10 Best Kajals and Kohl Pencils Available in India: Water and Smudgeproof

Top 10 Kohls and Kajals in India

By Contributor: Moupee

Its often said that the most beautiful part of a woman’s body or rather face is her eyes. She can work all the magic through her eyes. A pair of beautiful eyes can ensnare many hearts and yet many more would still long for that one killer glance that could make their day a day of romantic fantasies. If you are interested to get some kohl pencils or kajals for your makeup kit here follows a list of some of the best kohls and kajals available in Indian market

. We have included both eyeliner pencils and twist up kajals so you get a variety. Both matte and satin formulas are listed although matte is smudge proof and waterproof and don’t give panda or raccoon eyes. In India brands like Lakme, Maybelline, Colorbar, Faces, Chamor, etc make the best kohls.

A thin line of kajal along the outline of your eyes will turn those beautiful eyes of yours into a mesmerizing emerald, attractive enough to captivate many hearts. If you want your eyes to do all that magic, then it’s worthwhile to take some pains and devote time to eye makeup. Just keep it sweet and simple. Overdoing eye makeup can spoil the natural beauty of your eyes.

1. Oriflame Kohl kajal pencil:

Add great dramatic definition to your eyes with the rich intense black glossy pencil from Oriflame. It’s creamy in texture and thus glides quite smoothly and is smudge-free too. Get 1.3gm of this kohl kajal for Rs.249

2. Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate:

This 7-hours smudge-free liner from Lakme gives you the ultimate solution for intense black eye lining. It is creamy and smooth thereby gliding softly and smoothly along the shape of your eyes. It comes with smudger tip plus sharper attached each on either ends to make a user-friendly combination. Sets to a matte finish and undisputed winner of kajals in India. Price: Rs.800

3. Biotique Bio Kaajal:

Give your eyes that magical mesmerizing look with this intense black surma from Biotique enriched with almond oil, sesame oil, amla, bhringaraj. These ingredients help your lashes to grow thicker and longer and its retractable stick facilitates easy application. Although gives a satin finish so prone to smudging. Get 3gm of this kajal for Rs.99

4. Maybelline Colossal Kajal:

The deepest black pigments of this Maybelline Colossal kajal will give your eyes that dramatic black lining with a long-lasting effect. The kajal comes with a 12 hours long-stay smudge-free formula. It comes in a retractable pencil form which facilitates precise, easy and smooth application. Get 0.35 gm of this for Rs.175

5. Colobar I Glide Black Out Eye Pencil:

Get smoldering eyes with the Colorbar BLACKOUT Eye pencil. Its intense rich black color remains concentrated and never gets smudged. It has a highly creamy formulation. Thus the pencil glides smoothly along your eye contours. Get 1.1gm of this for Rs.450

6. Revlon Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil:

This Eye pencil with its retractable tip facilitates hassle-free application and moves smoothly along the edges of your eyes. The intense rich color, matte finish gives your eyes that mesmerizing look that you always wanted. With this Revlon kohl you can now outline your eyes in your desired artistic way. Get it for Rs.225 (1.14gm)

7. Himalaya Herbal Eye Definer Kajal:

This long-stay kajal from Himalaya Herbals not only beautifies your eyes but also it’s a coolant relaxing application that nourishes the contours of your eyes. It’s a nourishing cool mix of castor oil, triphala, almond oil and camphor. Once you line your eyes with this kajal the contours of your eyes are soothed like anything and also your eyes look utterly bright. Sets to a wet look. Get it for a price of Rs.120 (2.7gm)

8. Lotus Herbals Natural Kajal:

This All-natural kajal from Lotus Herbals is reputed enough for enhancing the density of the eye lashes. Its botanical formulation includes ingredients such as almond oil plus camphor that cool your eye contours and make your eyes look great indeed. Get it for a price of Rs.125 (4gm)

9. VLCC Kajal:

This is a smudge-free kajal from VLCC and a purely herbal formulation consisting of ingredients like almond oil, licorice, triphala, camphor. On applying this, gives your eye contours a soothed cool and relaxed feel. This is one matte liner that also intensely beautifies the look of your eyes enhancing its brightness a tenfold! Get it for a price of Rs.150 (2.5gm)

10. MAC Smolder Eye Kohl:

Give your eyes a well defined jet black look with the MAC eye Kohl, just made to impart a dramatic finish to your eyes. Its matte finish and rich black and glides smoothly along the contours of your eyes to give you a hassle-free usage. Get 1.36gm for a price of Rs.1199

So these are some of the best kohls and kajals in India to add to the beauty of your beautiful eyes. I also recommend Chambor Smoky Eyes Intense Kohl and Lakme Eyeconic Kohl if you need more options. Let us know your favourites too.

Which is the best kajal in India? Share your reviews with us.

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