10 Best Mineral Makeup Foundations in India

Top 10:  Best Mineral Makeup Foundation Brands in India with Reviews and Prices

There are various benefits of using a mineral foundation as opposed to the traditional ones. The major difference is that mineral makeup is free from preservatives, talc and dyes. They provide coverage but at the same time allow the skin to breathe and reduce dryness or redness. They don’t give a cake-y effect as their texture is finely milled and is light weight. They are available everywhere through various brands and prices. Both Mineral powder and mineral liquid foundations can be used by oily and dry skin respectively. Here are the top mineral makeup foundation brands available in India so you can take your pick based on your requirements and preferences.

If you suffer from any sorts of skin sensitivity issues, then mineral make-up can be your saviour. Just be sure to read the ingredients list first so you make sure your purchase is a really mineral based product as sometimes, industrially created ingredients are also added in to these.

List of Mineral Makeup Foundation Brands in India:


This powder foundation gives the skin a sheer look, making it look very natural and has good coverage which even outs the skin tone but doesn’t leave a chalky effect behind. The product provides a weightless, has a silky texture with an effortless smooth finish due to the finely milled texture which is light and fluffy. It can get a bit difficult to use due to the fine particles and extra sun protection is also required. It is available in various websites with different prices. (Estimated Price is around Rs.2600-3000)


It is an excellent choice for those who are looking for medium coverage and have dry skin. The liquid foundation feels weightless and comfortable on the skin once it is settles on the skin. It glides onto the skin like a dream due to its fabulous smooth liquid texture and doesn’t feel sticky or thick on the skin. It is available in various shades for different Indian skin tones. It costs INR 3000 for 30 ml.


It provides wonderful coverage and is easy to build and doesn’t make the skin feel heavy or chalky no matter how much you put on. The powder brush that comes with it is light and has soft bristles and feels like a feather on the skin and doesn’t pick up to much product on it. The packaging itself is very chic, sophisticated and travel friendly without worrying about spills. It brightens the skin and doesn’t make it a bit dry. It is sold on various websites with varied prices. (price around Rs.1600)


Price is INR 1200-1500 for 10g. The mineral foundation comes in a plastic container with a transparent screw-on lid with an applicator brush attached on top. Since the bristles are packed closer, it picks up more powder and provides a dense and greater coverage which is buildable and provides a nice, fresh dewy look and a little bit of matte effect. The loreal foundation is long lasting and light weight.


This light weight talc based loose mineral powder provides silky soft texture and glides beautifully onto the skin and blends easily as well and leaves a luminous finish. It is not suitable for very oily skin but is suitable for normal skin. The majority of shades available are light and have pink undertones in them but darker shades are also available. The gorgeous packaging eliminates mess and provides easy application. The product is buildable and it makes the skin look super smooth and even. It costs around INR 3000-4500.


A small amount goes a long away and it makes the complexion better by removing fine lines and wrinkles. This mineral makeup is watery in texture and glides beautifully on the skin. It brightens the skin and doesn’t leave a cake-y effect. Due to its watery texture, it feels very light and almost acts as a second layer of skin.


This is a trusted and safe mineral powder foundation for girls with sensitive skin due to the presence of clear smooth minerals in it. It is clinically proven to make skin radiant, clear and smoother. It blends like a dream on the skin and gives the skin a natural glow without any shimmer. It doesn’t clog pores and allows the skin to breath and are available in various shades for various tones. (INR 2700-3200 at amazon.in)


The mineral powder is finely milled and is soft to touch. It does not accentuate the pores or lay heavy on the lines. As soon as the makeup powder is applied, the skin emits an immediate radiance and glow though there is no shimmer. It doesn’t make the skin patchy or cakey and blends beautifully on the skin. The con about this foundation is that it is not long lasting and may require a few touch-ups. The coverage is very light and acts more like a setting powder than a foundation and there is no oil control due to its light texture. One of the best mineral makeup brands in India (Price around Rs.1200)


It has shimmer in it which is not over-powering but is very subtle and it brightens the under eye areas. The amount of mineral powder available is very good and it is also very light weight and travel friendly. The packaging is small, simple and easy to use. It however does take time to blend as it is not finely milled. It is not suitable for dry skin as it can make it patchy. It costs INR 2000-3000 for 32g.


It costs around INR 800-1000 and is a long wear mineral foundation which survives humidity and heat, even in summer. It gives medium coverage and is one of the best foundations available for oily skin. It is very easy to use and it bends on the skin quickly and is long lasting. The mousse’s texture is wonderful and can be blended in by fingers or a brush. Again one of the best budget mineral makeup brands in India.

So if your regular makeup breaks you out then its time to switch to mineral makeup. No just in foundations but primers, loose powders, etc. Let me know your recommended mineral brands.

By Contributor: Ananya

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What are your favourite Mineral Makeup Foundation Brands? Share your reviews with us.

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  • i have only tried loreal out of these and i didnt liked it...bobbi brown one looks nice...might check that out!

  • This is the best compilation. Good brands yet affordable. Eyeing on a few now

  • Good compilation! Last time I checked, the Elizabeth Arden Mineral Powder was INR 3000+! Is it 1600? because I really want to try it! xx

  • Great compilation! Though I have never tried any of these, but TBS looks nice :)

  • Hi...nice compilation. Also available is bellapiere, this is nice too and provides decent cocerage. However, lasting power is a bit wanting. Need to touch up after 4-5 hrs.

  • From all of these L'oreal one seems of good quality and cost effective. I'd give that a try if I ever wanted to use mineral foundation!


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