10 Best Makeup Removers Available in India – Waterproof, For Oily and Dry Skin

Top 10 Makeup Removers in India for Eyes and Lips – Sensitive Skin, Oily Skin, Dry Skin

By Contributor: Srishti

I hate holidays!! It means getting back home (my home town sucks!! Sucks!! Sucks!! ) and getting bored to death. How much of TV can I watch!? Arghhhhhh!! Anyway let me now allow me to focus my energies towards a more fruitful activity… Any guesses?? tadaaa- THIS!! The due importance of makeup removers is always underestimated! Who likes to make the effort of removing makeup when you are back home, dead tired?! But this is where we tend to forget how important makeup removal is for our skin

to breathe.

Otherwise all we will have is a dirty, unhealthy skin with clogged pores leading to N number of skin issues, few being acne breakouts, accelerated skin aging. Not only is makeup removal important, also important is using the right eye make-up remover. Not ‘any’ make up remover should be used on an area as sensitive as the eyes; a specialized eye makeup remover should be used. And also it should be waterproof and meant for your skin type – oily or dry skin.

So let’s get talking about the best make up removers which you can easily buy in the Indian market.

1. Maybelline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

Who wouldn’t have it?! It gets thumbs up for everything. Removes tough eye makeup, mascara, eye liner and matte lipstick, its economical and causes no allergies. Two swipes of this are all you need. Price – Rs.255 for 70ml (bassss!!)

2. Lakme Absolute Bi Phased Makeup Remover

It is as good as the first one. The bonus here is the fact that it is good for the whole face, even for delicate areas like the eyes and lips. It is soft, non greasy and yes a great competition to Maybelline eye & lip makeup remover. Price – Rs.225 for 60ml (yes! Only! )

3. Colorbar Ultimate Makeup Remover

This one comes in four combinations:-

  1. Ultimate Creme Makeup Remover Dry Skin
  2. Oily & Combination Ultimate Make Up Remover- effective yet a bit oily. Its works good on dry skin so I think it’s not really meant for oily skin.
  3. Sensitive Skin Ultimate Make Up Remover – very effective
  4. Ultimate Makeup Remover (All Skin Types) – effective, but it irritates the eyes a bit.

Price – Rs.699 (really!?)

4. L’Oreal Paris Derma Expertise Gentle Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

It is as gentle as it claims. Leaves the skin soft and fresh (might feel teeny meeny bit oily to few, but one wash after this is just what you need). It is absolutely safe for lens wearers. Price – Rs.425 for 125 ml (though it is double the cost of lakme absolute, it is also double the amount)

5. Chambor Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

This one goes easy on the skin, doesn’t make the eyes sting. Good to go for oily skin. It efficiently removes all heavy and waterproof make up. Price – Rs.995

6. Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser- Purifying Soya Milk

This all natural facial cleaner that comes with a soothing lavender fragrance, is an excellent make up remover. It is non oily, but is a very good moisturizer at the same time. Price – Rs.950 for 200ml

7. Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Make-Up Remover

Yet another super good eye make-up remover. It removes heavy make up with much ease and is also suitable for lens wearer. Price – Rs.2070 or $28 (errrr… expensive)

8. MAC Gently Off Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

This one is lightweight and gentle and totally worth the money you spend on it. Price – Rs.1400 for 100ml

9. MAC Cleanse Off Oil

For something called oil, it is not at all oily rather it leaves the skin fresh in just two pumps. It is a great make-up dissolver. Plus it is absolutely 100 percent mineral free. Price – Rs.1600 for 150ml

10. Clinique Take The Day off Cleansing balm

This is a wax like silky cleanser, which on the first instance would feel greasy but is actually very soft on the skin. It dissolves all kinds of make-up very easily which is easily removed using a wet tissue. Price – Rs.2000 for 125ml

So this is the list of some of the top makeup removers. Let us know if you would like to add anything.

 Which is your favourite makeup remover? Share your views with us.

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