10 Best Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair

10 Bridal Hairstyles for North and South Indian Brides

By Contributor: Monica

Hairstyle! This is one such thing which can make or break your whole look…howsoever beautiful outfit you are wearing or howsoever well done your makeup is, if your hairstyle does not suit your face shape or is not properly done, you cannot look your best. This is the reason, lots of girls these days take trial sessions before their D-day to decide the best look for them. Just to ease the various bride-to-be’s pressure, today, here I am compiling the top bridal hairstyles for Indian brides with long hair, which according to me would look really great for any of your wedding functions

, be it sagan, reception or main wedding day.

If you are blessed with medium to long hair, you can experiment with various hairstyles, be it curls, or simple straight or braid or buns. I have tried including atleast one of each type here.

1. Retro Poof

This is one which I would definitely like to try for one of my functions. If you take a closer look at poof, you can see that its not a regular one. Thin strands of hair have been circled up to give a retro look to it. These one side swept curls are really in these days but the main attraction of this hairstyle is the beautiful hairband used. It just takes the whole hairstyle to a different level. However, you can wear this look without the band also.

2. Braid with a Twist

This is a messy braid look. Here the hair has been curled by taking small sections, and then half tied with a beautiful flower accessory. Thereafter, the hair, mostly the lower half of the hair has been tied in a very loose braid. The whole concept looks sheerly awesome. In the front one can go for side parting with short fringes.

3. Classic Braid

This is the simple yet elegant basic Indian look. This look is mostly opted by South Indian or sikh brides. Here the braid has been accessorized with beautiful gold look clips. The whole look is very Indian and elegant. You can also make a high bun and then a braid out of it.

4. Rosy Bun

Roses are an essential part of Indian Wedding. This beautiful bun accessorized with fresh roses would go best with red lehenga or saree. This is a messy curly bun held together with bobby pins. The front section has been done in middle parting with slight twists going into the bun.

5. Sectioned Bunny

If you notice, this bun, just like 1st hairstyle above, has small sections of hair circled up over a simple bun (has the same girl also). The front part of the hair also has been sectioned well which gives little volume to the crown area without opting for regular poof. Highly recommended!

6. Evergreen Curls

This is one hairstyle which most of the girls can carry without any fuss. These are not just normal curls. Here, the hair after been curled with tongs, have been tied up high and the shorter length hair have been pinned up to the upper area only. The longer curled hair have been accessorized with beautiful flower clips. Front section again can be side fringes or a simple middle parting with a maang teeka.

7. Straight and Sleek

This hairstyle is an advancement on the simple straight hair. Crown area has been done up in a high poof accessorized with a big and wide hair clip. Rest of the hair have been kept straight. This is one such look which is never out of fashion and looks super chic also.

8. Gajra Mohabbat Wala

Gajras and indian weddings have been going hand in hands since ages. Today also many girls opt for this look on their D-day as it looks very traditional. Here also there is a little modification. Instead of simple plain gajra, the one used here has roses in it too. A simple bun covered with this beautiful gajra gives a very traditional and Indian look. You can modify it further by adding a fancy juda pin in the centre of bun.

9. French Bun

This list would have been incomplete without the French bun. It is one of the most classic and royal hairstyles. Here it has been accessorized with a big hair clip but you can use fresh lowers also. For the front section you can take side fringes falling on the forehead.

10. Princess Hairstyle

Last but not the least, this hairstyle is named so because of the lift it gives to the whole personality. These days lots of girls are opting for tiaras and what better way to wear the tiara than this. Side parting from the front and then a braid on the crown which is tied to give a hairband sort of look. Long hair have been done into messy curls and secured between the braids. Just love this look. One of my favourites again.

Hope you people would have liked the compilation of Indian hairstyles. Do tell me in the comments below, your favourite one.

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