10 Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin Available in India

Top 10: Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin and Sensitive Skin in India with Reviews and Prices

By Contributor: Ananya

Sometimes, skin looks dull and parched which is caused by its inability to retain moisture. Skin feels tight and can be prone to sensitivity due to low level of sebum. People with dehydrated, sensitive and dry skin face cracking and chapping whether men or women. Skin feels uncomfortable after washing unless some moisturizing cream has been applied. Often we have different moisturizer needs for different skin types like dry skin or oily skin. Also for different body parts like face, neck, hands, legs, etc. Sometimes for morning, or for under makeup or even for dealing with acne. Here are the 10 best moisturizers in India for both men and women that your dry skin will love.

Moisturizing your face and body skin helps in locking down skin’s natural moisture and return the natural oils that have been removed. The moisturising creme you choose actually depends on the skin’s ability to retain moisture and the level of dryness it faces. Moisturizing your skin daily makes the results last longer.

List of Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin India:


The price in India is Rs.210 for 50g. The cream is thick but it gets absorbed into the skin very quickly not leaving behind a greasy feeling. It lasts for a really long time: 7-9 hours. Skin looks hydrated and plump but it is not suitable for people with extremely dry skin. The quantity provided is very reasonable and lasts for a sufficient amount of time. The fragrance is light and soothing.


Price in India is Rs.75 for 150ml, making the product very affordable. This is a natural product which comes in a tube which is easy to use, carry and is hygienic. It works on redness and acne, which is what Aloe Vera is famous for. Though the added colour and fragrance is not really needed, it is an excellent product. A good moisturizer for both dry and oily skin.


For Rs.225 for 200 ml, it is a lighter variant of the classic Nivea creme. With a reliable moisturising ability, it is economical and is a well trusted product. It contains Jojoba and Vitamin E and is perfect for moderately dry skin. It is non greasy and absorbs well.


Price in India is Rs.695 for 50ml which is on the higher end. The consistency of the skin is thick and it gets easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it wonderfully moisturized for many hours. A little amount is sufficient as it spreads easily. It has Vitamin E in it which is very good for your skin. It is suitable for all skin types in winters but normal to dry ones in summer. It has a very delicate fragrance which lingers for some time. It is quite a fresh smell. It is however not a suitable product for people with oily skin during the summer months. One of the best moisturizers for dry skin.


“This is a dermatologically tested daily moisturizer cream which hydrates your skin that needs more gentle care.” This product again is on a very high end. It costs Rs.895 for 50ml in Insia. It calms down irritated skin and provides intense moisturization. It is a fragrance free, daily moisturizer whose consistency is creamy, light and white in colour. It is very easy to spread on skin which gets absorbed wonderfully quickly. People with dry sensitive skin will find this product to be very soothing. It is a light moisturizer so it is easy to wear under make-up and acts as a good protective base. It doesn’t make the other make-up products difficult to be applied on.


Price in India is Rs.135 for 120ml and the shelf life is really long. It protects, moisturizes, controls acne and removes dead skin cells. It is pink in colour and has a thick consistency. The smell is light and not over-powering. It needs to be shaken properly before being taken out of the bottle. It removes oiliness and gives a matte effect and locks in the moisture. The Aloe Vera in this product is very effective for removing pimples and it lightens up your skin tone as well. It gets absorbed into the skin in a jiffy and leaves the skin silky smooth and soft. It is very easily available and many other varieties of this excellent product is also available for various skin types.


List price in India is Rs.5000 for 50 ml and is available online through Flipkart and Amazon, it is priced at the higher end of the spectrum. It quenches dry skin and leaves it hydrated and moisturized. It is a wonderful texture and doesn’t have a strong fragrance. It takes a little time to get absorbed properly into the skin but it heals the skin and forms a barrier around it. It is suitable for extremely dehydrated skin. This product has a rich gel cream texture which spreads easily and doesn’t clog the pores or lead to break outs.


Price in India is Rs.285 for 50g with active ingredients such as extracts of Ashwagandha, tulsi, wheat germ oil, Honey and Almond Oil. This product has a very rich creamy texture with a sensual fragrance. It doesn’t get quickly absorbed though but it is an intensive moisturizer which doesn’t clog pores or cause acne. Makes skin so soft that you’ll feel like touching it at all times!


Makes skin feels hydrated throughout the day and doesn’t feel heavy of the skin due to its light consistency. After regular continuous use, skin feels gorgeous, moisturized and super smooth. It is the perfect moisturizer for Dry and Sensitive skin. The fragrance is light and fresh and the product is paraben free. Price in India is Rs.1350 for 15ml which is ridiculously overpriced.


Available in every L’oreal counter, this cream costs Rs.500 for 50ml in India. The cream is light and non-greasy which gets easily absorbed into the skin. The fragrance is amazing and the packaging is very cute. It keeps skin hydrated for a really long time which results in a supple smooth and soft skin.

Hope this moisturizer list was helpful for you. Often men or guys write in to us if they can use the cream too so yes men can use all of these moisturizers too! I have given a cream for every budget so you shouldn’t face any problem in picking the right cream for you.

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Which is your favourite moisturizer for dry skin? Share your reviews with us.

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