contributor: Kritika

NYX round Lipsticks are known for their creamy texture and rich color. They are amazing for everyday use and you are good to go in a single swipe on lips since the pigmentation is very good. From pretty pinks to quintessential nudes, these Round Lipsticks come in a wide variety of colors. The velvety texture and saturated color would make you fall in love with these beauties. And yes, the added advantage is that they resist smudging. What more can we ask for! Here are the best NYX Round lipsticks that suit the Indian skin tones whether you are fair, dusky skinned or dark olive toned.

1. NYX Tea Rose

The hottest trend of the season – warm pink. NYX tea rose is a pretty warm pink color which is great for summers. It gives your lips a beautiful pinkish color. So whether you are going out for a coffee with your friends or for that all important presentation at work, NYX tea rose would be your perfect companion.

2. NYX Frappuccino

The perfect nude lipstick that you were always looking for – NYX Frappuccino. It is amazingly smooth and creamy and the color is oh! so beautiful. Amazing for daywear this color will surely get you many complements.

3. NYX Electra

Our fascination for red seems to be never ending. And with NYX Electra your fascination is bound to reach an all new high. It is that amazing deep red color which suits the Indian skin tone very well.

4. NYX Harmonica

Harmonica from NYX is a pale baby pink color which I feel is a must have in your make up kit. The creamy texture helps it glide easily so you are done in a single swatch. Add to that the amazing pink color. It gives your lips a nice shiny tint.

5. NYX Spell Bound

The quintessential that all of us girls are attracted to, well that’s NYX Spell Bound for you. It is that ultra-cute magenta color that would instantly uplift your mood. A perfect party color which is an augmentation for the Indian skin tones, Spell Bound by NYX will surely leave you spellbound!

6. NYX Lala

Lala is a dark plum color which is very captivating. It goes very well with the Indian skin tone. Whether you are fair or dusky, NYX Lala would complement your skin tone perfectly. Since it is a rather ‘hatke’ color, it attracts a lot of attention.

7. NYX Heredes

Yes I know I have already featured Frappuccino which is also from the same color family. Heredes by NYX is a warm earthy beige shade with undertones of light brown. It resembles toffee color and is great for both causal as well as office wear.

8. NYX Doll

The name itself suggests that it is a gem of a lipstick Works great for office wear as its not boring brown but not too bright either. Also the saturated color pigments ensure that you get deep color in a single stroke.

9. NYX Hot Pink

The color is a bright blue based pink. Very chic and classy! It is a great choice for fair to medium Indian skin tones. One swatch and you are good to go. The velvety texture combined with the subtle color makes it an ideal pick me up lipstick on dull days.

10. NYX Femme

A bright coral lipstick which looks good on all Indian skin tones that is NYX femme. It is a very powerful color and since it is creamy you don’t need a gloss with it. The rich color pigments and the smooth finish make it an irresistible warm reddish orange color.

Drop in your comments if you feel your favorite color is missing the list. The only problem with these cheap round lipsticks is that they tend to melt in the hot summers. Winters is the best time to use these lipsticks. So hurry up!

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